3 Paradisiacal Beaches in Colón

 Puerto Frances Beach, one of the colon paradisiacal beaches
Puerto Frances Beach- Photo by Yamhall.

Part of my last adventures has been to know 3 paradisiacal beaches of Colón, located within the Portobelo National Park (a place declared by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage).

They are quite clean, with an abundant marine fauna, uninhabited, with crystal clear waters, perfect to camp with a sky of a thousand stars or spend the day.

Also, its calm waters are suitable for the whole family.

Very early I went out with some friends to know some beaches in Colón, which I had previously heard, but never gone, I had hardly seen a few photos, but the truth is that these beaches are much more beautiful.

On the way, we stopped for breakfast and to our surprise they were making torrejitas, Jerry, who loves them so much, began to shell the corn, I just wanted to eat them, hahaha.

Jerry peeling the corn to make the torrejitas.
Jerry is peeling the corn to make the torrejitas.

From there, we continued to Portobelo, we spoke with one of the boatmen, since we wanted to know the 3 beaches, normally people go to only one.

We negotiate to go at 3 paradisiacal beaches and stay in one until 5:00 p.m., the peak time when the boatmen pick up people.

Portobelo Dock
Portobelo Dock.

We start our tour by boat, you can see San Fernando Fort that is on El Otro Lado (The Other Side) (I explain, that is the name of the part that is in front of the town of Portobelo, El Otro Lado).

Then we passed by Drake Island (from what I have read, it is a diving destination), later on the sea was getting a little choppier.

From there we went to the other side of El Otro Lado, where we saw Las 3 Marias, which are nothing more and nothing less than 3 islands, which are very close to each other and from some angles they would seem to be only one.

Drake Island.
Drake Island.

Blanca Beach

After 30 minutes we arrive at our first beach, Blanca Beach, with calm crystalline waters. We stayed only about 5 minutes to walk it and take some photos.

There was a sign that charged $ 1.00 for beach cleaning (leaves and logs), although I didn’t see anyone.

There is a ruined structure, which looks like a house, but maybe it was a small restaurant.

It is the furthest beach of the 3, therefore, depending on the time of year, you can feel a somewhat choppy sea.

Arriving at Blanca beach, one of the colon paradisiacal beaches
Arriving at Playa Blanca, the 3 beaches look almost the same from the boat.
Blanca beach, one of the colon paradisiacal beaches
Blanca Beach.

Puerto Francés Beach

It is at 20 minutes from the town of Portobelo, perhaps it is the smallest of the 3, just like crystal clear and calm waters.

There was a Danger sign, Whirlpool where the Buoy is, so be careful if you are going to snorkel.

There was also a chair hanging from a tree, with colored ribbons.

Puerto Francés Beach, one of the colon paradisiacal beaches
Playa Puerto Francés.
Puerto Francés Beach, one of the colon beaches
Puerto Frances Beach.

Huerta Beach

It is at 10 minutes from the town of Portobelo, here we stay for the day, it is the same as the others.

In addition to one side it is stony, but in general it is sand, you can see the fishes from the shore of the beach, and if you go a little further you will see literally thousands upon thousands.

Está a 10 minutos del pueblo de Portobelo, aquí nos quedamos a pasar el día, es igual a las otra.

Además de un lado es pedregoso, pero en general es arena, se pueden ver los peces desde la orilla de la playa, y si se adentra un poco más podrá ver, literalmente, miles y miles.

Huerta Beach, one of the colon paradisiacal beaches
Huerta Beach
Snorkel in Playa Blanca.
Snorkel in Playa Blanca. Photo by Jerry

I brought a hammock and was looking for where to put it, yes there are trees, only there must be 2 with the ideal distance between them and I could not find one, and what I thought was to put it on some branches of the tree that is almost in the sea and it was the best idea, lying there for just a few minutes is really relaxing.

In that tree, there is also a chair, although I do not know how people can reach it to sit, it is very high.

Chair in Huerta Beach.
Chair in Huerta Beach.

When we went to the 3 paradisiacal beaches there was nobody, however, then 2 groups of people came to Huerta Beach.

Fortunately, they did not make noise or scandal, but there were some people smoking, they stole all the fresh air from the place.

Personally, I would love that it was not allow to smoke in places like this, so that I can breathe fresh air and enjoy it better.

I have plans to return to camp, although I can’t decide between Blanca Beach or Huerta Beach.


  • Blanca Beach: the longest of the 3, the farthest, ideal for camping.
  • Puerto Frances beach: it is in the middle, I liked the chair.
  • Huerta Beach: the closest, you can camp, ideal for snorkeling and that tree almost in the sea, I liked to put the hammock, it is the most relaxed thing I have done on a beach.

Although the 3 paradisiacal beaches were quite clean, in the sand and near the trees you could see garbage that had been left by previous visitors, it is unfortunate that these things happen, nobody wants to go and see the places ugly.

That is why, in addition to not leaving trash, I collect them, even if it is a bag from the places I visited #adventurebag, I encourage you to do the same.

Sunset in Huerta Beach.
Sunset in Huerta Beach.


  • Bring water,
  • Snacks (they are uninhabited beaches, you have to bring everything),
  • Repellent,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Cap or hat,
  • Petate or something to put things on,
  • Snorkeling equipment,
  • Do not leave trash (carry a bag to collect your waste),
  • Be careful with the food, dogs can arrive, in Playa Huerta we saw 3 that were around the place,
  • Carry your documents, ID or passport, you go through a checkpoint. They don’t always check, but there may be a chance,
  • Do not make noise or smoke, remember that many others go to these places to enjoy a natural environment, that includes the sounds of nature and fresh air.


  • Monday to Sunday.
  • From 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Blanca Beach: from $12.00 to $15.00 *
  • Puerto Frances beach from $8.00 to $10.00 *
  • Huertas Beach: from $5.00 to $8.00 *
  • The 3 beaches, from $20.00 to $30.00 *
  • $5.00 Parking.
  • $2.30 toll each way for the Panama-Colón highway.

* Prices vary depending on the number of people, cost per person.

My investment

  • $4.60 highway toll,
  • $3.00 breakfast,
  • $5.00 parking,
  • $20.00 boat
  • $5.00 snacks (including my lunch),
  • $30.00 fuel
  • = $ 67.60

The parking, fuel and tolls were shared expenses, so it was less.


Due to the situation of the Coronavirus, they are not charging the entrance.

At the moment, it is only allowed to use the beach and snorkel.

A booking is not required.

Regulation of the National Parks

  • Do not enter alcoholic drinks,
  • No pets,
  • Forbidden to feed the fauna,
  • No Smoking,
  • Do not carry or take out, species of fauna and flora or parts and sub-parts of these.
Back to the dock.
Back to the dock.

How to get to the Paradisiacal Beaches in Colón?

From Panama City you can take the Panama-Colón Highway and exit through Sabanitas or go by route to Colón, through the Transistmica, in both case, enter through El Rey Supermarket of Sabanitas (it is not very visible).

Continue, you will see a sign on the right side in a 2-level building (the sign is not very large) with the Image of the Black Christ of Portobelo, indicating where Portobelo is.

Follow the sign, from there continue without deviation until you reach Fort Santiago de la Gloria (first fort and archaeological ruin that you will see), it is on the left side.

There is a parking lot right there and it is the place where the boats are taken (the dock).

By bus: it is relatively easy, you can take a bus from Panama, if it is by route ask it to leave you at the Sabanitas bus stop (where El Rey Supermarket)

Take a bus from Portobelo, it will take you to the Church, it is a small town, you will have to walk about 3 minutes to get to the dock.

If you take a highway-bus, it will take you to Colón City, there you can take a bus to Portobelo.

Updated: 2021.

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Remember on each visit to take your trash and if you can, collect a little of what there is.
Remember on each visit to take your trash and if you can, collect a little of what there is.

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