Unique Experience at Haras of Cerro Punta

Padrillos of Haras of Cero Punta

Something that seemed like a stroll for just seeing horses, became a unique experience, so much so I plan to come back.

It surprised me so much, by all the care, dedicate and love they have for these animals.

Haras of Cerro Punta

It is a stable dedicated to the raise of Thoroughbred, from there it has leave a large percentage of world level champions.

It is located in the Valley of Cerro Punta, it has about 100 hectares.

The tour start at Boutique Graille, which is like the reception, it also was one of the first houses of Valley of Cero Punta.

While you are waiting the beginning, you can see all the award that the stable and his owner, Don Fernando Eleta Almaran, have won (that they only have in this place).

The tour is guided by one of their worker.

The tour begins with an explanation of the place, first thing we can see the foals, I saw when they were 9months, beautiful specimens galloping and playing, they wean them at 6 months.

The Lodge

Then we went to see the lodging area, it is like a hotel, where they leave the horse to be care or for the mount. 

I was surprised at how big they are, although the caretaker said us that they can seem bigger, depending on the floor level, even so they still see to me to be giants.

They always give them fresh pasture, they cut from the same day.

Haras of Cero Punta
Handler combs The Roundhouse, son of Fusaichi Pegasus (the most expensive horse in history).

Appear Centurion

Before continue with the tour, Centurion, a 19-year percheron horse (a grandfather of his breed), it is from France, he arrived in its mother´s womb to the stable.

It is only used for taking photos with the visitors and it knows it, without help, he stands alone in the special place for this purpose, Centurion is a love, his fur is soft and it lets himself be hugged, it loves sweets, specially mints, so if you go there, do not forget to bring some.

It may be the largest horse in the place, perhaps weighing about 2,400 pounds.

Centurion, the photogenic Percheron Horse. hara of cerro punta
Centurion, the photogenic Percheron Horse. In the background the hill, “Cerro Punta”.

After this wonderful met, we continued with the tour.

Mount area

We passed to the mount area, in the thoroughbred is not allowed the insemination, so they have to be mounted.

Only the champions have mounted, because they try to have more champions, it is not 100$ sure that it will be happen.

However, Haras of Cerro Punta is, at world level, one of the companies that has given more champions.

This area is used between February and May and it has the necessary conditions so that the horses are not injured.

Excercise area

Here they prepare from 4 months before the auction, first they walk, then jogging and to the end of the preparation period, they run.

The pose is very important, so, the hair is always on the right side.

Their physical condition is also important, that is why it has a training are, where they go in separate cubicles, to avoid injuring each other.

There they improve their respiratory capacity (of course, the height of Cerro Punta is a key factor), muscles and bones.

They go to a daily training of 15 to 20 minutes, there is always a veterinarian monitoring their progress and revisiting if the horse has any problem.

Between 41 to 44 foals are auctioned a year, the auction starts at $13,000 and it can reach $44,000, this depends a lot on the genetics (this means, who were their parents).


They also go to the exercise area during the mount, the mare too, but they go one by one, only one at the time uses it, no one horse is in other cubicles, they are very territorial.

Exercise area
Exercise area.

Padrillos Memorial Park

It is a beautiful small park, it has tombstones of the specimens that have given more glory to Haras of Cerro Punta.

The tombstones have

  • The horse name,
  • Year of birth and death,

Name of the mother and the father (which represents the genetic of the horse).

Padrillos Memorial Park
Padrillos Memorial Park.

Corral of the mares

It got a lot my attention because they seem potbellied, I saw them with 9 months pregnant, they are 11 months pregnant.

In their live they give birth between 7 to 9, they stop until they are 16 years old.

Therefore, they start at 7 years old, it seems a long time, however, it must be taken into account that between 2 to 7 years old, they are in equestrianism and after being champions and retiring, they start to have foals.

Pregnant mares. haras of cerro punta
Pregnant mares.

Guarantee area

At this place, the horses stay that are going to enter the stable or that have some problem stay. They are given the necessary care so that they can move to the proper area.


The horses are in corrals with large tracts of land (with the exception of the horses in preparation for the auction and the stallions), which means you may see them far away, they can also be galloping and playing, it is beautiful to see them.

They are separated by mares, males, foals and those in quarantine.

Interesting facts

  • Inside the land of the Haras of Cerro punta is buried in Mr. Fermando Eleta, he is in a private place, far from the public, according to what the guide told us, in his grave there is a sculpture of a horse made by Eduardo Navarro.
  • Secretary Movie: there was a great-grandson of this mare, its name was Concerto, its offspring won the 1st and 2nd place in the Caribbean Classic. In this year (2017) the last litter of Concertó will be sold.
  • Thoroughbred white horses are born in a dark ash color, known as a gray tordillo and eventually turn white.
  • Thoroughbreds can live between 25 and 30 years, most die from colic or heart attack and run for about 7 years, depending on injuries, it is the same as athletes.
  • The most expensive horse in the history was sold for $ 70,000,000, yes with all those zeros, it is called Fusaichi Pegasus, one of the Horses in Haras of Cerro Punta, The Roundhouse, it is one of its sons.
Fresh grass arrives for the Horses
Fresh grass arrives for the Horses.


  • Make your visit between February to March, so you can see the newborn foals,
  • Book your visit, especially in high season,
  • Go with a closed shoe,
  • If you are a coffee lover, at the end of the tour you can taste the Eleta coffee at the reception, they also have chocolate.


  • Every day,
  • From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


  • $10.00 adults,
  • $7.00 children, seniors, student groups.

How to get to Haras of Cerro Punta?

It is very easy, it is in the same town of Cerro Punta, when you arrive to the town, take the street on left hand side after ANEF, S.A.

The entrance to the road is  at 1.4 km on the right hand side, before getting to Guadalupe.

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