Panamá Oeste Province

Santa Teresita Farm, a Place for Plant lovers

Santa Teresita farm
Santa Teresita Farm.

Santa Teresita Farm, located in Caimito, Capira, in Panama Oeste. It is an Agro-industrial Farm, dedicated to the cultivation of plants for florists.

They recently opened their doors to show us their work and teach us a little about …read more.

One Day at Arenilla Waterfall

cascada arenilla en panamá oeste

Arenilla Waterfall is a beautiful fall, located in Capira, almost on the edge of Panama Oeste Province and the Coclé Province.

First of all, I met in the capital with some boys and then we went to Valle de Antón (Anton Valley) where it would start the trip to… read more.

Knowing Filipinas Waterfalls

Los Salto de Filipinas

Filipinas Waterfalls, better known as Las Filipinas (The Philippines), are located in Sorá.

It is a series of waterfalls, according to someone they are more than 25, however, on the tour we will… read more.

Rappel at Los Golondrinos Waterfall and Buena Vista – Chicá Trail (part 2)

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Panama has so many beautiful things, and hiking, seeing a waterfall and also rappelling is great, this time we went to Los Golondrinos …read more.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall and y Buena Vista – Chicá Trail (Part 1)

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Saca Lágrimas Waterfall is located in Chame, Panama Oeste Province, in the middle of winter it is spectacular, in addition, the trail has one or another difficulty for the more more.

La Cascada Saca Lágrimas se encuentra en Chame, en pleno invierno es espectacular, además, el sendero tiene una que otra dificultad para los más aventureros… ver más

How to get to Cabra Hill

Cabra Hill is little visited and little known, with beautiful views of the Bay of Panama.

Just before they discovered the Covid-19 in Panama and shortly before the quarantine I got to know this hill, which is very close to… read more.

El Cacao Cave, the Cave Where Victoriano Lorenzo Hided

La Cueva de El Cacao.

After a few days without taking a trip, Kilo invited me to visit El Cacao Cave in Capira, Panama Oeste Province, and to my surprise I learned much…read more.

Trinidad Hill, One of the Amazing Hill of Panama

Cerro Trinidad.

In the past days and after several intents I went up Trinidad Hill, I say several intents, because if it rains you cannot go, since the road gets very slippery.

Being Sunday, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready and go to my meeting point, Caimito, to pick up the guide and…read more.

Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall en Capira

Cascada Las Fuentes en Panamá Oeste

Panama Oeste has many places to visit and enjoy and the best thing is that it is close to the capital, like Las Fuentes de Altamira waterfall.

A few days ago, Kilo invited me to visit a hill and of course I went, unfortunately it rained and we couldn’t go, but we went to see Las Fuentes de Altamira waterfall, I had no idea what it would be like, but it surprised me… read more.

La Gloria Waterfall is Really Amazing

Cascada La Gloria en Panamá Oeste

In El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), we planned this trip, Jerry came up with going to La Gloria Waterfall and, well, none of them had gone, so it was a great idea.

Also, days later I returned to La Gloria. La Gloria Waterfall is in Capira, Panama Oeste Province, although you enter through Chame…read more.

Knowing Nativa Waterfall

Cascada Nativa en Panamá Oeste.

Nativa Waterfall is located in the District of Chame, it is in a private property and yes, although the rivers are public, to access, sometimes you have to go through a private property, with it is in this case…read more.

How to Get to La Gaita Hill

Cerro La Gaita en Panamá Oeste.

I went to La Gaita Hill from Altos del Maria and, being this private place, I did not plan to write about it, until I went from another point, such as El Valle de Antón or The Lagoon de San Carlos, more.

Incredible views from Picacho Hill

Cerro Picacho en Panamá Oeste

After going to La Cruz Hill in Campana, people were so excited that they decided to go up another hill, looking for which ones were close or some close, they decided to go to Picacho Hill in La Laguna deread more.

Adventure in La Cruz Hill of Altos de Campana

Cerro La Cruz.

La Cruz Hill  (The Cross Hill) is in the Altos de Campana National Park in Panama Oeste, at 900 masl. It has beautiful views of the Bay of more.

Altos del María, a Fairytale Place

Altos del María en Panamá Oeste

Altos del María is located in Sora, Chame, it is a very charming place, I liked it much more than I thought, it is like being inside a movie.

Being any day, a follower, writes to me on Instagram, to invite me to a trip …read more.

Wakeboarding, my New Favorite Sport

Jimara en wakeboard

This is a sport that certainly fascinated me a lot, I have seen little of this sport and had never thought about doing it, but planning my visit to Nitro City (now called Maalaea Resort), they recommended it to me and I wrote it down on my visit.

I did a little research to see something else, the truth was that I had no idea how to dress, when the day came and after doing SUP I went to my wakeboard session…read more.

My First Time Practicing Stand-UP Paddling

Stand-up paddling.

One of the hotels that I have been very curious about and that certainly left me speechless is Nitro City (now it is called Maalaea Resort).

There are so many things to do that one day is not enough. I advance by informing that I am not a sportswoman, athlete or something similar, the most I do is walk my pet,… read more.

Hike to La Silla Hill

Cerro La Silla en Panamá Oeste

You can see the Picacho Hill of La Laguna de San Carlos, the buildings of Coronado, the crater of El Valle de Antón Volcano is quite defined and a lot of hills that I still do not know how they are been more.

Hike to the top of Chame Hill

Cerro Chame en Panamá Oeste

A few days ago, I ran into a group on the internet that was going to make a trip to Chame Hill and without thinking twice I joined them.

Chame Hill is actually one of the volcanic domes of Panama, with about 560 m above sea level. Now I will tell you how my more.

A Visit to the Amazing Barro Colorado Island

Barro Colorado

Barro Colorado is an island dedicated to the study of tropical forests and is possibly the most studied piece of land in the world.

Located in Panama Oeste, it was previously a Hill, called Palanquilla, but when the Panama Canal was built, the waters of the Chagres river were dammed, the limits of the hill were flooded, isolating it and became an more.

A Sunday in Veracruz

Playa Venao en Veracruz

How about a Sunday afternoon in Veracruz? Maybe it does not sound anything attractive and any image is not pleasant, this Sunday I took a walk there, I arrived at about 3 in the afternoon, more.

A trip to La Laguna de San Carlos

La Laguna de San Carlos

La Laguna de San Carlos (The Lagoon of San Carlos) is located about 850 meters above sea level, this mysterious place is unknown the origin, in addition to its depth.

The Laguna is located on the foot more.

A Day at Los Cajones of Chame

Los Cajones de Chame.

Los Cajones of Chame in Located in Chame, entering the Bejuco –Sorá highway, an hour and a half from Panama City (approximately).

I was excited, nor did I imagine that it was so close to such a place, it is very more.