Knowing Filipinas Waterfalls

Filipinas Waterfalls

Filipinas Waterfalls, better known as Las Filipinas (The Philippines), are located in Sorá.

It is a series of waterfalls, according to someone they are more than 25, however, on the tour we will see 7.

On the way

In my case, we were traveling from different provinces of the country, so we met in Sorá (some met in Bejuco and continued in a caravan, this is good for those who do not know Sorá).

Once there, we left our cars and a 4×4 was waiting for us to take us to our destination, Filipinas Waterfalls.

Taking the 4x4 car
Taking the 4×4 car.

We continue part of asphalt road and part of dirt road, it was a journey of approximately 15 minutes to the beginning of the trail.

On the trail to Filipinas Waterfalls

Once we arrived, the entrance fee was paid and one of our guides led us to a flat area to do some warm-up and stretching before we started hiking.

Ready, we continued towards the first waterfall, we had to cross a river, we went through the stones, little by little and I think no one got wet.

filipinas Waterfalls

Waterfall No. 1

Now the trail continued uphill, somewhat steep, but it is not a long way and before we realized it, we reached the first waterfall, once we saw it, we took photos and continued, and our guides had already coordinated in which we were going to swim.

Filipinas Waterfalls
Waterfalls No. 1

Waterfall No. 2

In a minute we reached the second waterfall, in this one we got into the water, up to this point the difficulties are low, almost anyone can go.

Now, the whole trail is short, between each waterfall there is only about 1 minute of difference.

However, after the second waterfall, you need a bit of conditions and not being afraid.

The truth it is easy to arrive, but you have to go up with a rope, it is as if you were climbing a rock. And of course, you have to go through each section one by one.

Do not be scared, it is not so difficult, but if it is important that you know it and do not go without a flip-flop, wearing long pants is recommended.

Waterfalls No 2.
Waterfalls No. 2.

Waterfall No. 3

Well, we arrived at waterfall No.3, this one has several falls, some boys hiked among them while the others finished climbing.

Between waterfalls No. 3 and 4, I saw a sign that said “tobogan”( slide), I think this is the famous slide that appears in some photos. We went straight to waterfall No. 4.

Waterfalls No. 3
Waterfalls No. 3.

Waterfall No. 4

This waterfall has a single fall, a small pool is formed at the bottom.

We didn’t stop here, as we were going to hang out at the next waterfall.

 No. 4
Waterfalls No.4

Waterfalls No. 5 y 6

Both are seen together from below waterfall No. 5, I really don’t know how to get to the bottom of No. 6.

These two together, it’s like seeing a tall waterfall. If you can, you get to see them, they are the most beautiful.

Here we also went into the water, some swam, others to take photos and it was also time for some snacks.

After a while, some of us continued.

Waterfalls No 5 and 6
Waterfalls No. 5 and 6.

Waterfall No. 7

This last part of the trail is a bit more complicated, rope is still used.

However, there are parts that border the top of the waterfall and the trail becomes very narrow.

To be honest, this jump can be skipped, hahaha, it’s more like a small waterfall, and the trail is more complicated.

Waterfalls No.7.
Waterfalls No.7


We returned to Waterfall No. 5 and we stayed a while longer until it was time to return, so now what? As we climbed with a rope, up a rock, now I had to go down like rappel.

I clarify, it is not a giant rock that one has to go up and down, it is a trail with rock and it does go up, but one goes through sections of between 4 and 8 meters (calculation with my eye).

We finished the trip and in our case we went to a viewpoint in Campana and then went to lunch.

The whole family can go to Filipinas Waterfall, of course, if you go with children or do not have many conditions, it is recommended, only do the first 2.


  • Low to Medium-High (depends on what you travel).


  • Wear comfortable and cool clothes, long pants,
  • Bring water,
  • Light snack (fruits, nuts),
  • Wear good hiking shoes or boots for tropical weather,
  • Do not leave garbage,
  • Do not go if it is raining or has rained recently,
  • Bring a waterproof bag for things that cannot get wet, in case of rain.


  • $2.00 entrance fee (if you go on you own).
  • $30.00 Tour with transportation from Sorá and entrance fee.

My guide

The guys of Traveling Souls Panama +507 6153-8924,

Tour in Spanish and English.

.A bit of rappelling to get back.

How to get to Filipinas Waterfalls?

Take the Pan-American highway towards Bejuco, once there, take the street behind the Pío Pío restaurant and continue until you reach Sorá.

Once in Sorá, you must take a 4×4 transport (as a suggestion, have it previously hired).

The car will leave you about 50m from the entrance of the trail. Where the car leaves you, there is a sign

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