A Sunday in Veracruz

Venao Beach in Veracruz, Panama.

How about a Sunday afternoon in Veracruz, Panama? Maybe it does not sound anything attractive and any image is not pleasant.

This Sunday I took a walk there, I arrived at about 3 in the afternoon, starving, I almost did not get space to park, but I did it.


I walked through restaurants to see which caught my attention, the point is that there were some that were super full.

So, the options were reduced to where there is a place to eat.

We managed to get a table and right in front of the sea, great, right?

While waiting for my meal, which didn’t take long time to arrive, I observed the people on the beach, playing volleyball, others on a swing, others with surfboards and others more in a kayak.

Activities on the Beach in Veracruz, Panamá
Activities on the Beach.

I ate in a restaurant called Karimar, the food was delicious, I tried some baskets (of plantain) filled with seafood ($9.95).

And my friend, some shrimp with garlic ($12.95), which she told me, which were also delicious.

The drinks took a little longer to arrive, so imagine the patacones (fried plantain) and without drinks.

Baskets filled with seafood
Baskets filled with seafood.

In Panama, if you go to the beach and arrive at a restaurant, the custom is to order seafood, the most common is fried fish with patacones.

Then I walked a little bit for what I thought was sand, but when I got closer I realized that it wasn’t, they were snails and coral skeletons.

However, the part where the sea itself passes is a kind of mixture between mud and sand.

When the tide is low, a trail is formed in the sea that takes you further inside.  I took advantage of the moment to go as far as I could.

But, the tide was rising so I did not manage to reach the end of the trail, since part of it was covered with water. I took some pictures before I got out of the way, and just before leaving, everything was covered in water, so I got my sneakers wet.

I walk in the sea at low tide
I walk in the sea at low tide.

The Panama Bay has been cleaned for a few years, and it is something that you can see.

In the place there is no bad smell, there is no garbage in the water or in the dry part and the water looks a little transparent.

Do I recommend going to Veracruz, Panama?

Of course, you can, you can spend a quiet afternoon, eat a delicious meal, be in front of the sea in a beach atmosphere and close to the city.

Kayak in Veracruz, Panama.

Police security

  • From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • At night, there are bars and clubs, only there is no security.

How to get to Veracruz?

Take the exit that is by the Bridge of the Americas on the Panama Oeste Province, whether you are going to the city or vice versa, on both sides there is an exit.

Continue on the street without deviation, you will pass by the Hotel Playa Bonita.

When you arrive you will notice because you will see several parking lots and shops on the left side in front of the sea), it is approximately 9.8km.

In Veracruz, Panama, there is no parking lot, but there is a lot space where you can park, now many people go, so, it is not so easy to find one either.

You must go in your own or rented car.

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Parking area.
Parking area.

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