5 Trips you Have to Take in 2023

Trips you Have to Take in 2023

2022 is leaving us, a year that has been difficult for some and for others, a year of hope, for my part, I was not able to travel as much as I would have liked, but I hope this 2023 to be able to see more places and provide you with more information about tours and activities in Panama.

I wish that this year you can travel more and see incredible places in this beautiful country.

1.   Take the Aerial Tram tour in Gamboa

A relaxing tour, where you will go through the treetops, where you can see monkeys, birds and other animals.

On the other side of the aerial tram, you will be able to go up the tower, through a ramp, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the Panama Canal, the Soberanía National Park, the Chagres River and, of course, birds.

It is a tour for all ages.


  • Tuesday to Sunday


  • The tour can last a little more than 1 hour, everything will depend on how much time you spend in the tower.

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Trips you Have to Take in 2023

2.   Visit La Peatonal on an Architectural Tour

It is a tour that has been offered for a short time, so you may not have heard of it, however, your guide, Carlos, is passionate about architectural designs.

It will guide you through La Peatonal and its surroundings, showing you and pointing out the different designs, depending on the period and style, and of course, a little history of the buildings.


  • Two Sundays a month, one yes and one no.
  • From 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (approximately 2 hours)

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Trips you Have to Take in 2023

3.   Enjoy Arenilla waterfall

As you know, I really like hiking and waterfalls, so a recommendation for them cannot be missing.

On this occasion I recommend Arenilla Waterfall, a trip for an intermediate to advanced level.

I recommend going with a guide because there are several intersections along the way and you can get lost and go with a good guide.


  • 1h- transportation by 4×4 car from El Valle de Antón, one way.
  • 1:30h walk, one way, with medium conditions.
  • 6h the entire trip from El Valle de Antón.


  • Intermediate to advanced.

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4.  Visit Santa Teresita Farm and learn more about the cultivation of plants for florists.

One of the last tours I took this year was to Santa Teresita Farm, a place for lovers of tropical plants and flowers.

One can see the varieties they have, learn about their care, see first-hand what the cultivation of plants and flowers for florists is like.

They also give you a plant as a souvenir of the visit.

Duration and Hour

  • 8:00 am. start from the city and return at 3:00 p.m.
  • 1:30h walk.
  • 5h on the farm

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Santa Teresita farm

5.  know the Emberá Druá Indigenous Community

If you want to get to know an indigenous community, I recommend Emberá Druá, since it is a community open to teaching us its culture and it shows that they still have knowledge of ancient customs, which probably are no longer carried out.

It is a friendly community, always with a smile and they want their visitors to have a good time.

They can do the activities that are carried out in the Emberá community, such as body painting, dress like them, dance with their traditional music and more.


  • You may be leaving Panama City at 8:00 a.m. and return at 5:00 p.m.

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Emberá Druá

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