One Day at Arenilla Waterfall

Arenilla Waterfall
Photo by Travelling Souls Panama.

Arenilla Waterfall is a beautiful fall, located in Capira, almost on the edge of the Province of Oeste Province and Coclé Province a.

First of all, I met in the capital with some boys and then we went to Valle de Antón (Anton Valley) where it would start the trip to Arenilla Waterfall.

On the way

After an hour in a 4×4 car, a time that we don’t really feel. We reached the beginning of the trail.

Luckily, our transportation left us after the river, and so, we did not start the hike with wet sneakers.

I don’t mind getting my shoes wet, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to hike when they’re wet.

We started with a lot of climbs, on a beautiful but steep trail, some parts were pretty narrow.

Arenilla Waterfall trail
On the trial to Arenilla Waterfall.

So much so that in one I lost my balance and was leaning against the wall of the trail, hahaha.

We take a few short breaks, just few seconds to breathe and rest.

I took a little longer, because the altitude, the humidity and my level of conditions were making me dizzy.

We hiked for about an hour and a half, despite the trail level it felt like 30 minutes.

We crossed small streams on the way, some took the trail as if it were part of the river.

On the trail.

Arenilla Waterfall

When we arrived, that first view is very beautiful and from the height of the waterfall and the wind, it seems as if a dew was falling on one.

On our visit, we only met one family, so it was just they and us.

The boys quickly went close to take pictures and jump into the water. Then it was my turn, there is a huge rock in front of Arenilla Waterfall.

They told me there was a ladder to climb it and I almost turned the stone and couldn’t find the ladder.

Arenilla Waterfall
Arenilla Waterfall

Then they informed me that it was not a ladder, but that in the rock there are some indentations that serve as a ladder to climb hahaha.

Well, once up, and with my photos ready, it was time to go down, the boys shouted me that I had to jump.

Those who know me know that I do not jump neither foot, now more than 2m, less hahaha. I figured it out and went down by sitting on the rock.

Then the others went back up the rock, but they went down sitting down. If you don’t want to jump, just be careful going down this way so you don’t fell down and hurt.

At the bottom of Arenilla Waterfall, a natural pool of turquoise waters is formed, it is very beautiful and refreshing.

The stones that are close, being under water, look colored.

Arenilla Waterfall
Arenilla Waterfall.


After a while, it was time to go back.

Now we had to go down, or so I thought, the truth is that the trail is not easy and I did not even remember that we had some descents on the way, the same ones that now we had to climb jijiji.

Either way, it was still a little less difficult to return. However, it took me like 1:15h.

At the end of the trail, our 4×4 car was waiting to take us to El Valle de Antón.

Having lunch

This time, we have lunch in the El Valle de Antón center, in El Rincón Colombiano, it is at the entrance of the Hotel Pekin.

There is a variety of food, hamburgers, snacks, pasta and more. I ordered patacones with steak. There is food for less than $ 5.00.

One of the things I like about El Valle de Antón is that it is difficult to find a dish with a bad taste, and there are also for different budgets.

I loved Arenilla Waterfall and I highly recommend it, I don’t know what the route and times are like from other places, but the good thing is that in El Valle de Antón, if you start the trip early, you can leave the car in the center of town, where there are usually policemen.

If you go by bus, it is also easy to get to El Valle de Antón.

Already back. Photo by Traveling Souls Panama.


  • Medium – hard.


  • Hiking shoes or boots,
  • Dry fit or hiking clothing, not jeans,
  • Water (can be 1lt),
  • Light snacks (nuts, fruits),
  • Go with a guide,
  • Waterproof bag, for your things like cell phones, in case it rains,
  • If you see that it is going to rain or there is lightning or thunder, please do not go,
  • A raincoat, in case it rains on the way (be careful, don’t go in the rain),
  • A complete change of clothes,
  • Do not leave garbage, bring a bag for your waste.


  • 1h- transport in 4×4 car from El Valle de Antón, one way.
  • 1: 30h hike, one way, with average conditions.
  • 6h the whole trip from El Valle de Antón.
Narrow trail Arenilla Waterfall
Narrow trail.


From $ 45.00, tour from El Valle de Antón, includes transportation, lunch and guide.

My guide

The guys of Traveling Souls Panama +507 6153-8924,

You can also ask for private tours.

Tour in Spanish and English.

How to get to Arenilla Waterfall?

Take the Pan-American Highway to the El Valle de Antón entrance, it is not actually the entrance (it is the town of Las Uvas), but it is the road that goes to El Valle de Antón, since it is the last town on the road.

The Waterfall is located after La Mesa, which is after El Macho Waterfall.

It is better to go with a 4×4 car from El Valle de Antón, hire a car, for safety, because of it is a desolate area.

Hire a guide, as it is not signposted.

If you go by bus, you can take one towards El Valle de Antón, or one that passes through Las Uvas (San Carlos), in this last case, get off in Las Uvas and take another that goes to El Valle de Antón.

From Las Uvas it is easier to take one San Carlos – El Valle, since there are more buses and they pass often.

Then you get off at the Center of El Valle (by the Market) or somewhere indicated by your guide.

Then you must continue with a guide in a 4×4 car.

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