Santa Teresita Farm, a Place for Plant lovers

Santa Teresita farm
Santa Teresita Farm.

Santa Teresita Farm, located in Caimito, Capira, in Panama Oeste. It is an Agro-industrial Farm, dedicated to the cultivation of plants for florists.

They recently opened their doors to show us their work and teach us a little about tropical plants.

At the arrived

First of all, we met at La Marqueta de Las Flores in Panama City, and from there we went to Santa Teresita Farm in Caimito.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a snack, a fruit salad, perfect to start the tour.

Then we walked to the entrance of the farm, where they explained a little about it, how it came about and a little about its name.

The farm is in honor of the owner’s grandmother, who, upon her death, decided to start the farm on land that he already had.

The tour

We began to walk the different areas of the farm and get to know the different plants.

Santa Teresita Farm is a farm that provides flowers and foliage. From what I saw, they specialize in tropical plants, such as ginger, song of India, son of Jamaican, cordyline, emperor´s staff, among others.

tropical plants
Cordyline red sister and emperor´s staff,

They showed us from the small seedlings to the already large plants, they showed us how to measure the branches that they are going to cut, in fact it is quite simple, they have a small stick with the measure and if the branch reaches that measurement, it can be cut.

We also learned how to peel an aloe vera and how to cut it to plant, although it doesn’t work for me at home, I think I did something wrong hahaha.

What caught my attention the most was seeing the colors of the foliage (the leaves), how the red leaves mix with the green and the nuanced ones (different colors on a single leaf).

One of the varieties of flowers that caught attention is the white ginger, because it is very rare to see it, a few years ago I saw it for the first time in El Valle de Antón, and I have only seen it there and on the farm.

Do you know that, if you want to transport a ginger flower, you fold the last leaf, the one near the flower, to protect it and not mistreat it on the travel? Interesting!

White ginger.
White ginger.

Each variety is sectioned, so we can see white ginger in one area, red ginger in another, cordyline red sister in another and so on with all the plants.

While walking you will also see some plants for consumption, such as chili peppers, yucca and others, they are not for sale, more than anything they are for consumption by the workers.


When the tour was almost over, they gave us a little plant, when I went there were 2 varieties to choose from, they also had others for sale. I took a cute Succulent.

Succulent at Santa Teresita farm
My succulent.

Flower arrangement workshop

After the tour of Santa Teresita Farm, it was time to make a bouquet with tropical flowers, first they gave us a small class, on how we could do it and of course tie it, which for me was the most difficult part, hihi.

It was quite fun, all the flowers and foliage were from the farm and there was plenty of each to use.

Floral Arrangement Workshop.
Floral Arrangement Workshop.

Bonus gift

The day we went, we were lucky that the workers cut a yucca, and they shared it with us, and if you ask, a lot of yucca came out.

Dig up the yucca at Santa Teresita Farm.

Having lunch

Once the entire tour was over, we went to Casa Ave María for lunch, the place is quite close to the farm, in the same town, lunch was delicious, we were also able to repeat, the place is very beautiful, with painting on the ceiling.

In the end we had the opportunity to walk a bit around the place, which is quite large and quiet, it made me want to stay a while longer, just sitting on a bench.

Dining room ceiling at Casa Ave María.

Curiosities of the Santa Teresita Estate

• Under the land of the farm, there are water tanks that store rainwater for irrigation in summer.

• The farm is divided into small parts and each of them is put to rest for 2 years, that means that nothing is planted during that time, so that the land recovers and thus each of the small parts is rotated of the land.

tour at Santa Teresita farm
Santa Teresita Farm.

Final notes

Santa Teresita Farm is a beautiful place and for lovers of plants, especially tropical ones, it is a tour of little difficulty, for which almost anyone can go, there was even a person with a cane. It is a different tour, near Panama City.

Be careful, it is not a tour to see thousands of flowers, as in those fields of flowers on the internet, where you hardly see a green leaf, since, as I have told you, they work with tropical plants, they work with flowers, but also with pretty foliage plants.

Duration and Hour

  • 8:00 am. start from the city and return at 3:00 p.m.
  • 1:30h walk.
  • 5h on the farm.


  • Sneakers,
  • Comfortable clothes,
  • Cape or a raincoat, (in winter time),
  • Another pair of sneakers or sandals (in winter time),
  • Do not uproot plants or flowers.
  • Do not leave trash.
  • Do not touch anything, some plants may have thorns, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.


  • From $60.00, tour from Panama City. includes transportation, lunch, snack, and a bottle of water.
  • From $50.00 without transportation.
  • 50% discount for children under 10 years of age.
Plant with thorns
These are the shoots of the plant, they are quite tall and have small thorns.

More information

Santa Teresita Farm:

How to get to the Finca Santa Teresita Tour?

The tour begins in Panama City, at La Marqueta de Las Flores, East 38th Street, between Cuba Avenue and Peru Avenue.

It is quite easy to get there, because it is 2 blocks from the Municipality of Panama (El Hatillo building), in one of the streets from the National Hospital.

If you take the subway, get off at the Santo Tomás station and walk two streets towards the National Hospital and once you pass it, go up one more street and you will have arrived.

By car: I recommend you park on the Cinta Costera, that’s what I did, there is parking in the Marqueta de Las Flores, but there aren’t many and they are for small cars.

If you live on the Panama Oeste side, check with them, they may pick you up on the way, you have to be punctual.

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Santa Teresita farm

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