Fascinating Agro Tourism in Colón

Agro Tourism la granja campo y aventura
At La Granja Campo y Aventura, Photo: @josias

Being at La Granja Campo y Aventur and after having done Extreme Park, Kayak and Canopy, it was time to do the Agro tourism.

On the way, a foal called our attention that was running loose around the place, the guide told us that it was following its mother, of course the mare that had passed with its rider.

The guide also told us that some animals, sometimes, are released to walk through the place, do not ask, but I imagine they do it when there are no visitors or when there are very few.

The foal
The foal, when it is quiet.

We saw some rabbits and the Butterfly´s Garden, the place also has plants where butterflies lay their eggs, eat and lay chrysalis.

Unfortunately it was not a sunny day, so we hardly saw butterflies.

However, our guide explained the place and told us that sometimes buffaloes get into the butterfly garden, because there are some plants that they love, but they do it for the walls, so then they have to repair them.


If you have ever heard it said that butterflies fly like drunk, it is because they eat pollen, that is sugar and it may be somewhat fermented, then the saying has some truth, hahaha.

On the other hand, when the moth is in its caterpillar stage it can cause damage to our skin, while the butterfly does not.

At the butterfly’s garden. Agro Tourism
At the butterfly’s garden. Photo: Josias.

We continued and went to see the hens, there are some very particular ones, the Japanese, which have feathers even on their paws.

As a girl I saw them in El Níspero and called them the hens with boots, I still also call them that.

Japanese hens agro tourism La granja Campo y Aventura
Japanese hens.

Then we saw the buffaloes, there are two, father and son, previously there was a female, these are the buffaloes that go into the butterfly farm, then we saw some pigs and cows.


Later we went to see the goats (milk producers) and some sheeps (meat producers).

I think many have heard the phrase “crazy as a goat”, well yes, they are crazy hahahaha.

We have seen them on photos climbing walls, and the ones I visit, they were in a cage, but they still went to visit their fellow neighbors and maybe for a walk and then they returned to their cage, they climbed the walls of the cage, well they were the only animals that did that.

We had the opportunity to feed both the sheep and the goats, it was very exciting.

Sheeps agro tourism la granja campo y aventura
Goat. Photo Josias.

I also saw a donkey, a thoroughbred dwarf horse (not a pony), a hinny (offspring of dwarf horse with donkey) and a mule (offspring of a large mare and a donkey), part of this offspring is ​​because they both have a common ancestor.

However, these offspring are sterile, neither the mule nor the hinny can have hatchlings.

Donkey agro tourism la granja campo y aventura

I also could see cows and an ox, of which one smiled for the photo, hahaha.

A smile Colgate Cow
A smile Colgate

To finish we went to see the iguanas, it is a new area that is being made.

On the way back we saw some geese, these are not usually released, the geese are animals that can be aggressive, it may be that, if they see you, they dislike you and they will scamper you, hahaha.

I already saw it once, because if you have to have a little care with them, and well with the goats, they just eat everything, so do not put your hands near because, mmm you may lose fingers.


I recommend this tour especially for children, because they will see and learn a lot about these animals, in some cases interact with them.

Better than seeing them in a photo, don’t you think? I remember the first time I saw a pig face to face, it was when I was about 30 years old (at least I don’t remember having seen one before), I´m not feel sorry to say it, I have lived in the city since I was a girl, and to the places that I was going inside there was not, I only saw chickens and cows on the road.

So, when I saw the first one, I almost went out the window, my friends told me if I had never seen one, I just said “no, it doesn’t live and Live”.

Geese. Agro tourism la Granja Campo y Aventura


  • Monday to Sunday,
  • From 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.


  • $10.00 Agro tourism,
  • $25.00 horseback riding,
  • $6.50 daily menu and from $ 8.00 a la carte,
  • From $ 50.00 to $ 120.00 the rooms, cost will depend on the number of people (from 2 to 12),
  • $20.00 camping.
Porks. Agro Tourism La Granja Campo y Aventura

Where is La Granja Campo y Aventura?

It is in Colón, in the San Judas Tadeo neighborhood, before reaching Sabanitas.

How to get to Agro Tourism at La Granja Campo y Aventura?

From the capital, the most practical and simple thing is to take the Panama-Colón Highway, exit in the Colón City.

Continue on the Transistmica road as if you were going to return to the capital, you will drive for approximately 10 minutes until you reach Cochez (I think that area is called Cativá).

From there you can use Google Maps to guide you to La Granja Campo and Aventura, it is at the end of a neighborhood.

There is signs, however on one of the streets I did not see it, it is better to use an app on this way.

More information

Contact of La Granja Campo y Aventura: 507-444-1106 – reservas@lagranjapanama.com  – www.lagranjapanama.com

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