Canopy over Gatún Lake

Canopy over Gatún Lake at La Granja Campo y Aventura.
Canopy at La Granja Campo y Aventura. Photo: Josías.

Panama always surprises me, every time I know a place I leave full of admiration, for how beautiful it is, how big and how well I have fun, and La Granja Campo y Aventura was no exception.

A few days ago, Margarita called me to invite me to know this place, of course I accepted without thinking twice, for a while I wanted to go, I had seen some photos and the place caught my attention, for this occasion I took Josias, a friend of trips, who has already accompanied me on other adventures.

The little cart- bus, I don't really know what it's called, I made up the name for it
The little cart- bus, I don’t really know what it’s called, I made up the name for it.

In this post I will tell you about the first adventure that I made in La Granja Campo y Aventura, the Canopy over Gatun Lake.

We arrived very early to start the tour, but since it is rainy weather and in Colón it trends to rain, it rained, however, it was only a little while, just when we arrived and it was a good day from there.

While it was clearing, we took the opportunity to get things ready, then they picked us up in a cart-bus, hahaha, to head to the Canopy area, while we were on the way we could see part of the farm, forested areas, and even a sloth.

Already in the cart-bus on the way to do Canopy
Already in the cart-bus on the way to do Canopy

Llegamos y subimos a una casa en el árbol para disfrutar de la vista del lugar, mientras nos We arrived and climbed into a tree house to enjoy the view of the place, while preparing in the equipment for the Canopy.

View from the treehouse
View from the treehouse.

Once everything was ready and with the equipment on, the training began, it is quite simple, practically grasp the rope with one hand and the lower cable with the other (at the height of your shoulder), with this same hand the cable is pushed towards down to brake, and feet crossed in front. From there it is only enjoying the view.

They are setting up the equipment for us
They are setting up the equipment for us.
instructions for canopy
Receiving instructions from Miguel, before starting.

Being very honest, I was a little scared, I even prayed in the first line, I tried to breathe and I just thought that, if that would be the last day of my life, hahahahahahaha, now it makes me laugh a lot, the truth is that it is scary to do so, but after the first line, one sees that it is really simple, fun and zero fear, the important thing is to do it with professionals.

Luckily that one is short and not very steep, nor is it high, so it is super good to be the first one.

Then we went to other lines, we crossed Gatún lake twice, one of those lines is 750-m, by then I was an expert.

In one line it rained a little, but not much. I took turns with Josias (who went first), so we could take photos of when we left and arrived.

Josiah in the first zipline
Josiah in the first zipline.

In one of the lines that was not very steep, they indicated that if we wanted we could let go of a hand, I took the opportunity to take some photos, although they did not turn out well and I do not recommend it, since it is difficult to take a photo like that and you can lose the camera.

On two occasions I stopped before reaching the end, not intentionally, hahaha, although they told us what to do in this case, the men quickly towed me away.

I recommend this activity for adventurers and for those not so adventurous.

The views you have when you pass over the lake are spectacular, I would like to have a built-in camera in my eyes, to show you.

Josiah on one of the ziplines over Gatún lake
Josiah on one of the ziplines over Gaún lake

In the activity, there is always a person who accommodates you on the zipline and waits for the right moment for you to throw (actually you don’t throw but I don’t know how to say it, mmm maybe you slide) and at the end of the zipline there is another person waiting for you.

La Granja Campo y Aventura also has other activities such as, kayaking, extreme park, agro-tour (with butterfly), horseback riding, paint ball, boat ride, on-shore fishing, fishing boat, camping.

They also have adventure and farmer packages.

If you want you can stay, it also has a restaurant, where, by the way, you eat very rich.

You can also do activities such as birthdays and workshops rope.

This was one of the ziplines that they towed me from. Canopy over Gatún Lake
This was one of the ziplines that they towed me from jijiji. Photo: Josías


  • Bring a backpack for your things
  • Avoid taking photos while you are in the zipline, having a friend take you photos and vice versa.
  • If you are wearing shorts, It has to be at least mid-thigh, so that the Canopy equipment does not bother you.
  • Sneakers.
  • Change clothes (in case of rain).
  • Be careful with the glasses, if they are not necessary, it would be good to put a string in case they fall.
  • If you are going to take a package and do various activities, you can bring a snack like nuts and a little water.


  • Monday to Sunday,
  • From 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Just before the longest zipline begins. Canopy over Gatún Lake
Just before the longest zipline begins. Photo: Josías.


  • $50.00 Canopy (5 ziplines- approximate it is 2 hours),
  • $60.00 Extreme package (canopy, extreme park and kayak) *,
  • $6.50 daily menu and from $ 8.00 a la carte.
  • From $50.00 to $120.00 the rooms, cost will depend on the number of people (from 2 to 12).


Get 10% discount on your San Lorenzo Tour and Canopy.

Code: Recopana.




Booking is required, since the number of guides for the day depends on the number of people who go.

If you need to be given the tour in English, it must be requested in advance. You can pay by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Where is La Granja Campo y Aventura?

It is in Colón, in the San Judas Tadeo neighborhood, before reaching Sabanitas.

How to get to La Granja Campo y Aventura?

From the capital, the most practical and simple thing is to take the Panama-Colon Highway, exit in the Colón City, continue on the Transistmica road as if you were going to return to the capital.

You will drive for approximately 10 minutes until you reach Cochez (I think that area is called Cativá).

From there you can use Google Maps to guide you to La Granja Campo and Aventura, it is at the end of a neighborhood, there is signs, however on one of the streets I did not see it, it is better to use an app on this way.

More information

Contact of La Granja Campo y Aventura: 507-444-1106 –  –

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canopy over gatún lake
The adventurers of the day.

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