Panama Province

El Charco Trail, a Small Trail in Soberanía Park

 El Charco Trail.

Near Panama City there is a small trail with a stream, where swim is allowed, that is the El Charco Nature Trail. It is in the Soberanía National Park, it is easy to get there and also to explore it.

I really wanted and was curious to see this trail, so I wrote to Mi Ambiente to make a …read more.

Different Architectural Walking Tour in La Peatonal

La Peatonal of Panama

Every day in Panama new tours is carried out, for different people, this time I went on a walking tour in La Peatonal and its surroundings, to learn about the architecture of that place and its surroundings.

Little by little we arrived at the meeting point, a mini square, …read more.

Mi Pueblito, a Sample of Panamanian Culture

Mi Pueblito

Mi Pueblito is a small place in Panama City, where a countryside community, the Afro-Caribbean and indigenous houses (currently… read more.

El Chorrillo Tour

In recent days, I did a two-for-one tour, hehehe, the Casco Antiguo Free Walking Tour and El Chorrillo Tour. In my case, this tour was free, since it was an activity for a gift collection…read more.

An Amazing Day at Emberá Druá Community

emberá drua in Panama Province

The Emberá Druá Community is one of the indigenous communities of Panama, where one can go and learn a lot about their culture, ancient customs and more.

This is the community where I have had the best experience at the moment and it is the one I recommend visiting the most. Besides that it is very…read more.

Colonial Religious Art Museum in Casco Antiguo

Arte Religioso Colonial Museum

The Colonial Religious Art Museum(Arte Religioso Colonial Museum)is located in Casco Antiguo (Old Quarter) in a small place that was previously the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Chapel.

The place dates from the 18th century, is in the Baroque style and has been… read more.

A Visit to Panama History Museum

Historia de Panama museum

Panama History Museum is inside the Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace), on the low floor, the museum is not very large, but it is large enough to remember and understand some of the history of more.

El Peñón Hill, the Highest Site in Panama Norte

El Peñón Hill

In Panama City there are more natural places to visit and one of them is El Peñón Hill, the highest site in North Panama and the second in the Capital. My adventure began at… read more.

Knowing the Little Beach of River Chagres

Chagres river

The little beach of Chagres River is a sandbar, a huge sandbar, where it looks like a Caribbean beach, because it has no waves and is crystal clear.

Once we arrived I was very surprised, there were many people and it did not look full, how big it is, there…read more.

The Waterfall of the Chagres River

chagres river

The Chagres River is very close to the capital, it belongs to the Chagres National Park, it flows into Lake Alajuela and has a lot to know, my first visit was with Machetrek, to see La Cascada (the waterfall), it does not have a specific name, it is only known as La Cascada, I… read more.

The Best Guided Museum in Panama, MUMO, Mola Museum


MUMO, the Mola Museum, recently opened and taking advantage of my visit to the Casco Viejo, I went to see it.

I was very surprised by how beautiful it is and everything it has, before continuing I clarify that the museum is specifically from the Mola… read more.

Free Walking Tour in Casco Antiguo

Free walking tour.

If you are visiting Panama and want to know a little about the history of the country, you can take a Free Walking Tour, and if you are Panamanian, you can go and see things that are not in the books and that one has passed nearby… read more.

Chapel of La Palangana, on a Colonial Path in Panama City

la Palangana trail

One day reviewing events on Facebook, I saw a group, Guarumo, was going to take a hike to visit the Chapel of La Palangana, which is near Alta Plaza Mall in Panama Province.

It caught my attention, because I did not know that this place existed, I had already heard of this group, but I had never been with them.

A colonial chapel near this Mall? Mmm is it true?… read more.

La Merced Museum, a Spectacular Museum in Casco Antiguo

la merced museum

While doing the tour of the 7 Churches in Holy Week, I noticed that there was a new museum in the Casco Antiguo, it is inside La Merced Church (Our Lady of Mercy), La Merced Museum.

The La Merced Museum is beautiful, simple and contemporary, and it is also suitable for…read more.

Bolaños, Paradisiacal Island in the Archipelago of Las Perlas

Bolaños island panama province

The Archipelago of Las Perlas (Pearl Islands) is in the Gulf of Panama, it has 39 Islands and 100 Islets (One of them is Bolaños Island), and as you can imagine, there are or rather there were many pearls at the time of the conquest by the Spanish, the famous… read more.

Fun visit to Panama Viejo Archeological Site


As Panamanians, many of us know a little about the history of this place, although it is not so true, because unfortunately our history books have some errors, or at least I learned… read more.

A Visit to the Afro-Antillean Museum

anfroantillano museum panama province

Afro-Antillean Museum is dedicated to Afro-Caribbean history in Panama, located near to 5 de Mayo.

To be honest, I had not gone before, because I thought it was not open, that it had been closed, since every time I passed by, it gave me that impression, speaking with the guide, he told me that there are other people who have told her that. So even though it looks like it’s closed, get closer and push the door… read more.

Night Safari and Giant Tree in Bayano

árbol gigante

One of the things that can be done in the Embera Maje Cordillera community is a Night Safari, so, once we had dinner it was time to get ready.

We put on a lot of repellent, although they still bit me hahaha, we headed to the piragua to start the tour, all anxious with our…read more.

Camping at Emberá Majé Cordillera Community in Bayano


Emberá Majé Cordillera Community is on the Majé River that flows into Lake Bayano.

It is a simple community with very friendly people, willing to teach us their customs and tell us their… read more.

Jaguar Waterfall and Kalu Yala

Jackson Groves en la Cascada Jaguar

I was recently invited to visit Kalu Yala and the Jaguar Waterfall, and of course I said yes. The day began by looking for all the participants of this… read more.

Bayano Canyon is Like Being on a National Geographic Chapter

panama province

After doing the tour of the Bayano Caves, our guides took us to see the Bayano Canyon.

A place that is practically next to the caves, but that is done entirely by… read more.

Impressive Journey through Bayano Caves

bayano caves panama province

Bayano Caves, is one of the best places I have visited in my life. For many years, I saw photos and even signed up for a tour, which due to nature…read more.

Plantación Trail in Soberanía National Park

 plantacion trail in panama province

Plantación Trail (Sendero de Plantación) is an easy trail located within the Soberania National Park. Hike this trail on Sunday, well yesterday.

After about 30 minutes by car, arrive at the entrance, the beginning is…read more.

7 Squares of Casco Antiguo

Casco Antiguo squares

In Panama you can visit the 7 squares of Casco Antiguo, some of them were buildings that were victims of fires that left vacant lots and places that… read more.

7 Trails at Metropolitan Natural Park

Parque Metropolitano de Panamá

The Metropolitan Park is known as the Lung of Panama City, it has 7 beautiful trails to enjoy nature… read more.

Botones Museum, The Museum to see the Bilbo´s Button

Botón de Bilbo El Hobbit

One of the things that I never thought to visit in my life, was a Destro Botones Museum (Button Museum) and unless it would fascinate me.

Its charm lies in the variety of materials and design. It is incredible how man has used his ingenuity to create them, depending on the circumstances more.

Unique Experience Inside an Escape Room

escape room

Days ago I was invited to enter an Escape Room, I am not going to lie, I had no idea what it was, the intrigue was eating me inside, I was nervous, for some reason one imagines that it is something scary, when it is in reality, not…read more.

7 Churches of Casco Antiguo

panama province

In the Casco Antiguo of Panama there were many congregations that built churches and convents.

First of all, the old Panama City was in Panama Viejo, but after the pirate’s pillage and fire with an attempt to save the city from pillage (1671), a New City was erected in Casco Antiguo.

Some of the churches and convents moved to the new city, others were built later…read more.

Sunday at Panama Canal Museum

panama canal museum

On Sunday I went to Casco Viejo in Panama Province and decided to enter to Interoceanic Panama Canal Museum (Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá), many do not know it, but that day is free for Panamanians and residents.

I wanted to see what the difference was between Panama Canal Museum and Miraflores Visitor Center, because if there is a big difference…read more.

15 Free Places to Visit in Panama City


Panama is a place that offers a lot to residents and visitors, we love being able to show visitors something of what this beautiful country has and even though, there are places that require an admission cost, it also has others with more.

Ancón Hill, Tropical Humid Forest and Viewpoint of the City

ancon hill

One of the things that one can do any day of the year is to climb Ancón Hill, National Historical Heritage, enjoy a hike and the beautiful views from the top, in addition, there is the largest flag of Panama.

It is the highest point in Panama City,… read more.

Visiting Miraflores Visitor Center of Panama Canal

panama canal

In the past days I ventured to visit Panama Canal, The Miraflores Visitor Center in Panama Province, by Metrobus and leave the car at home, being honest I was afraid to stop waiting for the bus, but I was surprised how fast and easy it was to get there, I saved the drive more.

La Playa Mayor Museum in Panamá Viejo

Indígenas trabajando la cerámica

La Plaza Mayor Museum, Samuel Lewis Garcia de Paredes is located in Panama Viejo, Panama Province, it is a space where the archaeological site is interpreted, as the people of pre-Hispanic and Hispanic times live.

It has 13 rooms… read more.

Metropolitan Butterfly Farm

panama province

I just found out about the Mariposario Metropolitano (Metropolitan Butterfly Farm), I had wanted to go to one for a while and having one so close, I just had to go.

It was inaugurated in February 2017, it is located within the facilities of the Metropolitan Natural Park in Panama Province…read more.

Punta Culebra Nature Center – Instituto Smithsonian

Punta Culebra nature center

After a few years, I went back to visit the Punta Culebra Nature Center in Panama Province, which I previously met through the Marine Exhibition Center.

It is located on the Calzada deAmador, also known as the Causeway on Naos Island in Panama Province…read more.

Knowing the Fascinating Biomuseo of Panama

Biomuseo in Provincia de Panamá.

At the Biomuseo of Panama you do not only learn about biodiversity, but also how the formation of the Isthmus of Panama made a great change in the world. Fauna, flora…read more.