Bayano Canyon is Like Being on a National Geographic Chapter

Bayano Canyon

After doing the tour of the Bayano Caves, our guides took us to see the Bayano Canyon.

A place that is practically next to the caves, but that is done entirely by boat.

I didn’t know we were going there and I didn’t know that this place existed, for me it was a big surprise and it was the closing with a grand finale of the trip.

Entrance to Bayano Canyon
Entrance to Bayano Canyon.

Once we were entering, we entered another world, one where nature is free and is outside the intervention of man.

It caught my attention to see the animals coexisting peacefully and when we arrived, it was like taking them by surprise, it seemed to me that, they did not know what to do, whether to run, hide or stay still.

Howler monkey
Howler monkey from the top of Bayano Canyon.

At the entrance there were several birds, of different species that flew almost that, at water level, it was like welcoming us.

Then, in a tree that were at the top of the canyon, we saw a howler monkey, we stopped the engine for a moment to watch him and take his telephoto shots, hee he was a bit far away, although his howl was more than recognizable.

We continued through the canyon, I felt that I was inside a chapter of National Geographic and to think that this is Panama, my country, excites me much more.

Our group was dumbfounded, we just watched everything in great awe.

Bayano Canyon
Bayano Canyon.

At the end, as far as the boat could go, we saw a Capybara that ran, swam and left in a hurry, and a crocodile, swimming slowly in the waters.

At first I thought it was a branch, until I noticed that it was not so slow as if to be a branch, it was made close to the canyon walls, until it quickly submerged and disappeared.


For next time, we are thinking of rowing as much of it as possible, in order to be the least intrusive to the habitat.

¿Why go to Bayano Canyon and Bayano Caves?

  • They are a spectacle of nature,
  • They are not exploited because what it conserves quite well,
  • Both are close to the city,
  • They are an unforgettable experience
  • and very different from most tourist sites.

 I did this tour with Jerry, who in addition to being a guide, put together all the logistics and involved the Bayano community.

we got here
We got until here

The entire tour, Bayano Caves and Bayano Canyon, from Madugandí (in Bayano) can take about 5 hours, it will depend on the group, the guide and the weather.

It took us a little longer, because we went at our own pace taking photos.

Bayano Canyon


  • Bring water and snacks,
  • Go in small groups, you enjoy a lot,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Do not make noise, turn off the volume on the cell phone,
  • Rain cape, in case of rain,
  • Fresh and comfortable clothes: long pants and a long-sleeved shirt / sweater for the boat trip, no jeans,
  • Complete change clothes, in case of rain,
  • Identification, since on the way to Bayano you pass a checkpoint.


  • Tours from $ 75.00 (it can be more than $ 100.00), I have only seen it included with the Bayano Caves Tour (but, not in all tours).

My guide

The guys of Travelling Souls Panama (507) 6153-8924 (WhatsApp),

Tour in Spanish and English.

Bayano Lake
Bayano Lake.

How to get to Bayano Canyon?

You can only go if you have a booked tour and the meeting point will depend on the tour.

I leave the address in case it is in Bayano.

Leaving from Albrook head east, either by no-toll road, North Motorway or South Motorway, then take the Pan-American Highway.

Continue until you reach the Bridge over Bayano Lake, it is easy to distinguish since it is the only bridge over the water after both Motorway.

The trip from Albrook to the Bridge over Bayano Lake can take 1 hour 40 minutes (per Motorway).

I do not recommend going by bus because they do not have a schedule and it may take time to pass.

Then you must have a pre-contracted tour to be able to go to Bayano Canyon, there is no way to get a tour there.

Updated: 2020.

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