Amazing Olá Waterfalls

Olá Waterfalls
Olá Waterfalls.

My journey to Olá Waterfalls started at 3:00 in the morning, yes, very early, I had everything ready, it was just a matter of getting ready, having breakfast (not eating it) and things, picking up a friend who was on my way and being in the meeting point at 4:00 in the morning, in Panama City.

At 4:30 am, when we were there, it was decided to advance, the rest would reach us on the way.

Of course we made a stop for breakfast in Penonome, in a restaurant called Gallo Pinto, it is not 24h, but it opens early, I took the opportunity to eat some caimañolas, yumi yumi.

Once at the entrance to Churube, we stopped to enter together, but there was a group that was still behind and as among those who were going.

There was also another man who is a guide and knows the place, we advanced to take advantage of the day, the weather was cloudy and it was not known if it would rain or if it would clear.

Part of the road to the viewpoint.

The road is almost all asphalt, then it turns into dirt, you can go a bit further with the sedan and a little more in 4X4 car, but there is not much difference.

Then the road gets very ugly unless you have a special 4X4 for roads for holes, it is possible to advance.

We left the car on the side of the road, there is also a parking area.

After parking the car, we hiked uphill, our first destination, a natural viewpoint.

On the way to the Viewpoint

It takes about 30 minutes by hiking, where one part is up, it does not need many conditions, but something, because there are parts somewhat steep.

I think I rested 3 times, but not more than 20 seconds.

There is also a small part on the road, where you can see the Olá Waterfalls, we stop for a few seconds there just to see it and take some photos, we keep going up.

View of Ola Waterfall from the road.
View of Ola Waterfall from the road.

After, the road is more horizontal (if you see a wide road on the right, do not take it, you will deviate), maybe about 300 meters without hills.

There is a small entrance on the left, rather a part where you can pass under the fence.

The trail is not very visible and once you enter, the trail is less visible.

Olá Waterfalls Viewpoint

But it is only about 30m and you will reach the Olá Waterfalls Viewpoint.

From there you can see the waterfalls highest, just be careful, do not get too close to the shore because it is a cliff.

Man on the way. Taking advantage to take a photo on the road, after the sky began to clear.
One of the residents passes by with his horse. The hills are over, we are almost to reach the Viewpoint.

All the road we did it with Bajareque (light drizzle), which was super good, because they tell me that this place is hot, and we were cool.

We were also wrapped in a mist, but once we were gone up, everything began to clear. and it was beautiful to see how the mountains, the landscapes and others appeared.

Jimara Coronado
Taking advantage to take a photo on the road, after the sky began to clear.

We stayed for a while, some took creative photos, others admired the waterfalls and the rest enjoyed everything.

At this point we met all the travelers of the trip.

For my part, I had the bad luck to go with the camera without sim card, with which I get better photos, so this post use some of photos of the cell phone (mobile) and the Gopro.

Jerry, our guide.
View of Los Chorros de Ola (Olá Waterfalls) from the Viewpoint, in the photo Jerry, our guide.
Foto creativa.
Jonathan remembered one of the break dance steps in the Viewpoint.

First Olá Waterfall

Then we returned, almost as far as the 4X4 arrived, to then go to the same Chorros de Olá (Olá Waterfalls), or rather, be very close.

The entrance, down, is on the right side, a little noticeable, because there is a small garbage can at the entrance (they tell me that they go there to pick up the garbage).

And inside the fence is a sign “Si visitas no ensucies (if you visit, don’t dirty), from the road it is not very visible, much more than the viewpoint, but if you pay attention you can see it.

Entrance to Olá Waterfalls.
Entrance to the lower part of the Ola Waterfall.

Our 2nd spot is the lowest point of the Olá Waterfalls, we did not stay there long and it is where most of the people go.

To get here you don’t need a guide. See first photo.

Second Olá Waterfall

We went to the 3rd spot, personally, I would never do this part alone and even less if I do not have much balance.

Because the trail is literally climbing a ravine, where in many parts the trail is not more than 12 ”wide.

It also crosses a few small waterfalls and there are times, especially in these waterfalls, that one thinks that the trail is over.

I do not want to scare you neither you think that it is difficult, because it is not, but you have to be careful, be vigilant and above all go with a guide.

Narrow trail to climb the waterfall, photo taken on return.

We got to our 3rd spot, which is roughly half the waterfalls.

In this part, natural pools are formed, ideal for cooling off and having a good time, practically just us and a small group of people.

The sky was finished clearing and the sun came out in all its splendor, it made us a beautiful day, with the climates we need in every part of the way.

We arrived with Jonathan up front and Jerry on the middle, on this trip, I wasn’t among the last, hahahaha.

In what we looked at Jerry, our guide, he came with a girl with on his back, images of everything that he went up with that girl.

We did not know what happened to her, only that her foot hurt and he had to carry her.

Of course with this, we could not go to the 4th spot, which is where you have the best views of the waterfalls, or rather it is the best part of the waterfalls, I will see it in another occasion.


After enjoying the place, we returned, and if you ask about the girl, of course, she went down on Jerry’s back.

Olá Waterfalls
Natural pools in Ola Waterfalls.

We change our cloths in the car, on the way back we stopped at Va & Ven, to have lunch, and finish changing our clothes, to stay dry for the city.

We were on our way around 4:30 p.m., arriving at 8:00 p.m. Leave at 4:00 a.m. it was not exaggerated, well we left at 4:30, but we did not go to a part of the Olá Waterfalls.

Nos cambiamos en el auto, de regreso paramos en un Va & Ven, a almorzar, y terminarnos de cambiarnos de ropa, para estar sequitos para la ciudad. 

Estábamos de camino a eso de las 4:30 p.m., llegando a las 8:00 p.m. Salir a la 4:00 a.m. no fue exagerado, bueno salimos a las 4:30, pero nos faltó una parte de los Chorros de Olá.


  • Go with guide, for the other parts of the jet, for the first it is not necessary,
  • Complete change of clothes,
  • Rail coat, in case of rain,
  • Waterproof bag for cameras, cell phones,
  • Sunscreen, cap,
  • Snacks, water,
  • Light lunch,
  • If you are going to go up to the other waterfalls and the viewpoint, it is better to go with Dry Fit clothes, not jeans and good sneakers or hiking boots,
  • Arrive on time at the meeting points,
  • Take your trash and if you can, collect a little of what you see on the road.
Olá Waterfalls
View from above the 3rd point of our tour.


  • $ 25.00 trip from Panama City.
  • $ 3.00 parking, optional.

Mi guía

The guys of Travelling Souls Panama (507) 6153-8924 (WhatsApp),

Tour in Spanish and English.

How to get to Ola Waterfalls?

Take the Panamerican Highway to the Nata District, enter the street that goes to Churube.

There is a signpost on the Panamericana that says OLA and another that says CURUBE, just after there is a pedestrian bridge (in the direction from Panama City to Aguadulce ).

You can use Waze or Google Map (Chorros de Olá), it is best because there are some streets, so you can lose.

If you do not use these apps, it is best to ask when you come across different street options, from the Panamericana to The Waterfalls is about 20 minutes.

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Jimara at Olá Waterfalls

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