An Afternoon at Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall

Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall

A few days ago, I met Los Chorros of Los Valles of Guzman The Waterfalls, it was in one of those unplanned trips.

Definitely not planned, being in the Picachos of Olá, we ran into a group of friends of a friend who was going there, so we joined the trip.

Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall  - Panamerican.
Entrance through the Panamerican Highway, view from East to West.

We returned to the Panamericana highway, we went to eat to Penonomé and we took the route as if we were going to the town of Nata (the West).

On the right-hand side of the road there is a signposting that says Guzman, also one that says Balneario Los Chorros and a pedestrian bridge.

Getting there was quite simple, from the Panamericana Highway it is approximately 20 minutes to the place where you can get there by cars no 4 × 4.

Then you hike about 25 minutes at a slow step.

Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall Sing
Path to Los Chorros.

You have to cross 3 rivers, I went in the middle of summer, and we all crossed the stones without getting wet, probably in winter it is not so easy.

You can take a 4 × 4 to avoid doing the part of the hike (it is a transport of the Balneario, it only goes from the part where the asphalt ends to the Balneario entrance).

Path to Los Chorros.
One of the rivers that we crossed.
Views along the way.
Views along the way..

Once we arrived to Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall, we paid the entrance fee, they explained us instead and gave us recommendations, they suggested we go to the second Waterfall and so we did.

Entrance to Los Chorros.

The place has a camping area, a hammock area (available to all visitors), toilets and a large bohio where you can buy water or soda.

On the path
Path to see the waterfall

We start the hike to the waterfall, it is quite short for arid terrain and with vegetation typical of the place.

Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall

We hiked less than 15 minutes and we were already seeing the waterfall, we arrived at the top, we could see the people who were below and some brave men jumping from the top.

Unfortunately we did not wear a swimsuit, so we just relaxed a little in the shade, in front the river.

First view of the waterfall.

Some people went down, following the signaling, the place is full of arrows that indicate where to go down and where to go up, as well as where to jump.

I did not come down, because we arrived at noon, the sun was heavy, as if melt anyone.

Arrows Los Chorros of Los Valles waterfll
Los Chorros, you can see the arrows that indicate where to hike.

Among the brave men who jumped was Jerry (who took me to the Picachos of Olá), who after thinking about it several times and we waited for him to jump.

When no one was seen to him, he jumped, hahaha, good luck I was recording a video and I could have half his jump hahaha.

After several hours it was time to return, we refreshed ourselves in the bohio and hiked back to the cars.

Jump - Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall.
Some brave dare to jump.

If the waterfall looked like this in summer, imagine how impressive it must be in winter. I want to go back and meet the other Los Chorros de Los Valles Waterfalls.


  • Wear sneakers,
  • Long pants and dry fit long-sleeved top (such as those for exercising, not jeans), this is if you do not go in 4 × 4 car and plan to hike,
  • Follow the directions of the place,
  • Do not jump, if you have not done it before, do not go experimenting, as it is quite high,
  • Do not go if it is raining, thundering or flashing, (avoid a flood),
  • Bring water,
  • Snacks,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Cap and sunglasses, especially for the hike,
  • For your own safety, do not bring liquor or glass bottles,
  • Out of respect for visitors, not playing music, making noise or smoking,
  • Do not leave trash and if you can, pick up what you see on the road.
Hammock Area
Hammock Area.


  • $1.00 entrance fee.
  • $1.00 Balneario 4×4 transport.
  • $1.00 water and soda.
  • $10.00 camping, price per tent.
Camping area
Camping area.

How to get to Los Chorros of Los Valles?

Take the Panamerican Highway and enter the Via El Olivo (El Olivo Stree), continue straight, the point where you will have to take a left or right are signposted.

Follow the signposting for the Balneario Los Chorros, when the asphalt ends you have to park (if you do not go by 4 × 4 car) and follow the dirt road on the left (signposted).

You can take a 4 × 4 transportation or continue hiking (approximately 3km), until arriving Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall.

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