Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall in Capira

Altamira Waterfall

Panama Oeste has many places to visit and enjoy and the best thing is that it is close to the capital, like Las Fuentes de Altamira waterfall.

A few days ago, Kilo invited me to visit a hill and of course I went, unfortunately it rained and we couldn’t go, but we went to see Las Fuentes de Altamira waterfall, I had no idea what it would be like, but it surprised me a lot.

I went early on a Saturday on my way to Caimito, Capira, first I stopped at Delicias Margot to buy something to eat on the trip, now it has a new place to sell the food and eat, but I don’t know what happened that day that I was 30 minutes in line, usually it’s like 10 minutes for the same number of people.

From there I went to Caimito, when I got to the place, it turns out that the app took me to Caimito, but not to the place of the meeting point and when I asked, people would send me to another side hahaha, and to top it off without a cellphone signal, so not even to make a call, in the end I was able to arrive, a little late, but there were still other people missing.

4x4 car
4×4 car that we take to the beginning of the trail.

On the way to Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall

Once they all arrived, we went by car to Ciri Grande to take the 4 × 4 car, be careful there is not much place to park the car, you could border on the dirt road, without obstructing the way, as we were going with Kilo and he knows a local lady, she gave us permission to park the cars on her land, this is one of the good things about going with a local guide.

From the Pan-American to this place it is 45 minutes.

It started to drizzle a bit, since it is a cloud forest, it is normal that this is the case, we took the 4 × 4 car, the cars are adapted to carry passengers on the back, with a roof, benches and even the door, on the sides I could see the beautiful mountains.

Kilo told us that in Caimito there is a mineral water company, for this reason it is forbidden to use any type of chemicals in plants and crops, in addition in that sector are been harvested, the culantros and chives that are sold in Rey Supermarket.

About 20 minutes later we reached the beginning of the trail.

In the 4x4 car on the way to the trail
In the 4×4 car on the way to the trail.

On the trail

At the begging all is downhill and well I thought back I have to go up all this hahaha, then the road got a bit ugly.

We had to cross a small river, and then go up through a place where it seems that 1,000 cows had passed hahaha.

We keep going up, all this part of the trail is quite distinguishable, but then you have to go through a cycle fence.

The trail is right next to a rock, and from there for about 50m you cannot see a trail.

Then a small trail appears where it goes down a hill until we reach the bottom of the waterfall.

Starting the trail to the waterfall.
A bit ugly part of the trail to Altamira Waterfall
A bit ugly part of the trail.
After this point, the trail is not distinguishable for several meters.

Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall

The Las Fuentes Waterfall is higher than what you see in photos, the first thing we saw was 3 beautiful waterfalls of the Ciri River, I approached the rocks and saw a pool.

Kilo told me that another pool is formed above, like this that we went up to see, and what caught me the most my attention was the shape of the rock, it seems that everything was volcanic material, where an air bubble remained inside and at some point it burst, leaving half intact.

We stayed there for a long time, with a little fear of going down into the water, because we thought it was slippery, but not at all.

You can stand and have the water as in the waist and then if it is quite deep.

Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall
Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall.

Some tried, tried and tried until they managed to climb the rock where the water falls, after enjoying a good time, we went up a little more, Kilo told us that there was another waterfall.

So, we wanted to go see it, we waited a moment because some had left everything down, and they didn’t even have a cell phone to take some photos, it’s always good to move around with things, backpacks help with that.

Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall
Natural pool and rare rock.

We only climbed about 3 meters, we hiked another 3 and we could already see the waterfall above.

It is actually part of the first, there are 3 more falls, but the first is very impressive because it is high, and you can hardly see the others, it could measure about 8m high.

It is quite stony, but it is not deep, some went to take photos.


After spending a while at Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall, it was time to return, because the 4 × 4 car was to pick us.

Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall
Top of Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall.

I went down holding onto the plants and roots, well I also went up like that, little by little, hoping that the one in front would advance a little more.

We went back down and got ready to take the trail again, it was time to go up, down, cross the river and go back up.

Back from Altamira Waterfall
Back to the waterfall below.

The 4 × 4 car had been waiting for us, so we immediately went up.

The lunch

Then we got into our own cars and went to eat at local restaurant, it is a very nice, simple and clean place.

I ordered rice with beans, pork, salad and strawberry juice (natural), all for $ 2.50, I wish it could be eaten in the city, delicious and cheap.

Some ordered sancocho (Panamanian soup), as well as natural smoothies and gelatin with ice cream.

It was a great trip, where I enjoyed with people I did not know before, visited a beautiful place, it was also really clean and I ate delicious.


There is only cell phone signal in Cirí Grande. Locals only speak Spanish.

Sabor Montañero local restaurant and refreshment shop, recommended.


  • Bring water,
  • Snacks,
  • Complete change clothes,
  • Sneakers that can get wet, you have to cross a river, although it is small, they will most likely get wet,
  • Light clothing such as exercise clothes, long pants, no jeans,
  • Wherever you go, take everything with you, then you will want to go back to get something,
  • Go with a local guide, although it is not very difficult to go, there are parts where you will need it, in addition to having the contacts for the 4 × 4 car and whatever is needed. There is also no signposting or landmark from where to take the 4 × 4 car,
  • Bring a bag for the garbage you generate and leave nothing behind.
One of the recommendations: sneakers that can get wet.


  • $10.00 guide.
  • $5.00 round trip 4 × 4 car.
  • $12.00 fuel (additional cost if you go in your own car to Cirí Grande).

My guide

Miguel Salcedo (Kilo), a local from Caimito, Capira, (507) 6427-2447.

Tour only in Spanish.

How to get to Las Fuentes de Altamira Waterfall?

Take the Pan-American highway and enter the Cacao Street in Capira (it is just in front of El Guayabal).

Continue to the community of Ciri Grande, there you should take a 4 × 4 car that goes to Altamira, tell the driver that you are going to the Altamira Waterfall so that you leave it the right place to take the trail.

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View from the trail
View from the trail.

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