Indigenous Regions

Romelio Waterfall, One of the Highest Waterfall in Panama

Romelio Waterfall

Romelio Waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Panama, it is located in the Ngabe Bugle Region, in Cerro Blanco.

To go you must arrive to Soloy and then you have to take a 4×4 car at the beginning of the trail (it is better to… read more.

Qui Waterfall, The Most Beautiful Waterfall I Have Seen in Panama

Qui Qui Waterfall in Panama Indigenous regions

Every time that I ask my Instagram followers about what is the place that they like more in Panama.

Their best trip of the year or where they want to go, a place that they always say is Qui Qui Waterfall (it is in Ngabe Bugle region). I have seen many pictures of Qui Qui, but what… read more.