Veraguas Province

Las Celestes Waterfall and its Natural Pool

Las Celestes waterfall in veraguas province

Las Celestes waterfall is located La Yeguada on a private farm and although, I do not the reason of its name, I think it is due to its color.

After we knew Las Damas Waterfall it was time to get to know Las Celestes. They are really…read more.

Las Damas Waterfall of La Yeguada

Las Damas waterfall in veraguas province

Some days ago, I went with trip PTY to konwn Las Damas Waterfall, it is in La Yeguada, in Veraguas Province… read more.

Amazing Hot Springs Waterholes of Chitra

Hot spring in Chitra.

Being in Chitra, at La Silampa Waterfall, our guide told us that there are hot springs at 10 minutes and we decided to go to know them. We organized everything for going… read more.

Knowing the Fascinating El Encanto of Calobre

Encanto of Calobre in veraguas province

El Encanto (the Charm) of Calobre, its name caught my attention and its access is so easy, that if I lived in Calobre I will go every weekend and on hot days.

Stay in Calobre, Veraguas Province, and after one of the cheaper lunch of my life, it only was $2.50 and with a good flavor, we went… read more.

Trip to La Silampa Waterfall

La Silampa Waterfall

La Silampa Waterfall has been a place to be in the last months and to be so near to La Yeguada, I had to go.

To get to the entrance is very easy, when we arrived to Chitra, immediately a boy appeared, Adan, he offered us to be our guide, we accepted, the cost more.

Camping at La Yeguada

 La Yeguada

We Started our trip and left from the city at 8:00 a.m. (on Friday), with the idea to camping (first) at La Yeguada Forest Reserve and then, on Saturday, we thought to go to El Castillo Hill, even though, we did many thinks so we more.