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Hello, I am Jimara Coronado, Panamanian, lover of photography and traveler, I love so much this country that saw me born and grow. There are many places in Panama that I want to know, come back and share with you.

I advance saying that I am not a photographer, but I love photography, it is a hobby that I enjoy very much, it is what immortalizes my moments.

How do I finance the blog? In 80% of my savings, which have already been exhausted, hehe, I have also made collaborations with companies, from which I receive invitations, free of charge, to visit beautiful places and in 1% of Google AdSenses.

In 2023 I decided to make a change of career path, now I am studying fine arts and creating beautiful paintings, in addition, I make beautiful and comfortable floor cushions. If you want to know what I do, click here. With this I hope to continue financing the trips and thus show you more beautiful places in Panama.

Join me through this blog, Recorriendo Panamá to know this beautiful country.

Know here how we can work together.

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