Colón Province

Gamboa Aerial Tram, Relaxing Tour in a Tropical Forest

Gamboa Aerial Tram

One of the tours that I wanted to do for a while was the Gamboa Aerial Tram, recently I had the opportunity to go, I tell you that I liked it more than I expected.

I make the reservation to 9:15 a.m. for the first trip, since the animals use to be seen…read more.

Exciting Visit to Moneys Island and Pipeline Trail in Gamboa

monkey island in colón province

Visiting the Monkeys Island is a unique, fun and relaxing experience in Panama City. 100% recommended for all ages… read more.

Fascinating Agro Tourism in Colón

La Granja Campo y Aventura

Being at La Granja Campo y Aventur and after having done Extreme Park, Kayak and Canopy, it was time to do the Agro tourism.

On the way, a foal called our attention that was running loose around the place, the guide told us that it was following its mother, of course the mare that had passed with its…read more.

Tour to Venas Azules

Venas Azules in colón province

Venas Azules has become one of the most popular places in Panama. Venas Azules is an estuary.

Although it is on dry land, you need to go by boat, which can be done from…read more.

Fun Day of Kayaking and Extreme Park at La Granja Campo y Aventura

Jimara Coronado- Kayak

After do canopy, we continued our next adventure, the extreme park, which I personally thought would be very simple, a walk, but as its name says, it is…read more.

Canopy over Gatún Lake

canopy in panama

Panama always surprises me, every time I know a place I leave full of admiration, for how beautiful it is, how big and how well I have fun, and La Granja Campo y Aventura was no…read more.

Knowing the Sloth Sanctuary

sloth sanctuary

There are 6 species in the world, of which 3 live in Panama, the Sloth Choloepus hoffmanni (2-toed), Bradypus variegatus (3-toed sloth) Bradypus Pygmaeus (3-toed, only it is in Escudo de Veraguas).

In the Sloth Sanctuary we can see…read more.

Tortuguilla Beach in Colón

Tortuguilla Beach

Among the attractive things that Colón has are its Caribbean beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. Very close to San Lorenzo Castle is Tortuguilla Beach, as such it is located within… read more.

3 Paradisiacal Beaches in Colón

Beaches in Colón

Part of my last adventures has been to know 3 paradisiacal beaches of Colón Province, located within the Portobelo National Park (a place declared by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage).

They are quite clean, with an abundant marine fauna, uninhabited, with crystal clear waters, perfect to…read more.

El Jiral Waterfall, the Waterfall with Elephant Face in Colón

El Jiral Waterfall

I recently made a special trip to Colón Province, I had months without going to this province and I was dying to return, this time I went to El Jiral Waterfall, San Lorenzo Castle and 3 Beaches in Portobelo.

We left really early to take advantage of the day and get to know the waterfall, they had told us that it looked like an elephantread more.

Safari in the Waters of Panama Canal

Panama Canal

The islands of the Panama Canal were formed when after the excavations, the lands were flooded, this gave the formation of the same and preservation of the fauna that inhabited these ancient hills or hills.

One of the things that you can do is a safari and get to know the fauna and more.

San Lorenzo Castle

San Castillo Castle in colón province

I really wanted to go to San Lorenzo Castle and this trip put together me to Cerro Chame´s hike and if you saw that post, I ended up almost dead, to the next day to drive to Colón, but I did…read more.

Knowing Emberá Querá Community

Emberá Querá  Community in Colón province

Days ago, I visited Emberá Querá Community located on the Gatún River, Colón Province. A few months ago, I bought a coupon and waited for the rains to go down.

And this week I repeated my visit, because I wanted to go to the community…read more.

A Weekend Getaway to Grande Island

Picturesque views of Grande Island

Many years ago, Grande Island (Isla Grande) was unknown by the majority, some US military had a home there and even a hotel.

Over the years it has become popular, it is like a small paradise near the city, for those who want…read more.

Expanded Panama Canal- Visitor Center

Panama Canal

After living outside of my beloved Panama, one of my wishes was to know the Expanded Panama Canal, since when I left the country it was not still finished.

Therefore, I took advanced of sunny days and I went to know them.

They are amazing large more.