Safari in the Waters of Panama Canal

Safari in Panama Canal

The islands of the Panama Canal were formed when after the excavations, the lands were flooded, this gave the formation of the same and preservation of the fauna that inhabited these ancient hills or hills.

One of the things that you can do is a safari and get to know the fauna and flora that inhabit the place.

Days ago I received an invitation from Ancon Expeditions and I accepted it with pleasure, it was much more than I expected.

The Safari in Panama Canal tour started since I met them, then we went to look for others at the hotel, with us were going the driver, the guide, a bird expert and another person from Ancon Expedition.

Once everyone on the bus, they began to give us information about Panama and to explain to foreigners about the Panama Canal, the evolution and part of the history, for my part, I shared my memories of when I was a girl and how Panama has changed.

I learned things that I had no idea once existed.

On the way, we stopped to see a Sloth, although not for long time because there was not where to park the car.

Then, before arriving, we passed the new Gamboa bridge.

Meracho (Common Basilisk)
Meracho (Common Basilisk).

In Gamboa, the boat was waiting for us to start the water tour, first we traveled near the dock, where we saw several birds, then we passed under the two vehicular bridges, the new and the old (it still used by the train).

Leaving them, we encountered a container ship, which was crossing the canal waters.

Passing under the old Gamboa bridge.
Passing under the old Gamboa bridge.

We continue to the north, where there are some small islands, they refuge different species of birds, mammals and reptiles. On the Safari in Panama Canal tour, I saw different birds, including snail kite, Caracara, Purple Moorhens and many others, of which the names escape me.

Snail Kite. Safari in Panama Canal
Snail Kite.
Caracara Head Yellow.
Caracara Head Yellow.
Purple Moorhens. Safari in Panama Canal
Purple Moorhens.

You can see White-faced Monkey, I could see how they drink water with their tail, they do it to drink it quickly and flee from predators.

They go down a bit a branch that is near the water, they quickly pass the tail through the water, they climb the branch and then they drink the water.

We also saw one, a little braver who took the water with his hands and drank right there.

The guides told us that whenever there is a boat, they go down to drink water.

We believe that when we get closer, the predators leave and the monkeys feel safer to go down and drink.

White-faced monkey goes down to drink water.
Safari in Panama Canal
White-faced monkey goes down to drink water.

Then, we go to another island where some Titi Monkeys live, these little mammals feed on fruits and invertebrates, but this does not mean that they must to be fed.

Unfortunately on our tour, we saw another group of people who gave them banana, to they come closer and take a photo with them.

This causes them to change their habits and stop hunting, since they have easy food, but the day they do not have visitors then they will not be able to subsist.

Titi monkeys.
Titi monkeys.
White-faced monkey
White-faced monkey eating a banana that a tourist gave him. Do not do that

Later a family of Howler Monkeys awaited us, their sound can travel up to 8 km, incredible! And they do this to warn other groups of their presence.

We had the opportunity to see a large family, they were between 15 and 20, and they were among several trees, side by side.

Howler Monkey.
Howler Monkey.

We also saw a Sloth, although it was above a fairly tall tree, what surprised me most is the binocular view that the boatman has.

Many of the animals we saw were thanks to this man, and it still amazes me how he saw the Sloth, even with the binoculars it was very difficult to it hahaha.

They took us to a tunnel of trees, in reality they are very close islands that form this tunnel, it feels as if you enter inside one of them and you will get even closer to the jungle.

After all this experience we only had to make the picnic, but where? Well, in the boat, surrounded by nature, under the trees and with the sounds of the jungle.

While we ate, we saw some birds, one of them, a Toucan.

Safari in Panama Canal
Here we had the picnic.

I also learned that the Titan floating crane, it was built at the request of Hitler at the beginning of the Second World War.

Then it was on exhibition in the United States and later, with the construction of the Panama Canal, it was brought to Panama and has been in operation ever since.

I thank the invitation from Ancon Expeditions, it was a great experience from the first to the last moment.

One of the things that I should highlight about this tour operator is that all the garbage they generate is recycled, hopefully the others will follow the same example.

Titan Crane.
Titan Crane.


  • Suncreen
  • Raincoat- in case of raining
  • Camera
  • Do not trow garbage
  • Do not give food to the animals
Ship passing Panama Canal.
Ship passing through the waters of the Panama Canal. The red is an emergency boat, like the one used in the movie Captain Phillips.


  • From $110.00 + taxs.

How to get the Safari in the Waters of the Panama Canal?

Ancon Expeditions pick you up at the hotel or you can also go to the main office in Panama City at Elvira Méndez Street.

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