Coclé Province

Knowing the Museum of Penonomé

penonome museum

The museum has 4 rooms, in the first two it is allowed to take pictures. Where you can see culture, archeology, folklore, religious art and more… read more.

How to go to Turega Hill

turega hill in cocle

Previously, someone had talked me that Turega Hill has a high difficulty, so, knowing that my conditions aren´t good, I was a little scary about climbing it.

However, while visiting El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), Coclé Province, some friends of… read more.

Las Mozas Waterfall and its Legend

Las Mozas waterfalls

Las Mozas Waterfall (Chorro Las Mozas) is located in the Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), on the way to La Cruz hill.

It is one of the famous waterfalls of the Valle de Antón and is undoubtedly the most visited, the river itself is called the Antón, however, it converges read more.

An Afternoon at Los Chorros of Los Valles Waterfall

Los Chorros waterfalls

A few days ago, I met Los Chorros of Los Valles of Guzman The Waterfalls, it was in one of those unplanned trips. Definitely not planned, being in the Picachos de Olá, we ran into a group of friends of a friend who was going…read more.

The Little Beach of Las Guías Waterfall

Cascada Las Guías waterfall

Las Guías Waterfall is located in Las Guias, Rio Hato, Cocle, it falls forming a natural pool that literally looks like a beach, it even has sand.

On the internet, I found that they also call it Hidden Escondida (Hidden) Waterfall, and if you wonder, the river is called…read more.

An Adventure in Los Picachos de Olá

Picachos de Olá in cocle

Los Picachos de Olá are beautiful, it doesn’t matter if you see it from below, the top or with a drone… read more.

Beautiful Sunrise on La India Dormida Hill and its Leyend

La India Dormida hill in Coclé

La India Dormida is one of the best known hills in Panama, for its peculiar shape and for being part of the walls of one of the few inhabited volcanoes in the world. In addition, it is only 2 hours from…read more.

The Butterfly Haven of El Valle de Antón

butterfly in colce

In El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley) and almost in the center of the town is the Butterfly Haven, a place full of life, beautiful, with very friendly people and willing to teach us about… read more.

A Tour to Farallón Island

Farallón island in Coclé

From above the view is spectacular, you could see the beach, the fishermen, we even saw fish jumping in the water, birds fishing and many birds flying around the island…read more.

How to get to Pozo Azul Waterfall?

Pozo Azul waterfall in Coclé

This trip was a little different, because it was not planned, I was in El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley) and with other boys, we were looking for Jerry, when we knew that he had just left for Pozo Azul Waterfall, we decided to… read more.

Tour to El Aguila Waterfall and Adventure Bag Day

El Águila waterfall, in Coclé.

At the end, there is a curve in the La Estancia River and the El Aguila (the eagle) Waterfall appears, more beautiful than I had seen in photos and…read more.

Amazing Olá Waterfalls

Ola waterfalls

It takes about 30 minutes by hiking, where one part is up, it does not need many conditions, but something, because there are parts somewhat… read more.

Enigmatic Painted Stone of El Valle de Antón

painted stone

One of the enigmatic places in El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley) is the Painted Stone (Piedra Pintada), a huge pre-Columbian petroglyph (symbols engraved on rock) with uncertain meaning.

Some people indicating that they are religious symbols, others a harvest calendar and others a… read more.

Square Trees of Panama

Square Trees

Being in El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), I decided to see the square trees (quararibea asterolepis) again.

I remember the first time I saw them, it was with my family, in the mountains, looking for moss for the nativity scene, then I saw them at the Campestre Hotel,…read more.

Relaxing Experience in Hot Springs

hot springs in El Valle, Coclé

In Hot Springs (Pozos Termales), both water and mud are beneficial for health and skin, it is also natural, mud is extracted directly from the ground, without going through a human process and the water comes directly from the water hole, on the other hand,…read more.

Touring El Níspero Zoo and Nursery

El Níspero zoo

El Níspero is one of the places that I love in the El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), even though I don’t like caged animals. However, it has beautiful passages, some animals are free, and others have a good space…read more.

Serpentarium in El Valle de Antón


The Serpentarium of El Valle de Antón, in Coclé Province, named Maravillas Tropicales (Tropical Wonders), is a place of conservation and education. Where you can learn about these animals, what to do in case of a bite, in addition…read more.

The Oldest Church in the American Pacific still in Existence

Santiago Apóstol Basilica, Coclé

In Coclé Province, in the Nata District, it is Santiago Apostol Minor Basilica or the Parochial Church of Nata, its construction begins in the year 1522, but it does not end until more than…read more.

El Caño Archaeological Park

El Caño Archaeological Park

I have visited El Caño Archaeological Park about 3 times, let’s say that something like every 10 years, whenever I go I see it differently.

It is located in the Coclé province, in the Natá district, El Caño community.

On my first visit, I was surprised because…read more.

An Afternoon in Aguadulce

Aguadulce, Coclé.

In recent days, I visited Aguadulce, Coclé province, I went to Las Salinas, El Salado Beach, El Salado Community and The Stella Sierra Museum, before it was called the Salt and Sugar Museum.

First of all, El Salado Beach is a Mangrove with a small space without Mangrove,…read more.