Serpentarium in El Valle de Antón

Serpentarium in El Valle de Antón
A photo with the Rainbow Boa, called Houdini.

The Serpentarium of El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), named Maravillas Tropicales (Tropical Wonders), is a place of conservation and education. Where you can learn about these animals, what to do in case of a bite, in addition to being able to interact with them.

The truth is that snakes don’t scare me, but like every animal, I have respect for them.

Previously, about 15 years ago, I had visited the Serpentarium, at that time it was located by the Cooperative, now it is in a larger place and has an outdoor area.

Guide of Serpentarium in El Valle de Antón
Guide explaining a little about the serpents before going to see them.

First of all, let’s see:

What is a serpent, a viper and a snake?

Simply, serpents encompass vipers and snakes, while vipers are highly poisonous and snakes have little or no venom.

How do I know which is which?

Vipers tend to have dull skin, and snakes tend to look brightly colored. Some lay eggs and others give birth to their babies.

If you run into a serpent somewhere, be quiet, do not move and ask for help, without jumping or despair, since it could scare the serpent and it could bite you.


Important advices in case of bite

What to do?

  • Calm the person and put him to res,
  • Clean the area with an antibacterial detergent,
  • Immobilize the bitten area,
  • Move the person to the nearest health center.

What NOT to do?

  • Do not apply tourniquets,
  • Do not cut over the bite area,
  • Do not apply ice,
  • Do not apply home remedies,
  • Do not apply electric shocks,
  • Do not give alcoholic drinks,
  • Do not suck with the mouth,
  • Summary: Don’t follow what you’ve seen in the movies.
External areas of the Serpentarium in El Valle de Antón
External areas of the Serpentarium.

In the serpentarium of El Valle de Antón there are not only, mmm snakes, there are also alligators, turtles and Iguanas, they have been pets or have been in some place of exhibition and many have been mistreated.

These animals cannot be placed in their habitat, since they do not know how to hunt their own food, they are used to someone going to feed them.

Among the snakes that can be seen are: Gallotta, Lachesis Muta, Rainbow Boa, Ball Python, in addition to the famous Fer-de-lance, which is not the most poisonous, but is the one commonly known by people who have been bitten.

Lachesis Muta.
Lachesis Muta.

Serpents, like many animals, camouflage themselves to be perceived as deadly or simply not to be perceived.

Coral Serpents are color-coded so we know if they are real (poisonous) or false (no poison).

The false ones are

  • Red, black, white, black, red.

The real, dangerous ones are

  • Red, yellow, black, yellow and repeats.
  • Red, black, white, black, white, black, red.
  • Red, black.
  • Red, black, white, black, white, black, white, red.

The above mentioned seems more like a tongue twister, but I’ll give it to you in case someone serves you.

Iguana en el Serpentario de El Valle de Antón.

At the end of the explanation, if you want and are not afraid of snakes, you can take some photos with them, of course the ones used, they are not poisonous and having been pets, they are used to being with people.

But if you panic of them, you better not do it, since you can throw them to the ground and they could scared, they can try to defend themselves.

Remember, animals attack primarily to defend themselves.

I took photos with a Ball Python named Congo and with a Rainbow Boa named Houdini, the name is because he is restless, both are male.

Ball Python, called Congo, lays his head on the hand of one of the visitors.
Ball Python, called Congo, lays his head on the hand of one of the visitors.


  • Every day,
  • From 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, it varies a little, it is not an exact time and it depends on the visitors.



  • $ 3.00 adults.
  • $ 2.00 children.
  • $ 2.50 retirees.


  • $ 4.00 adults.
  • $ 3.00 children .

How to get to the Serpentarium of El Valle de Antón?

The Serpentarium is in the town of El Valle de Antón, in Capirita.

When you reach the town, pass the Supermarket, then take a right hand (Capirita street) and the next on the left, it is a stone path, but only about 75 meters, from there continue by walking about 30 meters.  It is signposted just before entering the stone path.

If you go by bus, you would have to take it at the Albook Bus Terminal, one that goes to El Valle de Antón (be careful, it must have the full name) and get off at the first Supermarket in El Valle de Antón (it is called Centro Comercial).

From there it is about a 5-minute walk to the Serpentarium. The bus trip takes about 2 hours.

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