Relaxing Experience in Hot Springs

Hot Springs in El Valle de Antón
Left: mineral properties of the waters. Right: waiting for the mud to dry.

In Hot Springs (Pozos Termales), both water and mud are beneficial for health and skin, it is also natural, mud is extracted directly from the ground, without going through a human process and the water comes directly from the water hole, on the other hand, It’s economic.

Its real name is Thermal Spa although it is also known as the Hot Springs.

The place is small, surrounded by trees, on the banks of Cariguana Hill. It has a path that takes you through the different facilities. It is located in El Valle de Antón.

It is the second time I went to the Hot Spring, the first time was about ufff 20 years ago, more or less, but at that time there was only one type of mud, I did not use the facilities.

I only toured them with one of the guides, however, I smeared a little of the mud and realized that I am allergic, so I did not dare to return, but seeing that it already has a mud for sensitive skin, I decided to try it.

Now, already in the place, they gave me a little explanation, although rather they only indicated where some things are.

The first thing is to go to the dressing rooms to change, you can only enter the pool with a bathing suit, although I saw people in shorts and t-shirt.

There are 2 dressing areas, one for when you get to the place and one for when you get out of the water.

Entrance fee only includes the use of the pools, the mud on the face and neck.

But if you want you can buy a little pot and use it on the whole body, it can serve up to 4 people.

While you wait for the mud to dry, there is a pool where you can dip your toes and sit on the edge. This is in case it has only been placed on the face and neck.

This mud is like a facial, it will cleanse your skin, help you with pimples and rejuvenate your skin, I like it.

This is because it is pollution-free and contains minerals that are beneficial.

After it dries completely, you have to remove the mud from the skin. The dark color (for sensitive skin) is super difficult to remove.

Volcanic mud from the hotl springs.
Left: mud for sensitive skin and normal skin. Right: Little pot with mud.

At the Hot Springs, there are 5 pools where you can enter, each one has different temperatures, but they are all pleasant, yet they are not very hot and they vary, since they are natural and depend on external factors.

Its waters are around 34Cº and 38Cº, more or less those of the human body, however, the non-thermal water of El Valle can be in the 18Cº.

The optimal time to be in them is 45 minutes, why? In that time, your body will absorb the necessary minerals, in less time it will not, and if the 45 minutes are over, it will overload your body.

Also, there is a clock (where the biggest pools are) is on a wall, where the massage list that the place offers is written, yes, massages are also offered, only Saturday and Sunday.

One of the pools at the hot springs
One of the pools.

This water has healing properties for skin diseases and arthritis.

The pools have different depths, in some you can sit, in others just stand.

After leaving the pool, you will need to go to the shower to remove the water and mineral residue on your skin.

Shower to remove mineral residue.

How often can you use the mud or the pool?


It can be used 2 to 3 times a week. If you buy the little pot, after it is not contaminated (do not put your fingers inside) it lasts up to a year (expiration time).

Now, if you only use it on the face it can last more or less for 2 months and if only in the body, it will last you for 2 weeks. I advise buying it to use at home.


Here you can enter every day, so if you like it a lot, you can do it.

My impressions

It is an activity that I will definitely do again and many times. Just use the mud on your face and neck, why? The mud will leave your skin smooth, but when you enter the water, your skin will become dry, more than anything due to the mineral residues that remain on your skin.

On the other hand, after going through the hot springs, the body relaxes so much that one is ready to take a good nap.

Other facilities

There are covered areas with picnic tables, a net for volleyball, a basketball basket and games for the little ones.

With this you can stay all day, pets are not allowed, but you can bring food and drinks (water, juices, sodas).

Other areas of the Hot Springs.
Other areas of the Hot Springs.


  • Plan to be at least an hour and a half,
  • Only use the mud on the face and neck, if you are going to get into the pool,
  • Bring a bathing suit, flip flops and a towel.


  • Everyday,
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • $4.00 adult entrance fee (from 13 onwards).
  • $2.00 children entrance fee from 6 to 12 years old.
  • $2.00 retirees and senior entrance fee.
  • $3.00 pot with clay.
  • $20.00 massages.

Note: only cash payment.

How to get to Hot Springs?

Once in the town of El Valle de Antón, pass by the Market, then the church and take the 2nd street on the left (at this point, the path is no longer straight, curves to the right or turns left).

Continue to the bottom and you will see the Hot Springs, approximately 700 meters away.

If you go by Bus, just ask the driver to leave you nearby to go to the Hot Springs.

You can also go by bicycle, I only recommend a chain, there is no specific place to leave it, but within the facilities you can do it. There are parking lot.

Other places you may like

Bridge over the Antón River.
Hot Springs entrance. Bridge over the Antón River.

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