Amazing Hot Springs Waterholes in Chitra

hot springs in Chitra
2 watersheds of the Hot Springs.

Being in Chitra, at La Silampa Waterfall, our guide told us that there are hot springs at 10 minutes and we decided to go to know them.

We organized everything for going the next day.

On the way

Now, from the entrance of Chitra to the entrance that goes to the hot springs is 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes more to the hot springs. So it was not 10 minutes hahaha.

We were on the road, watching the nature and worried that we would have been passed it.

Even when we saw the river we parked, we thought we had arrived but no, because that river was at the left and the guide told us it will be on our way, it literally crosses the road, but it is not deep.

Crossing the tree
Crossing the tree.

After we arrived we did not findthe hot springs, because of we were looking for something that seemed like a swimming pool.

We started to touch the river water, looking for warm or hot water, a part of the river showed the color of the rock in the depth and another has a color between mustard and ocher.

The latter is hot spring, the color that leaves in the bottom is due to the minerals that it has

The Hot Springs in Chitra

We continued looking for it and we found 3 hot springs waterholes, they are under a huge fallen tree (it crosses the river), but we have to pass it to be able to find them.

I had never seen the birth of a river and much less that of a hot spring, I touched it, it was very hot.

We sat to see this wonder, we saw around the river, there are many hot springs holes, you can see it the by the ocher trial that the water leaves.

Before to continue, the water is transparent, but at the deep the minerals settle and the rock take that color, and if you touch the stone your skin will take this color, like we touching the mud, you just have to clean your skin to remove the mineral.

hot springs in Chitra
Hot Springs go to the river

My friends put their feet on the water, I did not, because of I felt it very hot, they said it was hot at the begin.

But after a few seconds it was very relax, this part is not deeper than a few inches, the water just covered the ankles.

To get to see these hot springs, cross the river stone by stone, and then returning over the fallen tree. The easy way is on the tree.

Ojo de agua- hot springs in chitra
Another watersheds of the hot springs.

These hot springs are in their natural way, it main that their way hasn´t changed by the man, as that has happened the Anton Valley Hot Springs.

They are probably not the only hot springs in the natural way, but it is very easy to get there.

Note: there is not cellphone signal.


  • Bring water,
  • Sneakers.


  • Free entrance.
Fallen tree on the river
Fallen tree on the river.

How to get to Hot Springs in Chitra?

By car:  take the Panamericana Highway, if you go from the east (Coclé, Panama city …) enter through El jaguito, and if you go from Veraguas or Chiriquí), enter through Santiago.

Stay on the road until to reach to San Francisco, from there follow the signal to get to Calobre, and then the signals to get to La Yeguada.

In both cases you will pass through Calobre and you can guide with Google Maps, the main streets do not have deviation.

When you get to La Yeguada, you will know it, because you will see the Mi Ambiente station

Take the street on the left (it is towards the rural parking lots), continue to Chitra, you will see a Welcome sign (Bienvenidos a Chitra) that will and after 15 minutes you will see the signal of the hot springs on the right hand (pozos termales).

Until here the street is paved and it pretty good.

The trail of stone and earth begins
The trail of stone and earth begins.

Enter by this stone road until you see the litter river that crosses the way (in another 15 minutes).

If you are in a car 4×4 you can continue, but if not, you can leave your car in this spot as us, after this river take the trail on the left and keep hiking until to see the other river (it is 3 minutes by hiking).

From there look for the hot springs downstream, they are about at 30 meters (there are just after the fallen tree).

By bus:  you can get directly from Santiago.

For going to Santiago you can take a bus from Panama City or David (Chiriquí).

You have to say to the bus driver to get you at the entrance of the Chitra Hot Springs and hike.

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river at hot springs in chitra
End of the road, to look for the hot spring downstream.

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