Las Celestes Waterfall and its Natural Pool

Las Celestes Waterfall

Las Celestes Waterfall is located La Yeguada on a private farm and although, I do not the reason of its name, I think it is due to its color.

After we knew Las Damas Waterfall it was time to get to know Las Celestes,

They are really close to each other, more or less 20 minutes by 4×4 car.  It is necessary a 4×4 car to go there, if you do not have one or you plant to hike, from La Yeguada Lagoon takes about 3 hours.

Within the private area
Within the private area.

Once we arrived, we got out the cars, we only hiked 5 minutes and we reached to the first one. The guide told me they are approximately 20 waterfalls, we saw 3.

It is only 5 minutes by hiking, but the hard part of the trail is between the middle trail and the height trail, the all way is going down, but there is a part where we had to go down sitting, it is not necessary to have a lot good condition, but you have to go up and down there.

On the way to the first waterfall, I took the photo when we got back
On the way to the first waterfall, I took the photo when we got back.

Las Celestes Waterfall

We arrived at the first waterfall, it is very nice and it has an amazing light blue color, the majority stayed at this one.

But some went down to the next one, I took advantage of the fact that there were fewer people to take photos of the waterfall, so I went down with them.

From that spot, I was seen that the other was coming and there was a beautiful fog in the background.

Then I went back to the first waterfall to enjoy it before going to the next spot.

First waterfall of Las Celestes
First waterfall of Las Celestes.
First waterfall of Las Celestes, seen from above
First waterfall of Las Celestes, seen from above.

There was a boy in the tour, he wanted to jump into the waterfall, we all were waiting for the jump, some with cameras even his mom and after waiting so long, we thought he had already repented and in a moment, he jumped, hahaha, nobody looked at him, took photos nor anything.

Second waterfall of Las Celestes
Second waterfall of Las Celestes

We returned to the cars and continued, although it was really close, you could go by hiking. We went out of the cars and hiked for about 3 minutes.

Be careful with the roots, they are good to hold on, but bad to step on, because there can be slippery.

This waterfall is higher, I love it when It is formed a natural pool, not only because how you can see it, yet.

Personally, I enjoy it more, I try to swim, hahaha, I really just float.  Some people jumped (on the deep part), others took photos, we had a great time.

Fog in Las Celestes Waterfall
Fog in Las Celestes Waterfall.


Then it was time to return, and as usually hahaha I was the last to return, because I stay to wait for everyone to leave so I can take a pair of pictures of the waterfall without people.

Road to the third waterfall
Road to the third waterfall.

Then we returned to take the bus and having lunch, we ate at La Yeguada, in a house.

We had a lunch reserved, I think there is no restaurant until Calobre.

Trail to the third waterfall.
Trail to the third waterfall.

We returned to Albrook at 11 pm, the majority took advantage to rest on the bus.

I advise you to bring a comfortable change clothes, but it you can carry a coat it is better, because if the travel at night, it can be cold in the bus.

I traveled in a light dress and after a few hours someone let me a coat, I imagine I had frozen face, hahaha.

Second waterfall of Las Celestes Waterfall
Third waterfall of Las Celestes.

Note: after Calobre there is only Movistar phone service. The order of the falls I wrote it as saw them.


  • Go with a tour, the guide must previously contract a 4×4 car and he had had told with the owner of the farm for permission,
  • Wear long pant (no jeans) and long sleeves, by the sun of the road and by the vegetation on the small trail,
  • Bring ater,
  • Snacks (nuts, fruits),
  • Sunglases and sunscreen,
  • Another clothes for the return,
  • Waterproof bag for things that cannot get wet (in case of raining or falling into the water),
  • Do not carry liquor, nor glass bottles for your own safety,
  • Do not play music, nor make noise (fuss) for respect to the visitors,
  • Don´t leave trashes and, if you can, pick up the one on the trail.
Lunch at a house in La Yeguada
Lunch at a house in La Yeguada.


  • $60.00, it will depend of the place where the bus leave and what the tour includes. In my case included, a bus from the capital, a 4×4 car, the fee guide and the entrance (include the visit to Las Damas Waterfall).
  • $4.00 lunch.

My guide

Rogelio of Trip PTY, (507) 6012.3577.

Tour only in Spanish.

How to get to Las Celestes Waterfall?

From where you are, go to Veraguas and then to La Yeguada, you can use Google Maps until this point.

When you get to the Lake you will see a Y, take the left road, it is like you were returning, like you were going to Chitra, you will see a road of a few meters of the lagoon.

From there until the entrance of the farm it will be 30 minutes in 4×4 car, be careful, you must have permission to enter (it can also have a padlock)

If you go in your own car, you must know internal road, the farm is large, there are others roads, you can take the wrong way and do not get Las Celestes Waterfall.

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