Las Damas Waterfall of La Yeguada

Las Damas waterfall

Some days ago, I went with trip PTY to konwn Las Damas Waterfall, it is in La Yeguada, in Veraguas Province.

Very early morning, we met us at Albrook Transport Terminal, the bus left at 4:00 a.m.

More or less, we left at the time, over 4 hours on the bus were waiting for us, which one we used to rest and sleep.

We rested and picked up some guys on the way.

On the way

When we arrived to The Lagoon of La Yeguada, we changed the transport, now we were traveling in 4×4 car (it must be hired in advance).

After some moment on a way of land and stones, the fog covered us, it was an amazing journey, I really wanted to get off and take some photos, but, I couldn’t.

Sincerely, I think we all enjoyed this journey in 4×4 car in the fog, we held on very tightly.

So as not to hit each other and at the same time we laughed at the stories and occurrences that others told.

on the way to Las Damas waterfall
In La Yeguada, taking the 4×4 car to go to the waterfall.

We arrived to the entrance to the land, but it had a padlock, so our guide went where owner was, that it was very near.

We continued on the way, the fog was denser, nonetheless it was not cold, but we have not an incandescent sun.

On the dirt road
On the dirt road.
Within the private area
Within the private area.
The fog was dense
The fog was dense.

Then, the way was clear and we arrived to Las Damas Waterfall, where we left the car we can see it, and we only had to hike 5 minutes to arrive there.

The trail is average difficulty, but It is short.

As usually, I took some minutes for taking pictures to the blog, so I arrived the last to the waterfall. hahaha.

Las Damas Waterfall, view from above
Las Damas Waterfall, view from above.

Down, in a part you can hike over the rocks, I left my things there and continue to get even closer to the waterfall.

It has a middle height, according to what I have visited, and it has a pretty large natural pool, it is deep, the shallow part is only like 2 meters.

Las Damas Waterfall

The water fall down to the natural pool, then go among the rocks, like 70m and come another fall.

We didn´t get down to this part, we only saw it from up, you can go down, but is a quite difficult.

And it is not recommending to middle or big groups o to people without physical conditions.

Las Damas waterfall, the second waterfall
The second waterfall, we only saw it from this point.

We enjoyed a lot the place, the water was excellent, someone swimming, others flouting, others took themselves photos, although we did not know us, we had a good time together.

Advice, there many stones very slippery, especially those that look chocolate, be very careful.

A lady fell down and we all had a great fright, luckily, she didn’t hit hear head nor didn´t break anything.

Las Damas waterfall with people
Las Damas Waterfall, seen from below.

After enjoyed the waterfall, we took the group photo of the memory. It was time to go to our next destination, Las Celestes Waterfall.


We took our things, got to the car and the most difficult part came, 2 steep height hills, we have to go up by 4×4 car.

There were 3 cars, they went up one by one, I honestly thought we would not achieve it and that we will be downhill, I was praying, maybe I was not the only one.

On the next trips, they are very likely that you will have to climb these hills on foot and for safety it would be the best, at least until these hills are conditioned.

After passing this fright, we went to Las Celestes Waterfall and from there to have lunch. there is no restaurant at La Yeguada, as far as I know.

We had a lunch reserved in a house, although it was almost a dinner hahaha, we changed our clothes, we ate very well and returned to the bus to travel to the capital, some people took a rest and others were almost snoring hahaha.

Lunch at a house in La Yeguada
Lunch at a house in La Yeguada.

Many tours leave from the capital, but if you are in other place, contact the organizer, maybe they can pick up you on the way, I have done it and I have saved some hours of travel.

Note: after the Calobre town there is only sign for Tigo.

Ascent from Cascada Las Damas.
Ascent from the waterfall. There are slightly steeper, tree-lined parts


  • Go with a tour, the guide must previously contract a 4×4 car and he had had told with the owner of the farm for permission.
  • Wear long pant (no jeans) and long sleeves, by the sun of the road and by the vegetation on the small trail.
  • Bring water
  • Snacks (nuts, fruits)
  • Sunglases and sunscreen,
  • Do Not leave trashes and, if you can, pick up the one on the trail,
  • Another clothes for the return,
  • Waterproof bag for things that cannot get wet (in case of raining or falling into the water),
  • Do not carry liquor, nor glass bottles for your own safety,
  • Do not play music, nor make noise (fuss) for respect to the visitor.
Las Damas waterfall
Las Damas waterfall.


  • $60.00, it will depend of the place where the bus leave and what the tour includes. In my case included, a bus from the capital, a 4×4 car, the fee guide and the entrance (include the visit to Las Celestes Waterfall).
  • $4.00 lunch.

My guide

Rogelio of Trip PTY, (507) 6012.3577.

Tour only in Spanish.

How to get to Las Damas Waterfall?

From where you are, go to Veraguas and then to La Yeguada, you can use Google Maps until this point.

When you get to the Lagoon you will see a Y, take the left road, it is like you were returning, like you were going to Chitra, you will see a road of a few meters of the lagoon.

From there until the entrance of the farm it will be 30 minutes in 4×4 car, be careful, you must have permission to enter (it can also have a padlock).

If you go in your own car, you must know internal road, the farm is large, there are others roads, you can take the wrong one and be careful with the last two hills.

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Las Damas waterfall
Photo: Carlos Ballesteros

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