Knowing the Fascinating El Encanto of Calobre

El Encanto of Calobre.

El Encanto (the Charm) of Calobre, its name caught my attention and its access is so easy, that if I lived in Calobre I will go every weekend and on hot days.

Stay in Calobre and after one of the cheaper lunch of my life, it only was $2.50 and with a good flavor, we went to know El Encando of Calobre.  

We parked the car in a house, the house´s owner told us that not long ago, someone scratched a car, the person parked it on the side of the road, so it´s better to park it in the house.

hiking to the river at El Encanto of Calobre
After leaving the car (land where part of a large tree can be seen, right side), we hike to the river, people, in the background, have entered the trail that goes to the river.

My guides were my Friends of Alma Aventurera, they told me about this place and they knew how to arrive.

According to what they told me, this place was a place to be some years ago as much as La Silampa Waterfall is today.

The previous day it had rained somewhere in the river, so the water was a little cloudy, but not much.

The Encanto of Calobre

It is like La Silampa, it has some super deep parts and others where anyone who does not know how to swim.

Natural pool formed in El Encanto of Calobre
Natural pool formed in El Encanto of Calobre.

We stayed there for a while, enjoying the river and the day, we were alone and it was pretty nice.

Truth is that we left because it was going to rain.

It the less deep part it is formatted by small lagoons with their small waterfalls, there was one that we like so much.

We all wanted to be there for a little while and for a strange reason I flouted there.

The funny thing is that it was about 1m2 (wide) and like 1 foot depth, but my body went sideways and floated, so much so that I could take a nap hahaha.

The place was quite clean, although with some garbage dumps, though there is even a tank where you can put the garbage.

I think it is better do not to leave anything, to take everything, so that, it does not accumulate and avoid that in some flood the river can be dirty.

Also in front of the cemetery (It is in the route) is the communal garbage dump, where the waste can be left, thus, we did.

Enjoying the place, el encanto of calobre
Enjoying the place, I am sitting in the waterfall that goes to the natural pool.


  • Free entrance.
  • $2.00 Parking Lot (recommended).

How to get to El Encanto of Calobre?

By car: Take the Panamericana Highway, if you go from the east (Cocle, Panama City …) enter through El jaguito, and if you go from Veraguas or Chiriqui.

Enter through Santiago, stay on the road until to reach to San Francisco, from there follow the signal to get to Calobre.

In both cases, you will get to Calobre, being there take the street that goes to the cemetery.

Continue until you see (on the right hand) the parking lot signal (it is a house, there can leave the car) then you will have arrived.

Continue by hiking. After the house take the trail on the right and after about 50 meters you will see the entrance (there is a signal on the right hand).

It is closed to the car, but opened to the people, entre and keep hiking, at the end you can meet the river. It is about 5 minute from the parking lot.

Map from the Santísima Trinidad Church to El Encanto del Cobre (in orange).

By bus: you can get from Santiago, Aguadulce and Panama City. When you arrive to Calobre, you have to take a taxi until the parking lot and to hike.

It is about 3km from the Santisima Trinidad Church, it is 35 minutes by hiking.

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Trail to get to El Encanto of Calobre.

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