Trip to La Silampa Waterfall

la Silampa waterfall

La Silampa Waterfall has been a place to be in the last months and to be so near to La Yeguada, I had to go.

To get to the entrance is very easy, when we arrived to Chitra, immediately a boy appeared, Adan, he offered us to be our guide, we accepted, the cost was $10.00 per group.

We prepared our things and move on, Adan started the trail, for a part that he said it was very easy. 

The Trail to La Silampa

The trail was moderate, with ups and downs, and even a plain that seemed to be out of place, it was very different from the surrounding, a big large plain on the top of one of the mountain and without stones.

One sign of the tail
One sign of the trail

We continued the trail very careful to not fell down and to admire the beauty of the nature.

We arrived to the fee spot to enter the land (where is La Silampa), they said it is for the trash (cleaning the place).

 The last descent was really long, you don´t let yourself see the end, which is why you think that it is already finished and then you see realize that there is still a way to go when you see it, I just thought I have to climb on the way back.

Now, fortunately the day was cloudy, so the trail was a little less difficult than with a sunny one, the bad thing is that the photos do not turn out as beautiful as one wants.

Almost at the end of the trail, you can see La Silampa Waterfall.  Some people get there first of us.

I saw that there are some ranches of stalks, although they are on a slope, so I preferred to go to the end almost in the same river and leave my things on a rock, of course, in a place that my things it will not get wet.

We took 1:10h to get there.

Going down the heaviest hill
Going down the heaviest hill.

La Silampa Waterfall

The waterfall is a nature pool with turquoise waters, it has a part very deep, but another one when you can stay up, it also has some falls where shallow lagoons are formed.

It thinks there are underground waters, because of the amount of the water that falls into is a few, to the amount of the water that this natural pool has.

I swam and took some pictures, also I sat and enjoy the beauty of the places while I saw some people jumping to the water.

Almost at La Silampa Waterfall and one of the rental bohios
Almost at La Silampa Waterfall and one of the rental bohios.

I tried to see where all the water falls (the last fall) but it is impossible, maybe it has a waterfall of 10m but, even though I bended down I couldn´t see it, I took some photos to try to see it.

After a while, enjoying such a beautiful place, we decided to return and her comes the best part.


The first part is not so steep and pay attention to the right, where you see a stone wall, there, the Gatun River is born, the river of La Silampa Waterfall

Seeing the mountain that we have to climb and knowing that is very long, makes us want to go back, but that is the way out, we must continue, so we went hiking slowly, step by step, and taking breaks.

Only this part took us 40 minutes, they say it is about 100 meters, if you are athlete it will surely take less time.

I was just thinking in the top of the mountain there are people selling water ($1.00) (these vendors are not always there) so I dreamed with that bottle, hahaha, the water that I had brought was almost finished, so that made me to finished.

After go it was a great relief, to buy the last bottle of water hahaha, the worst part had already passed, we sat down to rest, recover energy and drink the water.

Only this hill can put the trail in high difficulty, the others hills are moderate although you have to hike careful.

The trail.

We continue along the trail, still uphill, but not so steep.

Later, we arrived to the plain and it was inevitable do not fell down to the ground, literally, I put on the cap on my face and take a break, near to this place we met Adan and he hiked with us until the end.

After recovering our breath, we continued, this time with some ups and downs. It took us 2 hours

In the whole route, I slipped at least 8 times and looked at my guide, he hiked in flip flops, without slipping and the sad part is that, he seemed to hike very slowly and we were behind him hiking very fast.

I joked Adam, I told him if his flip flops were special or he knew the exact spots where to step on, he just laughed.

He told us there are people that have broken and had to be taken out by helicopter, so be very careful.

Finally, we ended the trail, very exhausted, but we did it.

People sell food at the parking lot, I didn´t buy anything, but my friends buy it and didn’t like it much, it was sancocho ($4.00) (a kind of Panamanian soup).

Also, there are street food joint (fonda) in Calobre, they are cheap ($2.50) and I can say that the food is good.


  • There is no phone signal, I was informed that only is Movistar,
  • There is other way, it seems to be less hard, but I do not it, my guide only show me from the steep hill.
rare straw
Straw that you will see on the way, at first I thought it was cow poop, then they explained to me what it was and on the way back I can see them better and I realize that it is indeed straw.


  • Go with a guide, especially if you are going for the first time,
  • Bring water and snacks (like nuts),
  • Carry little weight,
  • Cap /hat,
  • Sunscreen,
  • From Monday to Thursday fewer people go,
  • Go at morning, like 7 a. m.
  • Long pants (no jeans) and long-sleeved shirt, something that will protect you from the sun and just in case of falling,
  • Hiking shoes or sneakers.


  • $0.50 entrance fee.
  • $10.00 guide fee per group.
  • $5.00 per bohio.

How to get here to La Silampa Waterfall?

By car:  take the Panamericana Highway, if you go from the east (Cocle, Panama City …) enter through El jaguito, and if you go from Veraguas or Chiriqui), enter through Santiago, stay on the road until to reach to San Francisco.

From there follow the signal to get to Calobre, and then the signals to get to La Yeguada.

In both cases, you will pass through Calobre and you can guide with Google Maps, the main streets do not have deviation.

When you get to La Yeguada, you will know it, because you will see the Mi Ambiente station. Take the street on the left (it is towards the rural parking lots) and continue until Chitra, you will see a Welcome sign that will indicate your arrival and then you will see a rural parking lots, the guides will be there.

The street is paved and there are parts that are better than others, but in general it is ok, possibly you will lose the phone signal before arriving.

By bus:  you can get directly from Santiago (for going to Santiago you can take a bus from Panama City or David (Chiriqui).

You have to say to the bus driver to get you at the entrance of La Silampa Waterfall.

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la Silampa waterfall with people.

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