7 Trips for 2022 National Holidays

The 2022 National Holidays begin, and it seems that the weather will give us a few days to enjoy the outdoors.

Here, I have my recommendations for these days. There are in Panama City, near the city and in the country side and of course, for all….read more.

5 Recommended Trips for 2022

We start 2022 and surely, many of us want to do new things and get out of the house.

And for those of us who are in Panama, we start the year with the dry season, so it is to take advantage of this time without rain (or very little), do something different and get out more.

15 Reasons to Visit Panama

Casco Antiguo 15 reasons to visit Panama.

Panama is a small country in Central America, located between Colombia and Costa Rica, it has Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, great biodiversity, natural wealth, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, museums, malls and much more.

These are the 15 reasons to visit Panama…read more.

10 Places to Enjoy the 2021 National Holidays

The 2021 National Holidays are coming and this year many will have a long weekend.

Here, I have my recommendations for these days. There are for Panama City, close to the city and in the country side, and more.

7 Places You Can Visit As a Family in El Valle de Antón

Advices for El valle de Antón

El Valle de Antón has many attractions, from hiking (India Dormida Hill), trees and endemic animals.

You can take a day trip, spend a whole weekend or longer.

There are people who have been so excited at this place that they stay to live.

What excites me the most about this place is the idea of ​​having all these things inside a Volcano and even more being able to inhabit it…read more.

5 Family Trips in Panama City, for less than $20

Causeway. advices in panama

Little by little places of recreation in Panama reopen, being summer, with young people and children on vacation, what better than to spend a day outdoors.

In this post about family trips for less than $ 20.00, I am considering costs of transportation, snacks and tickets for 4 people (2 adults and.. read more.

10 Recommended Places for National Holidays

hanging bridges advices in panama

The month of the National Holidays begins, with it several days off and opportunities to visit places in this beautiful country, and although we are still in a pandemic and many places are still closed or those that are open have restrictions, we can always take a little getaway with our more.

National Parks and Forest Reserves That Can Be Visit


Sinces October 5, 2020, 14 national parks and terrestrial nature reserves reopened and from October 12 a booking is needed to more.

7 Panamanian Craft Beers You Can Get at the Supermarket

Panama beers

For 15 years (approximately in 2005), it started the craft beers business in Panama.

In addition to being able to buy them and taste them in their own bars, for a few years they can also be purchased in supermarkets, some of these have more.

5 Panamanian Breakfasts that You Must Taste

advices Panamanian Breakfast

One of the indispensable things for Panamanians is breakfast, and I am not referring specifically to have breakfast, but to meals, although they are eaten more than everything at breakfast, we can…read more.

15 Virtual Tours of Panama

advices virtual tours

I am very happy that in Panama virtual visits are offered to places of interest, being, the majority, museums.

Although at the moment there are not many, thanks to the quarantine, the places are reinventing themselves and little by little they are adding more, in part, it more.

10 Things You Can Do at Home, if You Are a Traveler

things to do at home

In this post, I want to give you some ideas that you can do at home, they are things that as responsible travelers we can do and that will not only do us good, but more.

5 Recommended Trips for 2020

advices in panama

2020 begins and with it new opportunities, wish lists, friends and more.

This is top 5 based on the almost 3 years traveling through Panama, from the more than 100 places visited I have taken the 5 recommended…read more.

Guinness World Record for Panama for the largest Patacón

Guinness world record El patacón más grande

On October 16, Panama earned a new Guinness Record and I could not miss that, perhaps it is the only time in my life that I have the opportunity to…read more.

30 Tips to Reduce the Ecological Footprint on Traveling

Jimara Coronado

There are many things that we can do to lower the damage that we cause in our trips and that, in many cases we do them out of ignorance.

We can make changes little by little until…read more.

Hay muchas cosas que podemos hacer para bajar el daño que provocamos en nuestros viajes y que, en muchos casos los hacemos por desconocimiento. 

5 Recommended Trips in Panama for 2019

Bayano caves

This year 2018 has been great, full of new and fascinating places, that we have been able to visit and get to know, some of them have become…read more.

10 Tips for Hiking and Enjoying the Place

Metropolitan park

I have been hiking and getting to know cities and towns for a while, in all this time I have learned some things that I want to share with you.

Before going to a place it is important to inform yourself, as to duration, difficulty, starting point and everything you…read more.

Top 5 – The Best Trips in the First Year

advices in panama

After completing the first year, I decided to make a compilation of the places visited to get this Top 5 more.

10 Must-Visit Places in Panama

advices in panama

Panama has countless attractions, and many more to discover, but these are, in consideration of this blog, the must-sees in Panamaread more.

20 Interesting Facts about Panama


Panama has great attractive as interesting facts for visitors. The fact of being a narrow Isthmus, with a rich fauna offers incredible characteristics. Let’s see some interesting… read more.

7 Churches of Casco Antiguo

san jose church

In the Casco Antiguo of Panama (Old Quarter) there were many congregations that built churches and convents.

First of all, the old Panama City was in Panama Viejo, but after the pirate’s pillage and fire with an attempt to save the city from pillage (1671), a New City was erected in Casco Antiguo.

Some of the churches and convents moved to the new city, others were built later…read more.

15 Free Places to Visit in Panama City


Panama is a place that offers a lot to residents and visitors, we love being able to show visitors something of what this beautiful country has and even though, there are places that require an admission cost, it also has others with more.

Anecdotes of a Road Trip

road trip

One of the things I always wanted to do is a Road Trip and well I did it. In recent days I ventured with one of my best friends, it was 10 days, here are some of the anecdotes…read more.

Information about Panama

advices in panama

Panama is a small country, located in Central America, it is also called the belt of America, since it is the smallest part of the continent on the mainland, it has just 75,420 km2.

It is between Costa Rica and Colombia, it has to the North, Sea Caribbean and to the South, the Pacific Ocean…read more.