Top 5 The Best Trips in the First Year

the best trips in panama

After completing the first year, I decided to make a compilation of the places visited to get this Top 5 of The Best Trips.

It was a little difficult, because I set a limit of places and I want to place more hahaha.

Panama has beautiful places, some are landscapes, other archaeological sites and there are also museums.

On the other hand, there are fairs and shopping, although we will not see that much in this blog.

I thank you for joining me on this tour, together with you I have learned a lot, without more, the Top 5 of Best Trips for this first year, the most recommended. 

1. Biomuseo


As number one I must mention the Biomuseo, it is in the Province of Panama.

This is a museum that I think that everyone should go, because it gives a vision of how everything was before Panama, how Panama changed the world, how everything was before the arrival of the Spanish and what it is today.

This helps to understand a little of some places in Panama, especially the archaeological ones and to have an idea of ​​how the ancient inhabitants lived…read more.

2. Barro Colorado Island

the best trips in panama

Island which many have asked me, is located in Panama Oeste, almost in Colón, it is a place of scientific studies that helps to understand the tropical forests.

The intervention of man is prohibited, for which all its evolution passes in a way natural.

Barro Colorado Island was born after the flood due to the construction of the Panama Canal, previously it was a hill, it also has 28 trails and is managed by the Smithsonian read more.

3. Iguana Island

iguana island

Another island that I loved and like Barro Colorado, is a protected area, only it is not an island for continuous study.

It was my first visited island of crystal clear waters and super white sand in the Pacific.

After being used to it To gray sand and murky water, seeing this was impressive.

You can snorkel, hike one of the trails that go from one beach to another, take a day at the beach or even camp… read more.

4. La Yeguada

La Yeguada the best trips in panama

This place is special for camping, having a spectacular view, it has parking lots and a toilet (even if it is a latrine), all this makes it suitable for the whole family.

I went with a group of friends, spent 2 nights, we talked on the floor  with a small wood fire, sitting on chairs, the floor or hammock, tasting the barbecue.

At the end we were eager to return.

The sunrises are incredible, it is also close to other beautiful places, you can camp in La Yeguada and during the day go somewhere in the surroundings or stay all the time in La Yeguada read more.

5. Sarigua

Sarigua the best trips in panama

Within the province of Los Santos, there is this National Park and although many think it is a desert, it is actually an albina, of course a great albino.

This place was the oldest fishermen’s settlement known in the country, with more or less 11,000 years old.

In Sarigua you can see quartz, volcanic rocks, sediments and other things.

This place offers a beautiful arid landscape, which is very used for photo shoots… read more.

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