Iguana Island and its Spectacular White Sand

iguana island
El Cirial Beach.

When you think about White sand, maybe you think in the Caribe, but, it can be enjoying at the Pacific too.

Iguana Island is in Los Santos, in the Pedasi Cost and since 1981 it was declarated Wildlife Refuge since 1981.

One of the most amazing things of the Island is its white sand, it is similar to flour, it´s the first time that I see this, this is for the bio eroders fishes are being feeding by death corals and the trash are turned in this sand.

Island Iguana is formatted by rock of basanto intrusive, product of submarine volcanic eruption.

On Iguana Island

It can enjoy the sun, its crystalline water and trails.

You can practice diving and snorkel, I practice the last, I love it, I don´t know swimming but I use to use a lifejacket for this sport (in addition, people that know swimming prefer use it, because they don´t get tired) It is amazing to see the fishes and corals, in addition it is one of the best reefs de coral of the peninsula of Azuero.

Peces en Isla Iguana
Fishes on Iguana Island.

After the snorkel I went to trail, only one was open to the people for this moment.  These trailsare smalls, you don´t need a special shoe for walking, you can use your flip-flop.

In the trail, I had the opportunity to see very near the rest of bomb test, and yes, it was a hole, a big hole, it seems like a small lake now, it is perfectly like a circle, but these holes are complete dry in the summer.

Some bombs have been removed, and the others are inactive.

These bombs are there because of, some years ago, Isla Iguana was a shooting rage of USA army in the II World War.

Hole formatted for a bomb, in the practices of shooting, during the II World War
Hole formatted for a bomb, in the practices of shooting, during the II World War.

The guide told us before to be a Forest Refuge and after to be Shooting Rage, there were sowing in the Island.

The trail ends at El Faro Litter Beach, as its name says, it is a small beach, it no so quiet as the first beach, EL Cirial Beach, but it is so nice.

The Visitor Center

It is a small place, with murals for explain the thing in the island, and how to care it, I recommend to visit this place to know a litter more about the island.

On Iguana Island, also you can see many iguanas, crabs and frigate birds, and others birds.

Near to the island, you can see the migration of whales (best seasons is between July and August), and dolphins.


The Island has rest room, but it does not have hotel nether restaurant.

What can you do?

  • Snorkel,
  • To camp,
  • Picnic,
  • Diving,
  • Hiking,
  • To swim.


  • Bring sunscreen, preferably it is biodegradable,
  • Insects Repellent,
  • Hat,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Water,
  • Snacks,
  • One Bag for trash, please remember do not leave anything,
  • Do not take anything of the island and the beach,
  • Take care with the boats, when you are swimming or in the water.
Frigate Birds
Frigate Birds on Iguana Island.

Where to Lodge?

On Iguana Island there are no hotels, but you can stay in Pedasí you can get good hotels and hostels.

I stayed at Casa Loma y it was cool, they have breakfast included, it costs $50,00 for room, I shared the cost with another person.

On another occasion I stayed at Hostal Doña María, it is a small family business, $ 50 a room for two people with breakfast included.


In Pedasí are several restaurants, I can recommend you Smiley`s Restaurant, it is near to the entry of the town, I have dinner there, with live music and the meal was very good.

Hours to visit Iguana Island

  • From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

You only can enter between 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The lighthouse work with solar panels
The lighthouse work with solar panels.


  • $4.00 fee entrance to Panamanian/resident
  • $10.00 fee entrance to foreingers
  • $50.00 a night- hotel,
  • Tour from $38.00, with lunch, snacks and bus from Pedasi Town, if you take a tour,
  • $12.00 boat, if you go by yourself with others 5 friends.

All the price can change, depend of the season the cost of the gas and others things.

A trip by bout costs $70.00 (until 6 people, you can share the cost), If you can to take this option, you should arrive early in the morning before 9 am.

If you want to contact a tour operator, you can get one in Pedasi the day before.

I got one in Pedasi, it costs $38: bout, guide, snacks, soda and lunch (in Pedasi town), they also have towls, chairs and snorkel equipment.

I took the tour with Isla Caña Tours, you can find them at Selina Hostel in Pedasi or in their social media.

My guide

The guys of ICT. Experiencias (before, named Isla Caña Tours) +507 6718-0032.

Tour in Spanish e English.

My budge =$73.00

  • $50.00 hotel with breakfast ($50.00/2 people=$25.00)
  • $38.00 tour with lunch.
  • $10.00 dinner.
  • the fuel, in my case this was part of a Road Trip.


Due to the situation of the Coronavirus, the entrance is not being charged.

At the moment, only hiking, beach use and snorkelling are allowed.

You can only go with a booking: write to reservaislaiguana@miambiente.gob.pa

Information to give to make the booking

  • Do it with a minimum of 72 hours in advance,
  • You must put in the subject: Reserva área protegida,
  • Date of the visit,
  • Number of people visiting (in case of groups, only up to 8 people are allowed),
  • Name and telephone number of whoever is booking,
  • Names, surnames, ages, nationalities and identity card or passport number of the visitors.

Maximum capacity

  • Monday to Thursday, 72 people per day,
  • Friday to Sunday, 100 people per day.
iguana island
Iguana Island.

Regulation of National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

  • Do not drink liquor,
  • No pets,
  • Do not feed the fauna,
  • No Smoking,
  • Do not carry or take out, species of fauna and flora or parts and sub-parts of these.

Where is Iguana Island?

It is in Pedasí, in the province of Los Santos, in front of El Arenal Beach.

How to get to Iguana Island?

By car: take the Panamericana highway, continue to Divisa, from Divisa to Pesadí town will take 1:40h.

Then, go to Arenal Beach (4 minutes), park the car, the beach is safe because of there is a police station.

Now you have to take a bout (another 20 minutes. If you travel from Panama City, it will be take 4 hours and 40 minutes.

By bus: In Albrook Bus Terminal (Gran Terminal Nacional de Transporte de Albrook) take a bus to Pedasi.

 Then take a taxi to Arenal Beach, you will find many bouts to go to to the Island.

 If you travel from July to October ask for

Updated: 2021.

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iguana island map
Iguana Island map.

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