Wakeboarding, my New Favorite Sport

Jimara Wakeboarding

This is a sport that certainly fascinated me a lot, I have seen little of this sport and had never thought about doing it, but planning my visit to Nitro City (now called Maalaea Resort), they recommended it to me and I wrote it down on my visit.

I did a little research to see something else, the truth was that I had no idea how to dress, when the day came and after doing SUP I went to my wakeboarding session.

Upon arrival, I saw a boy of about 10 years old and from what I saw, I think he was going for the first time.

He looked very funny, he didn’t want to get out of the water.

It is the turn of one of the young man
It is the turn of one of the young man.

I reported me to Carlos, the manager, he gave me my life jacket and the directions to put on the board (I say, the boots, but they are attached to the board).

From there straight to my first lesson, hold the rope, but not pull it, stay in a crouched position, as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair, well this is for starters and let me tell you that following these little directions is not easy as one thinks, since instinctively one tends to pull the rope, but little by little it stops pulling and simply holding it.

Receiving directions before starting
Receiving directions before starting.

At the end of the section (when the track ends) you just drop into the water, just as the speed of the rope decreases until it stops and because, one falls into the water and settles to return.

I really loved having done it, I almost did not fall, I think that, about 5 times (I mean before finishing the stretch).

It was not the big falls either and after I stopped pulling the rope, I started to learn to stand up(although When I saw my videos, mm I was not as stopped as I imagined hahaha), no longer bending over and turning the table from horizontal to vertical, finish the section and stand still.

I was short of starting to make the turns, that is turn and return without stopping.

In one of my shifts, I don’t know if it seems bad or what, the thing is that seemed more like Sandra Sandoval (she is a dancer that has a peculiar way of dancing) than an athlete, hahaha.

And Carlos immediately realized that something was wrong and they stopped the rope, this seems great to me, because they pay attention to one.

One of my falls.
One of my falls.

I explain, the rope is controlled from a tower and from the same place it goes, it returns, but if you already have a little knowledge, when you reach the end of the section, you can turn U, go back there, go to one of the ramps and perform a trick.

During my session, Carlos gave me directions to improve and even Cristhofer from the tower told me what to do, although it is a little high and I hardly listened to him hee.

When I was there, a young man joined the group and soon after, the girlfriend, seeing how fun it was, decided to wakeboarding.

I think she was only going to do a bar, but ended up saying “I want, I want”.

I'm almost standing up
I’m almost standing up.

After practicing this sport, I am so fascinated that the only thing that hurts me is, not living in Punta Chame.

Because I would go every weekend, never but never thought I would like wakeboarding and I thank the young woman from the hotel that recommended it to me.

My friends already know it, if they ask me what do I do for the holidays, this weekend or something else?

I say “go wakeboarding, you will not regret it”. As you may have read, it was the first time that I did it, because in the hotel you can practice the activities from level 0.

Before leaving the hotel, I was told that a young man with a lot of experience would be practicing wakeboarding, so take the opportunity to go, see a little of what you can do with this sport and take some photos.

One of young man on duty, one with a little more experience.
One of young man on duty, one with a little more experience.

The Cable Park

It is a small artificial lake and just over 1m deep, the rope is carried by a cable system and manually controlled.

There are 2 people from the hotel in the area, one in the water and one in the tower controlling rope.

It has 2 ramps, to perform many of the tricks.

It is practiced up to a maximum of 5 people per hour, which is good since, one takes a break while others practice it.

Also, this makes it even more fun because you talk with other people, some have a little experience and one learns.


Maalaea Resort is the only place in Panama where you can practice wakeboard in this way.

Another way to do it is with a boat, which must have certain specifications, with a captain who knows this sport and for me, with another person who is paying attention of the one on the table. 

For $25.00 I go there and I can practice it with everything and the team.

When I went, the hotel was called Nitro City, now it is called Maalaea Resort and they have changed the decoration of the place and maybe other things.

Some history

There is no exact origin for this sport, but it is believed that it was for the 80s, that is, when I was born.

The Wakeboarding arises from the evolution of other sports.

From what I have read, from the beginning a boat was used to do it, but the boards were evolving, before they were more similar to those of surfing but now they are very similar to those of snowboarding.

I must tell you that after a few weeks I came back and I think that I was already able to stand completely, or more or less like this boy.


  • Book as soon as you arrive at the hotel.
  • Just follow the directions
  • Wear tight clothes (that will not fall) and quick drying, I put on a short that I use to walk and a t-shirt winery (because it is the one that I had to fit and protected myself from the sun) and underneath the bathing suit.
  • Upon arrival, it can be a little intimidating, that happened to me, because you will see the people practicing and the others waiting, but most likely they are at the same (initial) level, so there is no reason to be intimidated, just report and join the group.
  • If you want to go to the ramp, remember to wear the helmet.


  • 1 hour wakeboard $25.00 (the hour is shared up to a maximum of 5 people).

Day pass (book in advance and payment is made at the hotel)

  • $30.00 adults,
  • $20.00 children and pets.


  • Wakeboard: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Day pass: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How to get to Maalaea Resort?

Take the Pan-Americana Highway, enter through the Chame photo stop, continue until you see something that appears to be a fork, turn left.

Continue until you see the entrance to Maalaea Resort.

From the Pan-American Highway, it is 30 minutes and from the Bridge of the Americas it is 1:30.

The trail is generally in good condition, there is only a small part that is not very good.

Update: 2020.

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