Knowing Nativa Waterfall

Nativa Waterfall

Nativa Waterfall is located in the District of Chame, it is in a private property and yes, although the rivers are public, to access, sometimes you have to go through a private property, with it is in this case, but for $3.00 you have access, guide and on the end you can change your clothes, that is not bad.

On the way to Nativa Waterfall

The trip started from Panama City, where I met a group of people who were going there, new friends, then we arrived in Sorá to take a 4×4 car that would take us to the property of the Medina family. In Chame we were joined by some Austrians who were getting to know Panama.

On the way to the waterfall
On the way to the waterfall, some in the car, others up.

The real adventure started once we got on the 4×4 car, it is a pick up conditioned to carry people in the back, it has a roof and benches.

In addition at the top it has a type of rack, probably to carry suitcases, where some ventured to travel, yes, above the roof, from below I only heard the laughter.

The road is largely flat, but there are others where it is not very good and even a river is crossed.

Medina family house
Medina family house.

Once we arrived, we met the family, the cows, some left some things that they would not need for the waterfall and we started the hike.

Cows of the Medina family
Cows of the Medina family.

It was a short walk, about 20 minutes, one way is quite simple, since there is not a single hill to go up.

the trail
Hiking towards the Nativa Waterfall.

Nativa Waterfall

We reached the waterfall, I prepare to take a long exposure photo, in that, they indicate that there is a snake, which is just swimming where I am, hahaha.

I left the camera and it rolled, then I returned to take some photos of the snake, it hiked away.

From conversations on days later, apparently, it lives in this area and sometimes visitors see it, but it is not dangerous, it leaves alone when it sees people, it is a matter of letting it go, please do not hurt it.

Snake of the waterfall.

Then I took a few photos of the place and approached the waterfall, it is beautiful, with shallow waters.

It does not give me higher than the waist, in front of it, there are many stones, good water shoes help a lot.

Nativa Waterfall
You can already see the waterfall.
Nativa Waterfall
Nativa Waterfall.

On the top of the Waterfall

After a while we decided to go up to the top of the waterfall, we went up part, it took me a little longer, because I went to put on my sneakers, and then at a point on the trail (it more or less looks like a trail), well, I did not know whether to go straight or take the left.

As soon as I could see the person in front and turn left, a few meters later I reached the river again and crossing the stones and going downstream, I reached the top of the waterfall.

Nativa Waterfall
Nativa Waterfall looked from the trail that goes to the top.

In that part, a natural pool of an impressively turquoise color is formed, where people jumped by pushing themselves from the stones around.

If you go to the edge of the waterfall, be careful, because it is not very deep below and it is surely a dangerous fall.

We went down and stayed a while longer, taking pictures, talking and above all enjoying the place.

Natural pool at the top of the waterfall.
Natural pool at the top of the waterfall.

You have to be careful on the trail that goes to the top, because there are parts that are steep and if it has rained recently, it may be slippery.

It was time to go back and this time, if we feel the way, let’s say it is not so easy.

That is because now we had to go up and it was somewhat steep, the good thing is that it was not a long hike.

The lunch

We got to the house to eat a delicious rice with chicken, pasta salad and a fresh orange juice.

While we waited for them to finish preparing the meal, we harvested and some of us took some delicious coconut water, of course with the permission of the owners.

Lunch style Panamanian.

We ate, some of them repeated, we rested and later, the 4×4 car arrived to pick us up, as at the beginning, some people decided to go up.

Personally, I do not recommend doing it very much, although yes, it is very fun, it is also easy to fall and therefore have an accident, because the same road has parts that has stones, in addition to avoiding the branches of the trees.


At the Waterfall the phone signal arrives, at least + mobile. Locals only speak Spanish.


  • Shoes or sneakers to walk in the water,
  • Comfortable and light clothing, preferably long pants, not jeans,
  • Hiking shoes,
  • Bring water,
  • Complete change clothes,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Snacks,
  • A bag for the garbage that is produced and if you can, collect some of what is in the place, thus we contribute to improve the place.
Part of the road where the 4x4 car passes
Part of the road where the 4×4 car passes.


  • $3.00 entrance to the property, there is a person who takes you to the Nativa Waterfall.
  • $45.00 4X4 car (cost per group), usually give a cost per group and the cost may vary.
  • $5.00 lunch, you must call to reserve it.
  • $1.00 torregitas, this lady has cooked it for us in other trips and they are delicious, you have to reserve them and you can eat about 3 each person.
  • From $45.00, tours with guide, lunch, transportation from Sora and also with a visit to La Gloria Waterfall.

How to get to Nativa Waterfall?

Head down the Pan-American Highway to Bejuco, Chame.

Enter through Texaco Gas Station, take the 2nd street on the left, then the 1st on the right, continue until you reach the town of Sorá (20 minutes).

Right at the store (minisuper) you can hire a 4×4 car and indicate that you are going to the Nativa Waterfall, ask them to bring you to Medina Family and then you must indicate what time they should pick you up, you can also contact the Medina Family, so that it help with transportation.

If you have a 4×4, after the town of Sorá, you must take the first street on the right.

Continue straight until you see a bus stop (at the moment it is green), then take the street on the left and from there I suggest consulting with the residents.

From Sora to the house it is about 25 minutes, then you have to hike about 20 minutes until you reach the waterfall.

If you go by bus, you can take one from the Albrook Bus Terminal that leaves you at the entrance to Bejuco (Texaco Gas Station), walk inside, a few meters away there is a bus stop, where you can take one on the way to Sorá.

Then hire a 4×4 car to take you to the Nativa Waterfall (house of the Medina family).


  • Medina Family +507 6706.6181.  (Spanish only),
  • For tours:Travelling Souls Panama +507 6153-8924,, Spanish and English.

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