Saca Lágrimas Waterfall and Buena Vista – Chicá Trail (part 1)

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall.
Saca Lágrimas Waterfall, photo by Traveling Souls Panama.

A few days ago I knew a trail that goes from Buena Vista to Chicá, on it, we made some stops to see the Saca Lágrimas Waterfall and Los Golondrinos Waterfall. In this first part I will write until Saca Tágrimas Waterfall.

As we are still in a pandemic and in order not to be in a bus full of people, hehehe, we travel in different cars, we met in Bejuco and from there we continue in a caravan to Buena Vista.

Beautiful views on the way to the trail
Beautiful views on the way to the trail.

Once there we leave the cars with our local guides. I did the trip with Traveling Souls Panama, and they organized everything, the internal transport, lunch and the local guides, and of course, they went with us.

It is very important that whoever you go, work with the local community, because this way they grow, they see the importance of natural places, they protect them and, in addition, they are the experts on their trails.

Some cows on the road at Saca Lágrimas Waterfall
Some cows on the road.

On the way to Saca Lágrimas Waterfall

We started on the trail, but first a stop on the way for the cows to pass, hahaha, they were huge, especially the bull, luckily it was in a part where we could step aside.

We continue on our way. The trail in general was of medium difficulty, we had ups and downs, we crossed rivers, most of the trail was narrow (we went single file).

However, it can be done without having great physical conditions, be careful, I mean, yes you must have conditions, but not enough to climb the Barú Volcano.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall trail.
We crossed a river to get there.

First of all, we went to our guide’s bohio, which is on the way to the waterfall, where we took a short break and then went down to the Saca Lágrimas Watefall.

Bohío of our guide
Bohío of our guide.

Some locals accompanied us, who at the same time were our guides. There was a pretty steep part, but little by little, along a trail almost like zigzag, we went down.

There was a part of the trail that I liked, because I felt that I was going through a mangrove, although it was not like that, that feeling was given by nature.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall trail.
Saca Lágrimas Waterfall trail.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall

Once we arrive, the first thing we saw was the huge rocks that give us way to the waterfall, which is a large rock in which the water falls in such a way that it forms several waterfalls.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall
Saca Lágrimas Waterfall.

Once you reach the waterfall, look back and you will see a beautiful wooded formation, with large trees that seem to come out of the rock, in addition to one side you can also see other waterfalls.

Trees at Saca Lágrimas Waterfall
Trees at Saca Lágrimas Waterfall.

We did not see it at its best, because the rainy season is just beginning, but in the middle of winter it must be a spectacle.

We stayed for a while, to enjoy the sound of the water, the remains of the trees and of course to take some photos.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall
Jerry, one of our guides.

The place is not like to bathe and much less to jump, at least not in the part that we saw, but if you can enjoy a pleasant time and take some photos.

Also, after hiking the trail, the feeling of reaching the waterfall is very rewarding.

It was time to go back and well, as you imagine that the waterfalls are seen from below, we had to go up, hahaha, there little by little, slowly,  we went up.

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall trail
On the way back, we are climbing little by little.

We arrive at the bohio and rest for a while to continue our way to the Los Golondrinos Waterfall.

Hiking time

  • 2.5 hours. Only Saca Tágrimas Waterfall.
  • 7 hours all the trail 7 hours (with stops at the waterfalls and time for lunch).



Beautiful natural formations.


  • Wear comfortable and cool clothes, long pants,
  • Bring water,
  • Light snack (fruits, nuts),
  • Wear good sneakers or hiking shoes for tropical weather,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Go with a guide,
  • Do not leave garbage,
  • Do not go if it is raining or has rained recently,
  • Bring a waterproof bag for things that cannot get wet, in case of rain,
  • A complete clothing for change.


Since $55.00 Complete trail, with the two waterfalls (Saca Lágrimas and Los Golondrinos) and lunch.

My guide

The guys of Traveling Souls Panama +507 6153-8924,

You can also ask for private tours or just to make a waterfall.

Tour solo en español.


There are parts with a cell phone signal, especially for Más Móvil and Tigo.

How to get to Saca Lágrimas Waterfall trail?

Take the Pan Americana Highway towards Bejuco, once there, take the street behind the Pío Pío restaurant and continue as if you were going towards Los Cajones de Chame.

Look out for the sign that you will see on the right hand side where it says Bienvenidos a Buena Vista, it is at the entrance of a street, the sign is not very visible, but there are several signs there.

Then you must continue on that street until you reach Buena Vista.

It is approximately 20 minutes from the Pío Pío.  Then you must continue with a guide.

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Saca Lágrimas Waterfall

Saca Lágrimas Waterfall, photo by Traveling Souls Panama.
Saca Lágrimas Waterfall, photo by Traveling Souls Panama.

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