A Day at Los Cajones of Chame

Los Cajones of Chame

Los Cajones of Chame in Located in Chame, entering the Bejuco –Sorá highway, an hour and a half from Panama City (approximately).

I recently got to know this place, being honest, I got to know it from a foreigner. I was excited, nor did I imagine that it was so close to such a place, it is very beautiful.

It is ideal for a full day or half day getaway.

Los Cajones of Chame are a rock formation about 8 meters high, which borders the Chame River, the product of the erosion of sedimentary stones.

You can enjoy the views, sounds of nature and natural pools together with friends or family.

Until Los Cajones of Chame, you can only get there by 4 × 4 car, but if you have another type of vehicle, you can go, only you have to park it a few kilometers before, at the roadside and walk about 20 minutes (in case of walking this distance, remember not to carry heavy things).

In the place, there are no sales of food or drinks (at least when I have gone, I have not seen), there are no toilets either.

We had a great day, some near the shore, others swimming a little, this time I was closer on the riverbank, but when I went back and was centered on the walls of Los Cajones, in that part the flow is a little fast, although you do not see it, it can drag you.

Also, depending on the season, if it has rained or not, the deepest river may be found, there are some deep parts and others where you can be stood.

Los Cajones of Chame


  • Bring waters, snacks
  • Get there early so you can choose a good place for yourself,
  • Be careful in the rainy season, due to a possible flood of the river,
  • Being a rock formation, you have to go down a rocky trail to get to the river, so it is not recommended for some people.
  • Do not leave garbage in the place.


  • Monday to Sunday.
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

However, it is an open place. The river is not on private property, nor do you have to go through any to get there, nor is it fenced.


  • Free entrance.
  • $1.00 4 × 4 transportation, to avoid walking in case of going in a sedan.
  • $3.00 parking (I’ve never needed it).

My investment

I do not spend even $10.00 in total, for a half day, bring water from my house, something to eat and the cost of fuel was shared.

How to get to Los Cajones of Chame?

Take the Pan Americana Highway until the town of Bejuco, from the capital it is about 75km, about an hour.

Enter through the Texaco gas station, then take the 3rd road on the right (it is after a curve).

Continue on the Sorá-Bejuco highway, for another 15 minutes to the entrance (more or less 12.6 km), until there you can go by sedan, you can leave the car in the parking lot and walk or take a 4 × 4 car.

If you have a 4 × 4 car you can go 1km until you reach the place.

You can also use Google Maps and it will take you straight.

By bus: take a bus from the Albrook Bus Terminal to the Bejuco entrance, then take another transport (Bejuco – Sorá), which passes near the Cajones de Chame, get off and walk for about 20 minutes.

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View of one of the pools of Los Cajones of Chame
View of one of the pools of Los Cajones of Chame

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