Altos del María, a Fairytale Place

altos del maria
Cabuya Waterfall.

Altos del María is located in Sorá, Chame, it is a very charming place, I liked it much more than I thought, it is like being inside a movie.

Being any day, a follower, writes to me on Instagram, to invite me to a trip he was doing.

That weekend I was a little sick, so I put all my best mood to recover and I joined them.

We left the city around 5:45 a.m. Heading to Altos del Maria, of course having breakfast on the way, for me, my second breakfast hahaha, and we picked up other people on the way.

Once we arrive, we report to the main office. He took photos of the map, in order to guide us to the different places.

Altos del María

It Is a private place, but one of the things I have liked is that they have made beautiful trails, in such a way that one goes through them and appreciates each waterfall, each view of the river, each landscape.

They are also non-areas exploited, or that I think, which is why it has characteristics that are not available elsewhere.

Trails in Altos del Maria
Trails in Altos del Maria.

I remember going when I was about 14 years old, or less, when they were just doing the roads and the rivers crossed by 4X4 car.

There were no bridges, and going now after more than 20 years, wao tremendous difference, which is that, it is still a wooded area, that has not changed.

Las Doncellas Waterfall

Our first destination, the Las Doncellas Waterfall (The maidens waterfall), the impressive thing about this place is that it is not only a waterfall, but in this place, there are several waterfalls that come together.

We hiked along the trail and arrived at the bottom, where a lagoon forms, with landscapes that left me open-mouthed.

There, in that place, I told myself that I would return, simply to make a photographic section of the place.

Las Doncellas Waterfall
Las Doncellas Waterfall.

Cabuya Waterfall

We continue to know Cabuya Waterfall, better known as El Panal Waterfall (The Honeycomb), we pass upstream, one part on one side and the other on the same river.

There were large rocks, so it seemed that I was going up them hahaha, at this point it is useful to wear long pants (to avoid scratches) and water shoes (I really do not have some, but I take the ones to drive them and it worked), it was a short route, probably about 100m.

At the end, we find the river, where a beautiful fall can be seen, with a wall of flagstones. We stayed there for a while, some enjoying the water, others admiring the place.

Road to Cabuya Waterfall in Altos del Maria
Road to Cabuya Waterfall.

Then we returned to Las Doncellas Waterfall, to enjoy the place for a while, some took the opportunity to jump to the river with a rope.

For my part, I only got up to my waist and not for long, since I did not want to get sick again.

We hiked to another part of the river, a vehicular bridge, which is a little earlier, like 200m, there is a small trail with a hanging bridge over the river.

 Maria river
 Maria River.

El Encanto

Then we continue our tour, we arrived, parked, we went down a staircase trail (all the trails have a concrete staircase).

Once we went down, I was really delighted, in fact, the place is called El Encanto (the charm), and for something must be, it was like being in a movie.

One of the young women told me that it looked like The Lord of the Rings, the truth that it looked like a dream place.

Personally, I did not want to leave, after touring the place, I sat in the lower part to admire everything.

El Encanto Waterfall in Altos del Maria
El Encanto Waterfall.

The Viewpoint

Then we return and go up to the Viewpoint, from this part you only see a wooded area, but not is that you can see the other small mountains.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at the house that my friend had rented and from there we went up to La Gaita Hill, but I will talk about that place in the next post.


  • You could only go by car, own or rented,
  • If you go to Cabuya Waterfall, it is better to wear long pants and water shoes,
  • Bring water,
  • Some snacks, (inside the place I did not see any store),
  • If you don’t have a house there, you can rent one,
  • Remember, if you visit, don’t dirty the place.
El Encanto viewpoint
From the El Encanto viewpoint.


  • $25.00 cost share of renting a house and fuel.
  • $550.00 monthly house rent. Data in a search on Encuentra24.
  • $300.00 weekend house rental. Data in a search on Encuentra24.

Altos del María is a private place, so you must have a house there, rent a house or go on a tour with someone who has a house there or rents one.

How to get to Altos del María?

Head down the Pan-American Highway to Bejuco, Chame.

Enter through Texaco station, take the 2nd street on the left, then the 1st on the right, continue all the way until you reach the town of Sora (20 minutes).

Take the street on the right, continue for about 4 minutes, pay attention on your left hand, because the entrance is on a descent.

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