How to get to La Gaita Hill

La Gaita Hill

I went to La Gaita Hill from Altos del Maria and, being this private place, I did not plan to write about it, until I went from another point, such as El Valle de Antón or The Lagoon de San Carlos, but currently it is not possible to go, only from Altos del María.

Being Sunday, at about 5:45 a.m. I met a friend and some people to start the trip to Altos del María.

We made a quick stop to eat something on the way, this is something I have done in most trips and I highly recommend it, since after the trip and getting up so early, it is getting hungry, even if you are like me, what breakfast before going out.

We are almost at the entrance to the trail.
We are almost at the entrance to the trail.

As we were getting closer, the weather and the views were changing.

In Altos del María

We arrived at the Altos del María Main Office (my friend took a photo of the map), we reported and we all entered together.

First point, going to the office to request a permit to be able to leave and enter La Gaita area, yes, it is rare, but before the hill there is another security checkpoint.

We toured some of Altos del María, we cooked, we had lunch at the house and we continued towards La Gaita Hill.

Important, you have to go through the 2nd security checkpoint before 3:00 pm, then there is no way to enter.

We continued and soon we reached the entrance of the trail, we left the car about 100m before, because there was some mud and only one car was 4×4.

While we were hiking it started to drizzle something hard and that made us hesitate, luckily it was not more than 2 minutes.

Sign at the entrance of the Mirador Ecologico Trail (Ecological viewpoint)
Sign at the entrance of the Mirador Ecologico Trail (Ecological viewpoint).

On the trail of La Gaita Hill

At the entrance of the trail, there is a sign indicating a distance of 550m, we entered, almost everything is stairs, most of it has cement and at the end it is made of wood, it also has handrails.

As we were entering you can see the magic of the place.

Part of the way we did it with fog, which gave it a cold feeling and at the same time, for nothing in the world I wanted to stay alone, hahaha.

 We only were 4, the rest, in the drizzle, they did not dare.

La Gaita Hill trail.
We start the trail.

It was like going through an enchanted place, where I did stay a little behind, I could see how, little by little, the others disappeared.

I saw a few benches along the way, as if to take a break and continue.

The viewpoint of La Gaita Hill

After 20 minutes of hiking (it can be done in less time, we were taking photos), we reached the highest part, the viewpoint, although everything was foggy, the weather was very pleasant.

We spent a long time talking, as if we were in our house, there were no other people, so it was just us.

The trail has fog
The trail has fog.

The return could have taken us a little more than 5 minutes, the truth is that it is a short and quite in good condition trail.

A fact, Altos del María is like being on a hill, when you enter, almost everything is up and back, it is down, the thing is that it is steep, so you have to be very careful not to stay without brakes, it is better to go with a manual car.

From the entrance of the trail to the main offices is 20 minutes by car, imagine that.

One of the last stairs
One of the last stairs.


  • Medium –easy.


  • Bring water,
  • Cap, sunscreen and glasses,
  • Raincoat,
  • Snacks and food, inside there are no stores, no mini supermarkets, much less a supermarket. The closest is in the town of Sora,
  • No guide necessary,
  • Go in manual car,
  • Do not leave garbage in the place (from what I was informed, this was closed to the non-resident or visiting public of Altos del Maria, for leaving garbage and damaging the place),
  • Only go in your own or rented car.


  • $25.00 – cost share of renting a house and fuel.
  • $550.00 monthly house rent. Data in a search on Encuentra24.
  • $300.00 weekend house rental. Data in a search on Encuentra24.

Altos del María is a private place, so you must have a house there, rent a house or go on a tour with someone who has a house there or rents one.

We are almost at the top of La Gaita Hill
We are almost at the top.

How to get to La Gaita Hill?

Head down the Pan-American Highway to Bejuco, Chame. Enter through Texaco station, take the 2nd street on the left, then the 1st on the right.

Continue all the way until you reach the town of Sorá (20 minutes).

Take the street on the right. Continue for about 4 minutes, pay attention on your left hand, because the entrance is on a descent.

In the security checkpoint, you can take a photo of the map (ask security), then go to the main office for permission to go through the other security checkpoint and go to La Gaita Hill (Mirador Ecológico Trail).

Continue according to the map. For the map on the Altos del Maria website, click here.

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Mirador Ecologico (Ecological viewpoint)- La Gaita Hill
Mirador Ecologico (Ecological viewpoint)- La Gaita Hill.

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