Tour to El Águila Waterfall and Adventure Bag Day

El Águila Waterfall

Being a weekend, that I had no plans to trip, we noticed Jackson’s birthday, creator of a beautiful move to help with the cleaning of the beautiful landscapes we visited, also the movement created it during his visit in Panama.

A friend had the brilliant idea to do an Adventure Bag Day for her birthday, so we talked to Jerry to define the idea and plan it.

We announced the tour to El Águila Waterfall, as it was a surprise we did not mention Adventure Bag Day.

The trail.

Some of us traveled on Saturday, others the same Sunday and so we all met El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley).

The bus picked us up, we made a 30-minute trip and arrived at the entrance to the trail.

Although the guide had told us that it was an easy hike, one way if you feel a little heavier, because of course we come from sitting and soon we have to climb a hill.

It is not much what you hike and also after up this hill comes a descent, so there is a break.

Now, the hiking time will depend on the group, it can take between 20 minutes and 1 hour and a half. We did it in less than an hour.

Arriving to the house
Arriving to the house.

n the same trail of El Águila Waterfall there are several deviations, you have to know the way well to get there, that’s why it is very important to go with a guide.

First stop

After passing the part of the hills, we arrived at a house, where they were waiting for us, they showed us their pets (they have rabbits, squirrels, dogs, among others).

From there Jerry showed us the river that passes right in front of the house, where it is formed like a canyon, with somewhat deep and turquoise waters, ideal to jump and refresh.

One of the pets.
One of the pets, just had bunnies, is taking care of their young.

The majority decided to jump and several, more than once, I took the opportunity to make some videos hahaha.

We returned to the house, where the owners surprised us with coconut water, we did not expect this, the people in the countryside are super friendly and helpful.

River in front the house.
Canyon near the house.

On the trail

We continued and one of the owners accompanied us for the rest of the tour.

Also, one of the puppies that, very bravely went behind us, we had some land hike, but most of all we had the part of the river.

You think, El Valle de Antón, cold, ice water, but no, the truth is that it was not warm water, but very pleasant.

We hiked, one part on stone and the other, the water covered all our legs, at least for those of medium height hahaha.

Coconut water.
Coconut water to continue the trail.

In a moment started to rain, it was time to use the waterproof bag, which in fact, since I bought it, I have used it in most trips and due to its size, it has been used to keep the cameras, cell phones and documents of all adventurers and luckily for me, I did not have to carry all that weight.

El Águila Waterfall

At the end, there is a curve in the La Estancia River and the El Aguila (the eagle) Waterfall appears, more beautiful than I had seen in photos and of course, from which I took.

Fortunately, it only fell a few drops of drizzle, it was time to leave things, to be only with the swimsuit, take the waterproof cameras and continue the adventure.

Crossing the river.
Hiking along the river, sometimes we just crossed, other times we hiked on it.

We all went up the rocks of the waterfall (even the puppy) and reached the highest point, in one part if I need help, because I could not find a point to step without being washed away by the current of the waterfall.

El Águila Waterfall
El Águila Waterfall.

Once up, all that remained was to enjoy the place, and a natural pool is formed, our reward for having arrived.

Unfortunately, I could not take the other camera, because the top is very beautiful.

The man tells me that more than there it is very difficult to continue, because the rocks are very big and you have to pass between them.

And the truth is  from what I saw, they were huge rocks, that makes me wonder if they will be the product of the explosion of the Volcano.

El Águila Waterfall
El Águila Waterfall.

The name El Águila is due to the fact that some eagles live instead, the man tells me they are white-tailed, fan-shaped.


After a while, it started to rain heavily and it was time to return, especially before the water turned chocolate and the river began to overflow.

I think that the river did overflow, especially if soon after it stopped raining, but if it put chocolate and it was no longer seen where to tread.

dark water. The river turned chocolate from the rain.
The river turned chocolate from the rain.

One of the things that caught my attention is that the puppy was left behind, the owner told us, don’t worry, he arrives.

I was trying to see where to step and when I see, the puppy was already in front of me. Did it? No idea.

At the end we stayed watching it, to see how it did to cross the last part of the river, but I think it cowed, because it got to a rock and from there it did not advance, a girl crossed to help it.

Back to the house, the lady was waiting for us with an infusion of Lemon Straw, a delight, we said goodbye to the family and continued, it was time to continue with Adventure Bag Day.

Lemon Straw Infusion
Lemon Straw Infusion.

What is the Adventure Bag?

It is a movement created by Jackson Grove, it consists in that for each adventure that takes place (trail, river, waterfall, beach …) a trash bag is collected, back.

It can also do a special day, as was this case and do an Adventure Bag Day, this is the 4th that is done.

The first was in El Valle de Antón (La Dormida India Hill and La Silla Hill, both on the same day), the second was at Ancon Hill and the third was in Malaysia.

I love this movement, because people are encouraged to help with the cleaning and conservation of those places that are visited.

It does not matter if someone do it for being popular (to appear in the photo and on social networks) or by the environment, in the end the place wins and we all contribute to make it a more beautiful place and have a better experience.

Adventure Bag.
We don’t leave the bags, we also cross the river with them.

With bag in hand, we started the return trip, collecting all the garbage that we found on the way.

The most was between the vegetation, what we collected most were plastic bottles and beer cans.

In the end there were 8 garbage bags.

I did not think to collect as much, because it seemed to me that there was not much, but if one pays attention there is more than what is at a glance.

On the way back, we take the garbage on the bus, because, of course, it must be left at some point where they collect it and not in the same place, so the bags can be broken, the garbage is dispersed and it is the same as nothing.

After knowing this movement, do you dare to be part of it?


In part of the trail and in the waterfall, there is no phone sign phone.


  • Snacks,
  • Water,
  • Shoes for walking in water, or at least sneakers that fit well,
  • For the walk wear Dry Fit type clothing, not jeans,
  • Swimsuit,
  • Cap/hat,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Complete change clothes (include shoes),
  • Waterproof bag (especially if it goes in rainy weather),
  • Adventure Bag.
A small waterfall that I saw back.


  • From $15.00 with transportation from the of El Valle de Antón Town, entrance and guide, (in our case, it cost us a little less because the guide did not charge us).

My guide

The guys of Travelling Souls Panama, (507) 6153-8924 (WhatsApp),

Tour in Spanish and English.

How to get to El Águila Waterfall?

This time, I will not be able to give them the information, simply because it is not easy.

The place is behind El Valle de Antón, you reach a community, and from there you can hike for about an hour, depending on the group.

On the same El Águila Waterfall trail it is necessary to go with a guide, in addition you reach a private house, which knows in advance that you are going.

On the way there are many deviations and after the house, you have to cross a river and hike another section of the same river.

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