Hike to La Silla Hill

La Silla hill

Being in El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), I met with the people of Alma Aventurera, and although we wanted to go to one place, destiny took us to another place, La Silla Hill (The Chair Hill).

Knowing that the trip could no longer be done, they told me that they would go to Los Llanitos, and I went without thinking twice.

Honestly I got in the car and only knew that I was going to take a tour to Los Llanitos.

But thanks to this, I got to know La Silla Hill.  After this visit, I went another day to see the sunrise at the Hill, this time hiking from El Valle de Antón.

On the way

After leaving El Valle, a short distance we entered the road, at the beginning it did not look so bad, but then things changed and despite going in 4 × 4 car we had to leave it and all get into the 2nd 4X4 car, which was highest and would arrive.


We get to the antennas, although it is better to get to where the trail begins (it is clearly seen).

However, from the antennas you can take the trail, but the beginning is a bit ugly and with loose stones.

We looked at the finish line, the Cross of La Silla Hill and we saw it very far away, hardly seen the Cross, although the truth was not so far away, a large part of the trail is almost that, in a straight line, it is already harder on the end all the last 30 meters (more or less).

From Los Llanitos.
View of the Hill and the antennas from Los Llanitos.

The name of La Silla Hill

In the last part of the trail there was a lot, but a lot of wind, you have to be careful because you can be knocked down, and I thought that is why it is called La Silla, since it is so windy that one easily sits down.

The reality is that the name is due to the fact that it looks like a chair, although I don’t know from what angle. It is also known as La Cuesta de los Suspiros (The Slope of Sighs).

Reaching the top of La Silla hill
Reaching the top.

On the top of La Silla Hill

Upon arrival, I sat on the bench, yes, there is a bench, and looked at the beautiful view.

You can see the Picacho Hill of La Laguna of San Carlos, the buildings of Coronado, the crater of El Valle de Antón Volcano is quite defined and a lot of hills that I still do not know how they are been called.

When going down, you have to be very careful not to slip.

The crater of El Valle de Antón.
The crater of El Valle de Antón.

We loved the trip, the views are super beautiful and the breeze calms the sun, because there is not a tree.


  • Wear sneakers,
  • Use sunscreen,
  • Bring sunglasses,
  • No cap (the wind takes it away),
  • Water,
  • If you are going to hike from the Valle de Antón, it is better to do it with a guide, who will take you along the internal ways of El Valle, do not use the road that goes to the Valle de Antón, it is only for cars.
On the top of La Silla hill
A photo next to the Cross.

Hiking time

  • 1:30 am, only on the trail, round trip.


  • Medium, the last 30 meters are quite steep.


  • Free.

Where is La Silla Hill?

La Silla Hill is in Panama Oeste, very close to El Valle de Antón and belongs to the community of Los Llanitos.

How to get to La Silla Hill?

Take the road that goes to El Valle de Antón, enter the street that goes to El Roble (before the viewpoint), in front of the street there is a bus stop, go straight on the road.

When you see the fork take Left hand and continue until you see the trail, it is a few meters before the antennas, there is space to park about 3 cars.

 Go to the trail in a 4X4 high car, with another type of car you can advance a little but not much.

By bus: take one in the direction of El Valle de Antón and ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance to El Roble.

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Entrance to the street that goes to the antennas.

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