Incredible Views from Picacho Hill

Picacho Hill

After going to La Cruz Hill in Campana, people were so excited that they decided to go up another hill, looking for which ones were close or some close, they decided to go to Picacho Hill in La Laguna of San Carlos.

We got ready, we made one for lunch and go for the new adventure, Picacho Hill.

As we were not going to enter the facilities of La Laguna, we parked outside them and started the trail.

As we had already done one in the morning, not all of us went up, of course, being there and having the opportunity, I joined those who hiked.

Part of the trail
Part of the trail.

The trail

I think this trail is less difficult than La Cruz Hill, but the ground was wet and somewhat slippery, so I grabbed hold of the roots of the trees to go up and I also did it to go down.

On the way, there is an area that has gone wild, you have to be a little careful and see well, that you hold on to go past, but you can pass, it is not something extreme.

on the trail
Take the trail on the left, at the beginning it is narrow, but it is only a few meters.

Most of the trail is quite easy to distinguish, there is only one part where you have to take a left and not go straight on the wide trail, see photos.

With us was also Nidia, our guide, who was giving us the necessary directions.

The narrow part of the trail
The narrow part of the trail.

The beauty of trails like this, is that in some parts of the way you can have beautiful views, in this case of La Laguna of San Carlos, which also fills you with energy to continue, I took advantage of the view to admire it and breathe the air pure of the place.

View on the way to the top
View on the way to the top.

We arrived at the stone, where everyone takes their photo, and this place lends itself to that, it has a great view of the place and the rock adds   emotion.

But it was still missing, not much, but something, so we are still, in my case, somewhat exhausted by all-day hiking, but eager to continue.

In some parts of the trail, the roots of the trees make stairs that help us to go up
In some parts of the trail, the roots of the trees make stairs that help us to go up.

On the top of Picacho Hill

Once at the top, you have a 360º view, and just as it happened to us in La Cruz Hill, shortly after being at the top, everything was filled with fog and it was like being in the clouds.

So, we come back, most of all, because if it rained the trail turns into a waterfall and can be dangerous.

The lagoon
Picacho Hill photographic stop.

I tell you that, since everything was wet, my return was a little different, after falling several times, I decided to go down it more or less surfing.

With both feet on the ground I crouched down, almost sitting, I put both hands on the ground and left sliding.

This I did in the parts that I knew that, yes or yes, I was going to fall, because there was nowhere to step, that it was not inclined, wet and slippery.

arriving the top
After taking the photos on the stone, we continue towards the top.


  • Avoid going if it has rained, it is raining or I can rain,
  • Bring water and healthy snacks,
  • Cap and sunglasses (for when you’re on top),
  • Sneakers or hiking boots,
  • Long pants for quick drying or exercise (never Jeans),
  • Sunscreen,
  • Do not leave trash and if you can, pick up the one you see back on the road.
Back of Picacho Hill
Back of Picacho Hill.


  • Free, entrance to the trail.

My investment

  • $10.00 organized trip,
  • $8.00 fuel,
  • $3.00 snacks,
  • $5.00 lunch,
  • Total: $26.00 – Trip organized with 2 Trails.
The hill clouded over
The hill clouded over.

How to get to Picacho Hill?

Picacho Hill is in The Lagoon of San Carlos, about 107 km, 2 hours, from Panama City.

And about 22.4 km, 40 minutes, from the entrance of Las Lajas, Pan-Americana highway, in Coronado.

By car: you should enter the street that goes to Las Lajas in Coronado, continue until the road ends, you will see that is a dirty road.

Then take the right, there is a sign. Continue along the way, without deviating and you will arrive at The Lagoon of  San Carlos.

Most of the trip is by street and is in good condition, the last kilometer is stone (you can go in a sedan without problem).

When you arrive you will find a small parking lot ($3.00 sedan and $10.00 buses). If you park outside it’s free.

By bus: you should take a bus that goes through Coronado, get off at the entrance to Las Lajas, take another bus to the Community of La Laguna and hike a bit.

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Picacho Hill
Entrance to the Trail – Picacho Hill

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