Impressive Journey Through Bayano Caves


Bayano Caves, is one of the best places I have visited in my life.

For many years, I saw photos and even signed up for a tour, which due to nature’s reasons could not make the tour.

Being a Thursday and seeing photos on Instagram I found out about Jerry’s tour, I with a little budget and really wanted to go, I closed my eyes and booked it, I thank God very much for having gone.

This place is a show and I also did it with wonderful people, we were all in awe and delighted with the place.

From here we take the boat to the caves.

I joined them on the way, since it was easier for me to meet them at a point x, than in Albrook Mall.

Of course, check first, the most they could say was no, but they said “no problem”.

Bayano Lake
Bayano Lake.

We arrive at Bayano, specifically the bridge where the Madugandi Region is.

We settle in and start the boat trip to the caves (the boat goes slow), it does not take the boat time, but it is little more than half an hour.

On the way, I was fascinated with the landscape, I took so many photos and I have a hard time choosing one.

Upon arrival, for an unknown reason, the water level was low, so the boat could not enter the caves and we had to hike a little before entering them.

We left our things that we did not need in a little house.

Hiking to Bayano Caves
On the way to the caves, after getting off the boat, you hike about 200m.

Bayano Caves

Not only is the place different from what I imagined, but it is much better.

In every point, we wanted to take photos, every ray of light that entered the cave towards the impressive place.

We did the tour in the water and passing over some rocks (some very large).

There was a part that we even had to swim, it was about 10m of swimming, and of course I was wearing a life jacket and I had my things, such as.

In a bag, we put 3 professional cameras, non-aquatic GoPros, accessories, cell phones among others) and Josias helped us to carry the waterproof bag.

entrance to Bayano Caves
Entrance to Bayano Caves.

The bats

In one part the bats live, now the cave and with these little animals, it could be something similar to the batcave, hahaha, some laughed and were scared at the same time, thinking that they were going to crash with them.

The truth is that the bats they move through the sound waves of their mouth or nose (echolocation), with this they measure the distance and objects on the way and thus avoid them.

In this part, you have to be careful where you touch.

The cave is very big, I mean it is high, nothing claustrophobic to what I imagined, it is also quite easy to hike, and if you have good shoes, you will have zero problems.

If you ask about the recommended age to go, I recommend that you check with the guides, as you walk among the water and rocks.

Rocks within the Caves.

The rocks

The rocks have impressive formations, some, like the ones on the ceiling, look like melted wax and even made on purpose, for me it is like an art made by nature.

Within the same cave you can see different shapes, who knows how many thousands of years have given rise to this wonder.

Our tour we did slower than normal, because it was inevitable not wanting to take a photo and a good photo.

For the photos, I used a small tripod, and I placed it on some rocks, since the place inside has very dark parts.

I also helped me with the head lamp, so I could illuminate some parts and have the lens open for a little longer, to take the shots.

Ceiling of the caves
Ceiling of the caves.

Natural Pool

At the end of the cave, we reached a small natural pool, some took the opportunity to jump off a stone, others to rest, I tried to take some photos with the GoPro from the water.


We all returned happy, delighted with the place, and having done this trip with Jerry, he is a person who knows the places where he takes people, goes at one’s own pace, involves the community and is also a really approachable person, not for nothing was Jackson’s guide for the last 2 months.

Bayano Caves

For my part, I started the trip with water shoes and finished barefoot hahaha, they wanted to leave me, in fact, I fell and a shoe came off and what a mess to find it, but we found it, I need a more appropriate water shoes.

I went to a spectacular place with 9 other people that I did not know before the tour, and now I continue in contact with several of them, even those who do not live in Panama.

With this I want to tell you that it does not matter without or has a partner, go, there you will make new friends and enjoy an unforgettable moment.

Bayano Caves
Some of the boys posed for different photos.

Information of Bayano Caves

There are 3 caves that are in the southern part of Bayano Lake, but only the first one is visited, which is the largest and the most accessible.

On the other hand, Bayano Lake was formed when its waters were dammed for the creation of the hydroelectric plant.

Some skylights in the caves
Some skylights in the caves.


  • Bring water, snacks.
  • Good water shoes / boots.
  • Waterproof lamp (some tour operators provide it), now they can carry one and with that they all light up, in my trip we only had 2 and with that we help each other to pass the dark parts and take photos.
  • Waterproof bag.
  • Go in small groups, you enjoy a lot.
  • Complete change clothes.
  • Long dry fit pants (avoid scratches) and also long sleeves for the boat trip, not jeans.


  • Tours from $65.00 (caves and transportation).
  • From $75.00 (caves, canyon and transportation).

Costs vary according to season, number of people, if they are private groups and community taxes.

My guide

The guys of travelling Souls Panama (507) 6153-8924 (WhatsApp),

Tour in Spanish and English.

Natural pool
Natural pool at the end of the cave.

How to get to Bayano Caves?

You can only go if you have a booked tour and the meeting point will depend on the tour. I leave the address in case it is in Bayano.

Leaving from Albrook head east, either by no-toll road, North Motorway or South Motorway, then take the Pan-American Highway.

Continue until you reach the Bridge over Bayano Lake, it is easy to distinguish since it is the only bridge over the water after both Motorway.

The tour from Albrook to the Bridge over Bayano Lake can take 1 hour 40 minutes (per Motorway).

I do not recommend going by bus because they do not have a schedule and it may take time to pass.

Then you must have a pre-contracted tour to be able to see the caves, there is no way to get a tour there.

Updated: 2020.

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Photo: @jackson.groves

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