A Trip to La Laguna of San Carlos

La Laguna de San Carlos
View of La Laguna of San Carlos.

For a long time I heard about La Laguna of San Carlos, I tried to go several times, on one of my trips to the countryside.

But being honest, seeing that it was not very close to the entrance (Pan American Highway), also, I was worried that my car could get to the place.

I decided to go there and I started looking for all the information I could.

La Laguna of San Carlos (The Lagoon of San Carlos) is located about 850 meters above sea level, this mysterious place is unknown the origin, in addition to its depth.

The Laguna is located on the foot of Picacho Hill.

This place is ideal to disconnect from the city, the noise, lie on the ground, rest, read a good book or have a picnic, the temperature is really nice.

La Laguna of San Carlos has a free toilet for its visitors, in case you require toilet paper, it has a cost of $0.25.

 Picacho Hill
Entrance to the Trail – Picacho Hill.

¿What to do at La Laguna of San Carlos?

Other things you can do is swim in the laggon, fish, take a boat ride or hike Picacho Hill.

In addition, you can walk around La Laguna, almost 95% have a trail and the rest are about 5 meters, where to continue the trail, you must necessarily enter the water, but the depth is more or less about 10 inches, you can also return on the trail.

It is allowed to make bonfires, only far from the trees.  You can also bring your pet.

Campfire area at La Laguna de San Carlos
Campfire area.

My experience

I did not have much luck, I went on a Saturday, but an institution had an activity and despite the fact that at the entrance it indicates that excessive noise is prohibited, they brought a sound system.

So, my rest with the sounds of the nature was sadly suspended, until they retired and everything returned to normal.

On the other hand, there is little attention, I wanted to buy something, I cannot do, because nobody attended me, even the man who was before me, got tired of waiting and left.

Although there is a restaurant, they never offered lunch, nor did I see a menu.

Maybe they had all the attention in the activity that was, I comment because I have read a lot of the good attention, but I did not witness it.

On the way to the country, I always make a stop at Delicias Margot, on the Pan American Highway in Capira, and this was no exception.

I had breakfast and bought something to take away, which I recommend, it does not necessarily have to be there, but always go prepared and more, if you go a little remote place like this.

Trail around La Laguna
Trail around the lagoon


  • Bring repellent,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Petate,
  • Water,
  • Something to eat, snacks
  • Sneakers (if you plan to go up the hill),
  • Swimsuit.


  • Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Entrance to La Laguna de San Carlos
Entrance to La Laguna of San Carlos.
  • Saturday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.


One day

  • $1.00 adults.
  • $0.50 children (5 to 10 years old).


  • $5.00 adults.
  • $3.00 children (5 to 10 years old).


  • $8.00 per 30 minutes.

Parking lot

  • $3.00 sedan, SUV, pick up.
  • $5.00 bus (15 passengers).
  • $10.00 coaster (30 passengers).

Cooler: $8.00.

My investment

  • $1.00 entrance.
  • $3.00 parking.
  • $10.00 food and snacks.
  • = $13.00 + Fuel ($12.00 / those who traveled with me).

How to get to La Laguna of San Carlos?

La Laguna of San Carlos is about 107 km, about 2 hours, from Panama City.

And about 22.4 km, about 40 minutes, from the entrance of Las Lajas, Pan  Americana Highway, through Coronado.

Most of the trip is by road and is in good condition, the last kilometer is dirt road (with stones), but almost everything was flattened, when you arrive you  will find a small area to park. You can go by a sedan car.

You can go by car or public transport: if you take the first option, you must enter the street that goes to Las Lajas, in Coronado.

Continue without deviation until the road ends, you will see a stone road, then turn on the right, you will see a signage.

Continue on the road without deviation and you will arrive at La Laguna of San Carlos.

If you go by public transport, you should take a bus that goes through Coronado, get off at the entrance to Las Lajas, take another bus to the Community of La Laguna and walk a bit.

Other places you may like

Camping area.

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