Metropolitan Butterfly Farm

Metropolitan Butterfly Farm

I just found out about the Mariposario Metropolitano (Metropolitan Butterfly Farm), I had wanted to go to one for a while and having one so close, I just had to go.

It was inaugurated in February 2017, it is located within the facilities of the Metropolitan Natural Park in Panama City, on Juan Pablo II Avenue, near Albrook Mall.

The place is a sanctuary, it is closed with mesh, with a controlled climate.

It has host plants and nectars, according to the preferences of the butterflies, either to lay eggs, live as caterpillars or feed.

In addition, the keepers prevent predators from entering the place, in order to increase the population of them.

Life cycle of butterflies.
Life cycle of butterflies.

I recommend going on a hot day, that’s when butterflies like to go out.

Upon my arrival the day became cloudy, I looked out and I did not see any butterfly, when it started to rain (not very hard), I sought shelter.

After the clearing and the sun came out again, I returned to the Butterfly Park, noticed the difference, the butterflies started to come out, even outside the place, there were a few flying over the grass.

They have a variety of butterflies and the guide gives a good explanation.

Did you know that butterflies like to lay their eggs in plants that look like mountains?

For this reason, you often see butterflies in paddocks, due to the type of vegetation in the place.

Malachite butterfly.
Malachite butterfly.

One of the most colorful and popular Butterflies they have is the Blue Morpho, by the way, very difficult to photograph, in my opinion, it is like a firefly during the day, because when flying it looks like a few flashes, in the case of the Butterfly, blue.

Blue Morpho Butterfly.
Blue Morpho Butterfly.

Another of the butterflies is the Monarch, very cute.

Sometimes the butterflies approach people and pose on them, if one approaches them, stay calm and do not make noise or movement and enjoy the experience.

This butterfly posed on my hand, it was a pleasant memory.

Monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly.

As in any place of nature, respect the animals and be vigilant, because they may be on the railings and we hurt them or we miss the moment.

The Butterfly Farm also has a photobook and a small gazebo, with a bench under the shade, perfect for sitting and watching the butterflies pass from one side to the other or simply feeding in some of the fruit stations.

Photobook at Metropolitan Butterfly Farm

Take advantage of a sunny morning or afternoon, to visit the Butterfly Farm and learn a little about these animals, you can go with your family and hike along one of the trails of the Metropolitan Natural Park.

In Panama it rains, yes, but it doesn’t usually rain all day, so it can be visited all year round.

There are other Butterfly Farms, they are in


  • Tuesday to Sunday*
  • From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Because of Covid- it is only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


  • $5.00 adults.
  • $2.25 children and retired
  • $2.50 students.


You need to make a booking at this link and for a maximum group of 10 people.

How to get to Metropolitan Butterfly Farm?

By car: go to Juan Pablo II Avenue, it is the street that connects with EL Paical Street, it is also known as part of the Via Brasil corridor.

If it comes from Albrook Mall, it is in front of the Puma fuel station of Curundu (very close to the University Dome).

The Butterfly Farm is on that street, a few meters from Puma Fuel Station, within the Metropolitan Natural Park.

You can also use Google Maps. There are parking lots.

If you travel by bus, you must take one that passes through the University Dome, you can take it at Albrook Bus Terminal.

Get off at the University Dome, cross to the street in front (in a safe place, preferably at the traffic light) and skirt the street until you reach the park, it will be on the right side.

It is about 8 minutes walking.

More information: office

Updated: 2021.

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View from outside the Metropolitan Butterfly Farm
View from outside the Metropolitan Butterfly Farm

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