Unique Experience inside an Escape Room

escape room
Me as a convict on Alcatraz.

Days ago I was invited to enter an Escape Room, I am not going to lie, I had no idea what it was, the intrigue was eating me inside, I was nervous, for some reason one imagines that it is something scary, when it is in reality, not even close.

On day ZERO, we were in the lobby, Iritrips,  the guys from Alma Aventurera and I, the girl from Recorriendo Panama, all excited and eager.

Before going, I saw some videos from Alcatraz and I was not the only one looking for information, hahaha.

Paola, the owner of Exit Mania, explained to us a bit what Escape Rooms are, they have different themes, and they look very real.

What is a Escape Room?

The team members enter the room and their mission is to escape from the place, they can also have another mission such as finding a bomb or a treasure.

The escape is done through teamwork, it does not work individually, they can range from 10-year-old children, to the elderly, they can also be pregnant, although, check before, because it may require stooping or doing something else.

You can go to the Escape Room with family, friends, colleagues or school.

We did Alcatraz, we had 60 minutes to get out of prison.

I’m not going to give you details so as not to ruin your game hahaha, but I will give you an idea so that you can more or less imagine it.

My Experience

A boy picked us up, we entered our cell (real, not fake), time starts and we have to use our ingenuity to find clues that will help us get out.

We do not know where the exit is, or how the cells are opened, we are allowed to request a number of tracks from the monitor.

As time passes you can see that anxiety is increasing and for my part, I still have no idea hahaha, I cut a finger, yes I cut myself, but it does not matter we have to continue.

Almost out, with a few minutes, anxiety rises even more, we managed to get out weee, but hold on, we left the cell, but the objective is to get out of the prison, the game is not over.

We managed to move to another part, already practically with the time to zero, trying to work at flash speed.

They caught us, we all freaked out, they caught us and we couldn’t get out.

At the end, we did not stop talking and laughing, we really liked the experience, we got into the movie until the last moment.

I hope to go to Queen’s Jewels soonn (it is no available now), if someone wants to invite me, I accept, hahaha.

exit mania

What did I like?

  • Full adrenaline
  • It is difficult for someone to leave unhappy
  • It is a team game
  • Free parking, weeee.


  • If you go to Alcatraz, at least 4 people, you really need those hands and eyes hahaha,
  • Going in the afternoon, you go out with so much energy that you won’t find what to do with it,
  • Arrive early, the explanation and everything is before the start, the guidelines are necessary,
  • Wear in sneakers and jeans (long pants), avoid jewelry,
  • Book your visit.

Note: it is not allowed to enter with bag or cell phone, everything is kept locked. And the truth would be a hindrance there is no time for anything hahaha.

Escape Rooms in Exit Mania

  • Alcatraz- This was the one I did,
  • La Cura Virtual Room (The Virtual Room Cure)
  • La Bruja (The witch),
  • Magic School,
  • Último Testamento (Last Testament),
  • La Ruta Secreta del Casco (The Secret Route of the Casco Antiguo) (played on the street).


  • Tuesday to Friday: 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 12:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The evening time is perfect, since after work, while you wait for the traffic jam to drop, you can go with some friends or colleagues and release some work stress.


  • From $ 20.00 to $ 27.00 + taxes, per person, depending on the number of people in the group. To date they are the ones with the lowest price.
  • $ 18.99 for college students Tuesday to Thursday.

More information here.

Other Escape Rooms in Panama

Escape Room Panama

  • Mente Maestra (Mastermind),
  • El Asalto (The Assault),
  • La Formula Perdida (The Lost Formula).

More information here.

Escape Room 507

  • Mad Hatter,
  • Clue Room.

More information here.

Updated: 2020.

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escape room
Part of the team: Ernesto and Rita from Alma Aventurera, Irina from Iritrips and me.

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