The Little Beach of Las Guías Waterfall

Las Guías Waterfall
Swing  at The Guides Waterfall. Photo: Junier.

Las Guías Waterfall is located in Las Guias, Rio Hato, Cocle, it falls forming a natural pool that literally looks like a beach, it even has sand.

On the internet, I found that they also call it Hidden Escondida (Hidden) Waterfall, and if you wonder, the river is called Las Guías.

On the way

One Sunday I joined a group of Trip Pty to know this place, we left early from Albrook, at about 5:00 a.m.

I know that for many people it is very early, but if you live in the city and you want to give yourself a sword of a day to know somewhere in the interior of the country, it is best to wake up early.

Las Guías, Limón Lake.
Limón Lake

We made a stop on the way for breakfast, I am prepared for everything, so even with breakfast I travel.

About 8:00 a.m., we were already in El Limón, ready to hike.

It is a short hike, about 10 minutes, but there are some parts of medium difficulty, one part going, it was all a very steep descent, you can imagine the return.

We got off the bus, I went on a tour, but if you are on your own, I did not see much where to leave the car, it would be more than anything to see where you can park.

When we saw the Limón Lake, it is a small lake on the left-hand side of the road, it was time to get off the bus.

The trail

We hiked a few meters and immediately, on the right-hand side, was the entrance to the road, there is no signposting, it is a space in the mount.

Entrance to the trail.
We start the hike

We mistakenly left on private land, as this was the old trail.

But then we found out that there is another trail in the same entrance and that half connects to the old trail.

You have to continue bordering the barbed wire until you reach the river, from the entrance of the road you see the river.

Then continue down the river, very carefully, until you reach the top of the waterfall and there on the right-hand side is the trail that goes up and joins the other, to reach the bottom of the waterfall.

Here we are entering the trail, in the photo it is not seen, but in the background is the river.
Here we are entering the trail, in the photo it is not seen, but in the background is the river.
On the trail
Through this part you cross the other trail, this is the easy part of the hike.

It is important to wear long pants, because there are parts where you may want to sit down to go down.

Our guide carried a rope, because there are parts that are really needed, there is one where you can cross like a small river, but it is inclined, so you almost have to jump it.

We continue on the trail
For this part, a little help is needed, we lean on a rope.

Las Guías Waterfall

As you go down you can hear the Las Guías Waterfall, we arrived, I ran to take a photo of it.

Before the others arrived, I went over the stones without knowing that the water, in that part was low, it only covered my ankles, the place is super nice, it’s quite clean.

On one side, there is a large cave, not deep, but it is high.

You have to be careful, because a stone can drop on you, our guide also told us that there are bats, therefore, excrement.

My first view of the waterfall.
My first view of Las Guias waterfall.

We left our things on the stones and went to enjoy the place, there are parts where there are stones in the water, however, most of it is sand.

In the place a little beach is formed, where there is a low part with sand, and as you get closer to the waterfall, a wave starts to get, and even small waves are seen, as well as those of the Caribbean.

Here I am walking through the lowest part.
Here I am walking through the lowest part, if I hike towards the waterfall, the water covers me, I can walk until a few after the branches of the tree. Photo: Junier

Swing over the water

In one of the trees there is a swing over the water, in this part it is wave, but you have to swim a little, there is no problem, because it is about 3m from the part where you can hike, so I was able to get there without problems.

I also got close the waterfall, I recommend going by the river, just be careful, because you may think that you are in a deep place and can hit yourselves with a stone.

I made the mistake of hiking back on the rocks, already almost arriving, back, I fell, well I supported myself with my hand and the stone was slippery, so I fell on one stone, slipped and fell on another, hahaha Fortunately, they were small heights and not pointed rocks, but my leg and my hand were purple.

The stones at the edge of the river are slippery.

Las Guías Waterfall.
Here I approach the waterfall a second time, hee, this time by the river. Photo: Junier

I really liked this tour, because we were a good time and we could enjoy the river and the waterfall a lot.

Also, the place is suitable for swimming, sitting in the river to talk, for the children to play and you can even use a small kayak.

Back on the bus, you have to be careful, because you can take the wrong trail and get lost, how it happened to us, hahah.

Fortunately, the trail we took by mistake connected with the one we had to take.

This trip is recommended for all ages, as long as you can go up and down a very steep hill.

On the left, the cave.
On the left, the cave, and on the right the waterfall, as you can see is almost the same height.


  • Wear good sneakers,
  • Dry fit long pants (like exercise pants, not jeans),
  • Do not go if it is raining, thundering or flashing, (avoid a flood),
  • Bring water,
  • Snacks,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Complete clothes for change upon return,
  • For your own safety, do not bring liquor or glass bottles,
  • Out of respect for visitors, not playing music, making noise or smoking,
  • Do not leave trash and if you can, pick up what you see on the trail.


  • Free pass.
  • $40.00 tour from Panama City.

My guide

Rogelio of Trip Pty – 507 6012-3577.

Tour only in Spanish.

How to go to Las Guías Waterfall?

Once on the Panamericana Highway you reach the entrance of Las Guias, there is a signposting at the entrance.

Go straight ahead, until you see the lake on your left-hand, continue by hiking for about 50m to an entrance on the right-hand side, it is rather how a trail between the mounts, go down to the river, continue down the river until the waterfall falls.

Follow a trail on your right-hand, then follow the other trail that intercepts it to the left, it must go down to the waterfall.

You can use Google Maps (write: Chorro Los Escondidos).

Updated: 2021.

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This is on the other side of the waterfall
This is on the other side, on one side you can see the waterfall and on the other side this view.

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