My Hike Through Hanging Bridges

boquete hanging bridges
Third Hanging Bridge.

I had seen many photos of the Hanging Bridges in Instagram and I had not gone it, until I make a travel y definitely, I included it.

The Hanging Bridges are in an extensive area of land in Palo Alto, very close to the limits with Bocas del Toro, it purpose is for hiking.

It is inside a cloud forest, where nature has been left to the maximum which is clearly visible when hiking.

There are many animals, yet they are free in such large area, they stay away from the trails, so you will probably only hear some birds singing.

My surprise was pleasant, since it is not only a Hanging Bridges Tour, the guide was explaining what is being found on the way, and one learns a lot.


The tour started at the meeting point, it is in Boquete town at Plaza Los Establos, it is located at Central Avenue of Boquete.

There they were picked up us by a truck adapted to carry passengers, along the way I saw beautiful houses and many coffee plantations.

As we got closer, we were entering a wooded area, we arrived a starting point of the hike, there is a hotel and restaurant there.

We prepared to start the trail with our guide.

It is not part of the tour, yet at the beginning of the trail you pass near a tea plantation, which they black, from which the black, white and green tea is taken, all of the same plant, amazing, isn´t it?

We entered the thick and cloud forest, along a trail for about 2 hours long with 6 bridges.

Did you know that there are plants that have bracts (modified leaves that look like flowers)?

These bracts actually protect the flower.

The bract protects the flower
The bract protects the flower.

I met the passionflower, yes, the medicinal one, and I found out that it is a family of passion fruit.

The same was found when the Spanish arrived in America and its name is due to the fact that, in the flower, one part looks like a crown and there are also 3 sticks as a stake and that reminded them the Passion of Christ (I think they had a lot of imagination).

I was lucky, that my step through the third bridge coincided with some guys who did canopy.

After that I could see a beautiful waterfall, to stay in this place, the truth I did not want to leave.

When I went through the fourth bridge, it is the highest bridge, I could see the imposing Barú Volcano.

This bridge is about 1,827 meters above sea level and the volcano is almost twice as height, at about 3475 meters above sea level.

View of the Barú Volcano, from the fourth hanging bridges
View of the Barú Volcano.

One of the things I liked the most about the place is being able to see several trees that can be more than 400 years old, amazing!

They are kept because they have not been cut down and also being in a forest they are protected from the winds.

Centennial tree
Tree with more than 450 years.

Time of the tour

The Hanging Bridges tour takes 4 hours (1 hour in the transport of the tour, 2 hours by hiking and another hour in restaurant and surroundings, while the return bus leaves).

At the end of the tour, and having a free hour, I decided to sit outside the restaurant while enjoying the view of the Barú Volcano.

A tree supports the viewpoint of the third hanging bridges
A tree supports the viewpoint of the third hanging bridge.


  • Close shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes),
  • Long pant,
  • Rain coat,
  • Repellent,
  • Water.
The green attached to the tree, like a spider, is an indicator that it is a healthy forest. hanging bridges tour
The green attached to the tree, like a spider, is an indicator that it is a healthy forest.

Tour hours

  • 8:30 am
  • 10:30 am
  • 1:00 pm


  • $30.00 tour operator.

Más información: Boquete Tree Trek.

How to get there to Hanging Bridges?

Plane: from Panama City to David, a flight takes about 50 minutes, then you must go to Boquete, it can be by public transport, another 40 minutes more.

AirPanama has flights from Albrook Airport and Copa Airlines has flights from Tocumen Airport.

By car: take the Panamericana highway until you get David, from there take the street to Boquete, it takes approximately 7 hours.

Bus: Take a bus to David, at the transportation terminal, you must take another bus to Boquete.

Once in Boquete, go to La Plaza Los Establos, in the Central Avenue of Boquete, it is in the center of town and then to the Boquete Tree Trek offices.

Updated: 2021

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