A Tour to Farallón Island

Farallón Island

After many days of rivers and waterfalls, it was my turn to go to the beach and taking advantage of the free days, I went to Farallón, a beach relatively close to Panama City and with an island, Farallón Island that I had wanted to know since I was a child.

This trip was a tour that a friend did, other friends were and some people that I met that day.

Most of them traveled from the capital or we picked them up at the entrance to the street that goes to El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley).

We arrived at the meeting point, we parked, we went to the beach and we chose the bohios (2 bohios, to be more comfortable, we used the bohios La China and with she we also reserved the food).

The bohios come with a hammock and chairs, they are quite rustic, but it is good to take refuge from the hard sun.

Parking lot
Parking lot.

The first thing we did was a volleyball game and of course we went into the water, while we waited for our turn to explore the island.

Volleyball on the beach.
Volleyball on the beach.

On the way to Farallón Island

When it was time to go to Farallón Island, we took what was necessary (the rest we left in the car, do not leave anything at the bohios, nobody will take care of things), we put on our life jackets and left for the island.

Arriving to the island.
Arriving to the island.

Once we arrived, we turned it around and went through a tunnel, then it was time to start climbing.

I thought it was going up the same place where the boat left us, but we had to border it a little by swimming.

It is best to go by the water, but it is a long journey, so if you do not know how to swim, take your life jacket.


When trying to go over the rocks, I reached a point where the only way was through the water, and when I tried to enter the sea, a wave returned me and I was sitting in a family of hedgehogs, you have to be careful with hedgehogs.

Through this tunnel, we crossed.
Through this tunnel, we crossed.

From the distance it looks like a large rock, with some vegetation, but as one gets closer you can see the large number of birds that come to the place, even from what we saw, some people get to fish with a harpoon.

It also has a tower that serves as a guide for airplanes and that under it, according to legend, ex-dictator Noriega buried the head of Hugo Spadafora, of course if it had been, they would have already removed it.

Cross on farallón island.

Farallón Island is similar to Pájaros Island de Bocas del Toro, with the difference that you can hike on the island and see the fauna.

In Pájaros Island, birds are seen at sunset or sunrise, after there are very few and you cannot snorkel either.

But both can be similar in size and somewhat close to dry land. In addition, Farallón Island is of volcanic origin.

I continued by the water and then yes, we are all starting to climb the rock, very sharp, it cuts easily and can be cut deep.

Near the end, there is a section that is walked through the undergrowth and then it is already at the top. The part to swim in is like 5 minutes and then another 5 minutes to climb.

going down
Here we climbed

Farallón Island

From above the view is spectacular, you could see the beach, the fishermen, we even saw fish jumping in the water, birds fishing and many birds flying around the island.

There is a tower, it is actually a cross built with metal stairs, it is so tall and thin, plus the sun.

It is not possible to appreciate very well, in fact, from the point where I was, I only saw a huge stair, at the same people go up, however, as the cross is a religious symbol, I would not go up for respect.

We stayed for a while taking photos and appreciating the place, then we went down to snorkel.

Farallón Island
Farallón Island.

Unfortunately, the water was cloudy and nothing was seen, the same tour offers the snorkeling equipment.

I have seen photos where it is quite clear under the water, we do not have that luck.

So, we decided to return, but the boat took too long in going to look for us, and someone called them several times.

We were waiting almost an hour and hungry, some asked what was the distance to know if they were swimming, it could be 2:30 pm.

Once they arrived it was like seeing the oasis in the desert, hahaha.

Trying snorkeling.

Farallón Beach

We got to the dry land and went straight to the house to look for food, they gave us rice with guando (a type of beans), fried fish (snapper), patacones (crushed fried plantain) (we being a group, we had left it in charge), for my more patacones and less o no rice, hahaha, if you want some refreshment you should bring it.

Horseback tour

One thing that I did not like was the horseback tour, we had to see the poor horse, who looked tired, exhausted, with this sun, walking on the sand, it did not look very careful, and those around me they didn’t like to see it like that either.

Part of touring is being responsible, and I cannot support activities like this where animals are mistreated (it was obvious) and he urged you not to contribute to them.

Horse tour.
Horse tour.

We returned to the bohios, they had taken them, but the owners of the bohios accommodated them for us again, the others had not paid the rent, then we rested for a while.

Super floating chair

Some went to the beach to do an activity, go in a super floating chair, while the boat carried them through the water.

Floating Armchair Tour.
Floating Armchair Tour.

I accompanied some boys to get some soft drinks, I wanted coconut water, although on this beach I could not find, and the others, a beer.

We walked for about 1 km, I had one of the best lemonades of my life, hahaha it was very good (In Blue Beach Panama, near this there was another place, but the prices were very high) and the others found what they were looking for.


On the way back we saw a beautiful sunset and the birds fluttering, it was very beautiful, only that we had our backs, so it was time to walk like crabs hahaha.

Sunset at Farallon beach
Sunset at Farallon beach.

When we arrived at the bohios, the rest of the boys were playing volleyball with other people of the boat and those who had been our guides on the island. It was fun to see them.

The last swim

And of course, before the end of the day there was nothing left but to take a last swim in the sea, and it really was the last of the day.

As the sea was rising, from time to time high waves came with great force, it was a lot of fun and when they started going strong, everyone telepathically, we said go out, and then that was an obstacle run, you had to go out just with the last wave.

But being a little behind in it, which will help you get out but without dragging us, once the wave broke, start running, lifting your feet as much as possible, some fell, some were dragged, I saw how they were passing on the ground, back to the sea.

They were able to get out with the next wave, or rather this ended them up. We all finished running at the bohios and guess what, the sea began to reach the bohio, so, to collect things and of course, help the owners to remove the chairs. It was a great ending.

We went back to the house where the cars were, they have a shower outside, so we took off the salt and put on dry clothes, to return home.

Farallón Beach
Farallón Beach.


  • Use sunscreen,
  • Walking shoes for the water (super necessary if you go to the island, do not go without them),
  • Bring hat,
  • Water,
  • Bring snacks,
  • You can carry a beach umbrella, there are no trees to shelter from the sun,
  • You can bring a ball or something to make a beach game.


  • $15.00 p.p. Tour to Farallón Island (minimum 4 people).*
  • $15.00 p.p Snorkeling Tour in Farallón Island (minimum 4 people).*
  • $15 Bohio Rental.
  • $6.00- $12.00 p.p. lunch (chicken and fried fish options).
  • $5.00 p.p. Inflatable Chair Tour over the water (maximum 4 people per time).
  • $5.00 parking.
  • $25.00 cost of the tour I take, which includes: Farallón Island tour, Snorkel, Lunch, ranches and parking. **

* There are many people who offer the boat tour, you can ask at Rancho la China or also on the Visit Farallón account on Instagram.

My guide

The guys of Travelling Souls Panama, (507) 6153-8924 (WhatsApp), info@travellingsoulspanama.com.

Tour in Spanish and English.

Cross in Farallón Island.
Cross in Farallón Island

How to go Farallón Island?

Farallón Beach del Chiru is in Rio Hato, Cocle, getting there is very easy, just follow all the signs of the Hotel Decameron, once you reach it.

Continue a few more meters until you see the town.

It will be time to park and walk to the beach.

From Abrook Mall it takes 1 hour 30 minutes, on a Sunday morning, without traffic.

If you go by bus, you can take one to Rio Hato, the street that goes to the Hotel Decameron (there is a pedestrian bridge) and enter the street a bit to take a bus that goes to the beach or a taxi.

Once on the beach, you can take a tour to go to Farallón Island.

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Fun on Farallón Island.

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