5 Recommended Trips for 2019, in Panama

Bayano Caves 5 Recommended Trips for 2019, in Panama

This year 2018 has been great, full of new and fascinating places, that we have been able to visit and get to know, some of them have become essential.

These are 5 recommended trips for 2019:

1. Bayano Caves

Recommended Trips for 2019

Without a doubt this place left me with my mouth open the day I met it, and I even went again and it kept leaving me fascinated. It definitely has to be in this top 5 recommendations.

It is a place formed by an underground river through thousands of years and continues to form, only it is too slow to be perceived.

You can only go on tour and this gave me the opportunity to make new friends, some foreign, other Panamanians, it is an experience that I will always remember,… read more.

2. La Gloria Waterfall is Really Amazing

La gloria Waterfall

One of the most impressive things about this waterfall is that when you arrive you only see the bottom, but as you get closer you can see how big and impressive it is.

Also, up to a certain part you can go up the same waterfall and have some impressive views.ç

And if you continue up the mountain you will be able to see other waterfalls like La Tulivieja.

Arriving is not so difficult and for those who do not like to hike it is perfect because, in just 5 minutes of hiking, you will have arrived,…read more.

3.  A visit to the impressive Barro Colorado Island

Barro Colorado Island Recommended Trips for 2019

Barro Colorado Island is a Smithsonian research center, and is a model for other centers like this.

The most calling the attention is all the studies that are carried out, in addition to the things that one learns in just one day, did you know that.

Do you know the Jaguar swim across the waters of the Panama Canal? This and other things, are things that one can learn.

The guides are scientists and although it takes time to get a visit, it is totally worth it,… read more.

4. San Lorenzo Castle

Lorenzo Castle

That is its real name, but in reality it is a fort built by the Spanish in the year 1595, it has more than 400 years of history, almost continuous and it is up to now, the best preserved of the forts that I have visited in Panama.

Currently you can arrive and leave either by crossing the Gatún Locks and Agua Clara Locks or the Ferry, an extra experience that probably can only be had until mid-2019, because a vehicular bridge is being built,.. read more.

5.  Awesome Whales tour in Pedasí

Recommended Trips for 2019

In Panama, there are several places where you can see the whales that come to the coasts.

However, one of the things that I like about Pedasí is the culture that they have for the preservation and care of these animals.

Each boat driver knows how far they can go, what to do in case they get close to the boat, how long they can stay, among other things.

Watching them jump or just swim with their babies is surprising, these large marine animals thrill anyone,.. read more.

Plus– Another Recommended Trips for 2019

Camping at La Yeguada

La Yeguada

I leave you this plus, if you want to camp and are new to this, this is the perfect place, you can get there by car or by bus, it has a toilet and spaces.

Ideal places to make small campfires, enjoy, see the stars, the sunrises and sunsets, I camped 2 nights and already want to return…read more.

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