Exciting Whale Watching Tour in Pedasí

whale watching

It is July and the whale watching season begins, these giants of the see arrive to Panamanian waters to have their babies and that they grow in warmer waters.

You can see, to this season, the beautiful pictures that are posted on social medias.

A few days ago, I spoke a tour guide to do the tour and I was invited to this trip with others people, of course, I was almost jumping of happiness, I thank the Municipality of Pedasí, La Autoridad de Turismo and Isla Cañas tours for the invitation.

After the breakfast, they took us to Areal Beach to start the tour, first of all you have to add you name at a list of boat driver, it can be up to 6 people per boat, so we made some groups of 6.

Now we went right to the boat, they have a place for the things, you put some things there to avoid getting wet.

El Arenal Beach
El Arenal Beach.

Whale Watching tour

Everyone in the boats, with lifejacket on, we were ready to start, we began and went away from the land, I was with my camera and cellphone on my hands, ready to the action.

A few seconds after we had in front our eyes the first whales, all exited, these animals are so big that they leave you can see the trace where they were passed, although they are underwater.

Our boatman told us that whale is large, they can measure about 16m long, that is about 3 boats in single file.

We saw it to pass several times, also we can see its back, it was with its baby we could see it too.

on the boat to whale watching
On the way to see the whales, in the background Isla Iguana.

Then we went to another point, where there also were whales and we could see the first one threw water on its back, (it was not near to us), so imagine how impressed it can be when you are close.

Although, probably we had 1 hour in the sighting, it felt how it was a few minutes, it is so excited to see it.

When do the whales arrive in Panama?

The whales arrive between July and October, they can arrive earlier or later, it depends of the weather, they move according the same. In Panama, you can see them from Chiriquí Gulf to Las Perlas Archipielago.

whale watching and tourist
Whale and visitors.

What are the whales doing in Panama?

The whales arrive to have their babies, to teach them some things and to reproduce.

They come because the other way their babies will not survive to the weather where they normally life.

If we think about it, they are like Panamanians living abroad, hahaha.

After the Whale Watching tour, we went to Iguana Island (Isla Iguana) to enjoy its spectacular crystal clear waters, I had already visited it, coincidentally with Isla Caña Tours, so I dedicated myself more than anything to fully enjoy it.

Iguana Island
Iguana Island.

We got the day before and slept in Pedasí, there are good hotel offer, good restaurants and also, you can take advantage to walk the streets, it is a picturesque town with many arts that you can see on the walls.

My Lodging

In this occasion, I stayed at the Doña Maria Hostel, it is comfortable, nice, and simple, it is attend by its own owners, I spoke for a while with them, they are very friendly, the Pedasí people are like that.


  • It is not 100% sure to see them, but they are many possibilities,
  • The boat can only approach 250 m from them, now, it can happen that one wale come near to the boat.
  • The boats only can be 30 minutes per group of whales, but they can go to see another group of whales.
  • The whales arrive between July and October, they can arrive earlier or later.
Crab on Iguana Island.


  • Use sunscreen,
  • Bring Sunglasses,
  • Camera for photos or video,
  • Do not make noise during the sighting,
  • For Isla Iguana carry, water, snacks, snorkel equipment and other things that you may need, there are no store there,
  • Being in Pedasí, you can set a pair of hours to walk the streets and see its graffiti, it is a town with a lot of art.

Hours to the Whale Watching Tour

Tours start at 9:00 a.m. and end at around 2:00 p.m.


  • The cost of tour starts from $60.00*. Also, it can include the visit to Isla Iguana. The cost depends of the agency, the season and the demand.
  • $120.00 per boat (own expense), the cost is until 6 passengers.
  • $9.50 bus from Panama to Los Santos.
  • $3.50 bus from Los Santos to Pedasí.

*If you want this option I can recommend you to Isla Cañas Tours, previously I took this tour with them (without know them), it had a good experience.

My guide

The guys of ICT. Experiencias (before, named Isla Caña Tours) +507 6718-0032.

Tours in Spanish and English.

Sand sculpture
Sand Soccer Stadium made in honor of Panama’s first participation in the World Cup. Artist: Alonso Gómez Humpback.

How to get there to Pedasí?

By bus: take a bus to Los Santos, at Albrook Bus Terminal, after take another bus to Pedasí, when you arrive there, take a taxi to El Arenal Beach, where you will take the boat.

By car: head down the Panamericana Highway to Divisa, then go by the street that go to Chitré, the street is on the right hand.

Continue until arriving to Pedasí. (Los Santos Province).

Take the street which is before the gas station, and continue to the beach, you can leave the car, there is space and a police station. It is about 4:30h.

Updated: 2021.

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Whale expelling the air from its lungs on the whale watching
Whale expelling the air from its lungs.

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