An Adventure in Los Picachos of Olá

los Picachos of Olá.

At 2:30 am, we woke up to go to Los Picachos of Olá (it is a mountain), at that time I think we all wanted to sleep, but the idea ​​to know that place and see the sunrise was stronger, some of us left from El Valle de Antón and others we met them in Penonomé.
We left with a clear sky, full of stars and we were very happy because we imagined a beautiful sunrise.

But when we entered to Olá, it started to flash and thunder very loudly, so we stayed in the cars until it stopped, because it was very dangerous to hike, we took advantage to eat a little.

After parking the cars, we started hiking towards the entrance of the trail.
After parking the cars, we started hiking towards the entrance of the trail.

Once we didn’t listen to them anymore, we decided to get ready and start to go up, we just left the car and it started to rain, yes it did rain, so we went back to the car to sleep a little.

After a while, the weather started to change and it was time to start going up, we left the cars in the only place where you can, because there is not much space and you can only park as 4 cars.

Then we enter to a private property, the man does not bother, but try not to make noise and of course, do not leave trash.

Trail entrance of Los Picachos of Olá
Trail entrance is a private property, so be careful to make noise or cause damage.

The first part is very easy, once you enter private property you practically have to go straight towards the hill, from below the hill already looks beautiful and it had some fog, so it gave us a nice contrast of colors.

Los Picachos of Olá
Already on the trail heading to hike Los Picachos of Olá.

Climbing Los Picachos of Olá

When you are on the bottom of the Picachos of Olá, it start to get steep.

One of the things you have to be careful with is that part of its name is because, the hill is like hiking on the edge of a triangle.

There are parts where you have a meter wide to hike and in others a foot wide, personally this part did not seem difficult to me, but there are people who have fallen, so be careful.

Climbing Los Picachos of Olá
This is one of the easiest parts to hike.
We keep going up.
We keep going up.

The hardest part

The part that I found really difficult, is a distance about 30m where it is a free climb, literally using your hands and feet to climb, here the rule of 3 support points applies, this means that you always have to have 3 points of contact, it can be 2 hands and one foot, or 1 hand and 2 feet.

Sometimes I had to go back, because I couldn’t find where to put the 4 support to advance (raise my hand or foot), sometimes I was hugging the mountain, because I used the strength of my arms to climb and I was already very tired.

On the one hand, it is difficult because with the climate and the passage of people it has been lost stones (you have to be careful where you touch, the stone may fall down) and on the other hand, because of the steepness.

View in the middle of the trail.
View in the middle of the trail.

Some young men managed to climb a little faster, it took me a little more, and more because there came a point, that I did not see how to continue climbing, even another young man who was with me, did not find what to do.

Jerry was further up seeing that we all were able to climb and giving us encouragement, almost making us hurray, hahaha, well not like that, but cheering.

Climbing Los Picachos of Olá.
Climbing Los Picachos of Olá.
Los Picachos of Olá.
Before starting the most difficult climb in Los Picachos.

After passing the most difficult part, another part came that was less complicated, but it felt like nothing, and so in a few seconds I was already at the top, it was like breathing again after such a difficult climb.

On the top

Los Picachos of Olá are beautiful, it doesn’t matter if you see it from below, the top or with a drone.

Unfortunately, in this adventure we couldn’t see the sunrise, but the views were still spectacular.

Picachos of Olá, seen from the top.
Picachos of Olá, seen from the top.

We were admired for a long time by Los Picachos of Olá and we took the opportunity to take some photos.

We did not stay longer because there were many insects and they were biting us, I think they were flying ants, I also saw a bee.

Los Picachos of Olá view foggy
Foggy view.


Descent, although it may be more difficult than to climb, I think it was quite easy for us.

The super steep part we went down sitting, I think that in total it will have taken us 10 minutes.

Jerry helped us with a rope in case someone slipped, had to hold on and not go down the mountain.

After this post, I have gone back to see the sunrise and it is really beautiful, 100% recommended.


From the Panamericana Highway to Los Picachos of Olá, there are places where there is no phone signal.

We start the descent with the help of a rope, the best thing is to sit down.
We start the descent with the help of a rope, the best thing is to sit down.


  • Go with a guide who can give you first aid and don’t abandon you, you can contact Travelling Souls Panama,
  • Wear good hiking shoes or boots,
  • Dry Fit clothing (such as for exercise), preferably long pants, because it will get dirty and you can scrape yourself, no jeans,
  • Do not hike if it is raining, thundering or flashing (lightning can strike you),
  • Bring water,
  • Light snacks,
  • It is best to go up at night to see the sunrise,
  • Complete clothes for change upon return,
  • Do not go with children or pets,
  • Do not Leave anything in the mountain or on the trail,
  • After going down you could go to the Olá Waterfalls (Chorros de Olá).
Los Picachos of Olá, at the other  side
From the top, view of the other side of Los Picachos.


  • Free pass.
  • Tour start in $45.00, it will depend on the meeting point, how comfortable is and what is included.

My guide

The guys of Travelling Souls Panama, (507) 6153-8924 (WhatsApp),

Tour in Spanish and English.

How to get to Los Picachos of Olá?

Once on the Panamerican highway you will go to Nata District, then you will enter through the street that goes to Churube, there is a signposting on the Panamerican that says OLA and another that says CURUBE, just after there is a pedestrian bridge in the direction of the City, from Panama to Aguadulce, (Google Maps can be used to go to the town of Olá)

Get to the town of Olá, go through the Church, follow, turn left and then right (next to the Health Center).

From the Health Center to the entrance is 2.7km, but I did not see a reference point like a guide at the beginning of the trail.

From the Panamericana hightway to the beginning of the hike it is 20 minutes by car.

If you search Olá in Google Maps and zoom a little, you will be able to see the hill, it is quite obvious for the type of elevation and its width.

By bus, you can take one on the Panamerican Highway or in Penonomé, which goes to the town of Olá.

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